Arachnophobia achievement in Devil May Cry HD Collection (Xbox 360)


DMC1:Survive an encounter with Phantom

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How to unlock the Arachnophobia achievement

  • NyllonNyllon491,653
    30 Mar 2012 30 Mar 2012
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    This achievement is for beating the first BOSS in chapter 3.

    Tips for beating him.
    -Collect as many blue orbs up to this point. Check my guide for completing the first blue orb. This will increase your health gauge.
    -Jump and slam your sword often and buy the first sword technique where you can charge into enemies.
    -He only has a few different attacks so just dodge when you can.
    -If you want use devil trigger. Not required though.

    The achievement will pop after you get to the mission screen.
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  • karterfonekarterfone291,438
    26 May 2012 08 Jun 2012 08 Jun 2012
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    This is for your first encounter with Phantom in Mission 3.

    You'll only have Alastor at this point, and it is my recommended weapon against him in all encounters. Your guns are of little use against him.

    Phantom can only be damaged by hitting his face or his abdomen. Attacking the face is not recommended, as he can easily counter with his pincers. Hitting his abdomen does the most damage.

    As soon as the fight starts, try to jump towards the alter, and hike off the wall over him. Activate DT and use a helmbreaker aiming for his abdomen. This will do extreme damage to him, and may cause him to stagger. Immediately hike off the wall and do the same until he starts moving away. If you can chain the hits reliably, you can stunlock Phantom into running at the wall and will not be able to turn to face you.

    If Phantom gets away, he will turn around and try to charge and shoot a fireball. You can try to jump over him to score another hit on his abdomen if you're quick. If you can't get above him and you're close, Stinger him in the face to cancel it, then immediately get behind him or jump back. If you're far away, you can either roll out of the way, or hit the fireball with a slash, reflecting it back at him for heavy damage.

    Do not stay at medium range with Phantom. He will try to stab/smack you with his tail, which is difficult to avoid. If he plunges his head into the ground, lava pillars will appear where you were just standing. Simply keep moving to avoid them.

    Phantom will sometimes stop and turn dark during the fight. He's an open target in this state, and attacks anywhere on his body will count. If you can land a hiked helmbreaker on his abdomen, it will do even more damage. He will always shoot a fireball when he recovers.

    Phantom will turn red when his health gets below 25%. He'll move much faster and be riskier to engage head-on. Keep going for his abdomen and focus on fighting defensively, and you will prevail.
  • James RatmJames Ratm147,662
    21 Feb 2013 17 Jun 2014
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    Alastor and Ebony & Ivory (Handguns) are recommended when fighting Phantom.

    Phantom has two weak points that you should aim to exploit, his face and back. As for his attacks, he will use a claw swipe that he will try to knock you away with if you try to take him head on. He will occasionally use lava pillar attack that will come out of the ground beneath you. Just run to avoid that attack.

    He will also try to jump and land on you. When this happens jump in the opposite direction and you should avoid it. His other attack is to launch a fireball at you out of his mouth, barreling rolling at a good distance should avoid it.

    Shooting at him from afar with your pistols can only do so good as well, as he puts up his pincers to shield his face and charge you. The best strategy for this battle is to get up close and personal with your Alastor and slash away at his face when possible, followed by his back when he attempts to cover his face, and retreating every so often to shoot him from a safe distance. If you have Air Raid at this stage of the game you should certainly use it as it is very effective against Phantom.
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