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Left No Stone Unturned in Devil May Cry HD Collection (Xbox 360)

Left No Stone Unturned56 (15)

DMC3:Complete all Secret Missions with any character

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There are a total of 12 secret missions in the game.

Secret Mission 1 [Mission 3]

-This is right before the fight with Cerberus. Once in the final area of the mission (where the divinity statue is), you should notice two dumpsters; one at the beginning and one near the end of the area. At the second dumpster, if you look closely there should be a pair of double doors on a destroyed building that has two red orbs on top and a blue orb fragment. Examine those doors to find the secret mission.

For this secret mission you have to kill every enemy within the time limit. This is best done on Easy and Normal.

Secret Mission 2 [Mission 5]

-This secret mission is in the room you enter after putting the Soul of Steel on the appropriate door. Look for a glowing red skull. Examine it to start this secret mission.

For this room, you have to kill all the enemies (Which are Enigmas) without getting hit. This is actually simpler than it sounds. Once it starts, use Stinger to get to the two Enigmas across from you and take care of them. The others won't shoot their arrows at you if they're not visible on your screen so take these two out and then hunt the others down one by one.

Secret Mission 3 [Mission 7]

-This one is found right at the beginning of the mission. There's a little alcove with a shining red light. Double jump into it and examine it to start the mission.

-You have to stay in the air for 20 seconds in this one. You need to jump off of the heads of your enemies here but there's a simple trick to this. Go hide in a nearby corner and wait for them to come to you. Now just keep jumping in the air and as you fall, keep mashing the jump button and you should continuously jump off their heads. If you have to stall or aren't sure if there's anyone below you, using your guns keeps you afloat a bit longer.

Secret Mission 4 [Mission 8]

-To find this, look for a boat as you explore the area. Once you find it, drop to the bottom of the area and go to the boat, break the boards to enter it and examine the object inside.

This one can be rather tricky but there's a trick to this one as well. You'll be riding on an elevator and four Devil Triggered enemies will drop in on you. You can only have four enemies on the elevator at once and if more than four are on it, the elevator will start to lower itself. The best way to do this is to have Trickster equipped and line yourself up with one of the steel beams. Jump into the air and then while hugging against a beam, use Trickster and you'll run up the beam. When you come back down, the enemies will have disappeared. Rinse and repeat.

Secret Mission 5 [Mission 9]

-Once you enter the waterfall portion of this level, if you go straight a little bit, you should see an opening a bit higher up. Jump into this and examine the object in here to start this mission.

You have to destroy every object within the time limit. You'll be in the bar from Mission 3 and everything will be set up as it was then except for one thing. There are now barrels in the area where you got the shotgun, right before the exit door, and there are two barrels behind the three slot machines.

Secret Mission 6 [Mission 10]

-Once you form a bridge to a statue after placing the Stone Mask into the appropriate place, cross the bridge but once you reach the statue, examine the right side of it to find a blue skull in the corner. Examine it to start this mission.

You'll need to have Air Raid bought for the Nevan weapon to beat this mission. Once it starts, jump into the air in a Devil Triggered form and then use Air Raid to start grabbing the orbs near you. Once all of them are done in the air, grab the rest on the ground. It might take a try or two to memorize the layout of the orbs.

Secret Mission 7 [Mission 11]

-When you're in the room with all of the gears and Enigmas, start making your way to the end of it until you see a shining item on the ground. Pick it up for a Devil Star but before going further, if you double jump from this spot you'll find another ledge. Get on this ledge and examine the red circle to start this mission.

You'll want to have a full Devil Trigger meter for this one (as in all of the Purple Orbs bought... it's not required but it helps tremendously). You need to get to the other side of the area before time runs out. Once the mission starts, activate your Devil Trigger and just run. Ignore the enemies and keep running. You should get to the last stairwell with about 10 seconds remaining. Just keep running and you should get there in time. If not, keep using Stinger until you get there.

Secret Mission 8 [Mission 13]

-This one is pretty much at the beginning of the mission. In one of the first few rooms, you'll have to go down a winding staircase. As you do this, pay attention to the lights on the side. One of them will be red. Examine this light to start the mission.

You have to destroy every enemy in this room. This is actually pretty tough on Normal and higher but thankfully there is no time limit. You'll fight a handful of Arachnids and once they're dead, you'll fight two Hell Vanguards. They are what make this secret mission a huge pain in the ass. They'll constantly come flying at you as you fight off the Arachnids or the other Hell Vanguard. Don't hesitate to use your Devil Trigger here as well as any healing items.

Secret Mission 9 [Mission 13]

-This one is located in the crystal puzzle room. If you break down the wall in the corner and enter this small corridor, you should see a small opening on the left where the wall has been destroyed. Jump into this opening and examine the bull head.

This one is kind of a pain but if you have Quicksilver equipped, it shouldn't be too bad. Also you can wait until you unlock Heaven & Hell mode for this. Also make sure to have Ebony & Ivory and Spiral equipped. The point of this secret mission is to not let anything escape. Shooting the Wraiths are key for this as they will instantly kill the enemies on the first two platforms and severely weakening the other enemies. Use your Ebony & Ivory to shoot the Wraiths and then use your Spiral to finish off the other enemies that remain. Make sure to use the Cancel Roll after firing to reduce the time it takes to recover. If you have to, use Quicksilver to slow things down. The last few platforms contain only Wraiths so let loose with Ebony & Ivory.

Secret Mission 10 [Mission 16]

-You'll find this mission in the room with the Golden Sun that you need to advance further into the mission. Once the wall breaks revealing it, don't grab it just yet. If you look closely on your right in the area where the Golden Sun is, there is a door on the right that's shining. Examine it to start this mission.

You'll have to solve a crystal puzzle to complete the secret mission. However the room layout is randomized so it's very hard to write an accurate, detailed view of how to complete this.

EDIT: Hopefully this guide from GameFAQs will be able to help you with it. Ctrl+F for Secret Mission 10 and there are some diagrams for you to go by. All the credit for this goes to vinheim.

Secret Mission 11 [Mission 17]

-You'll have to go through the Trial of Skill room in this mission. Once you do and you reach an area with an orange platform, jump on it to be spring boarded into the next part of the mission. After you enter the next room after jumping on the orange platform, there are some arches above the stairs going up. Jump up here and look for a glowing statue. Examine this statue.

You'll want to have Trickster equipped for this one as you'll need to avoid some fast moving spikes. You can be hit, however, and not fail the mission so don't worry about perfection. The best way to complete this is run down the corridor and right before the spikes hit you, spam Trickster to pass right through them. Keep doing this to reach the blue orb fragment at the end.

Secret Mission 12 [Mission 18]

-When you reach a room with two Fallens, you'll find a giant foot belonging to a giant statue right below the mirror that you need to jump into to advance. Instead of jumping in this mirror, go to the left side of the foot to find a small pathway with some red orbs. Follow the orbs to find a stone slab. Examine it to enter this mission.

This can be a pain in the ass but there's a small shortcut in completing this rather quickly. On the bottom floor, look for a rotating cube that's hovering over one of the blocks where you start. Jump up on this block and when you see a block moving up and down in the middle of the room, double jump toward it and then use Sky Star (Trickster Lv. 2). Jump on the platform with the door on it and you'll see two blocks moving in and out of the walls to the left. Jump on the first one and when you see a block hovering near you, jump on it. Wait until you get very close to the wall as the cube makes its rounds (right above the moving block below you) and then double jump on the wall, hugging it and use Trickster to run up the wall. Once you jump off the wall, hold right and use Sky Star one more time to land on the platform with the blue orb fragment.
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