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Lynch reacts fast at the Exchange.

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How to unlock the Bullseye achievement

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    To get this achievement, you must be playing co-op as Lynch. It takes place in the chapter "Exchange" (the 6th one), which begins with Kane walking through the park to the pagoda to meet Retomoto while Lynch is up on the overpass guarding Retomoto's daughter. After a cutscene where Kane speaks to Retomoto on the phone and Lynch flips out and shoots the hostage, the action begins. There are two snipers who are part of Retomoto's ambush for you... the achievement is for Lynch, who has a sniper rifle, to kill both of them within 15 seconds of the end of the cutscene.

    To fire the sniper rifle, hold LT to sight and then while holding press UP on the D-pad to zoom in. If we imagine the circle of the overpass as a clock face, where Lynch's position on the dial is 6 o'clock, then the snipers are located at 9 o'clock and roughly 2 o'clock (this one is very close to a van which makes him much easier to spot than the other one). Have your buddy playing Kane just crouch down in the pagoda hiding from damage so he doesn't ruin the achievement by dying. No need to try for headshots while sniping them, a shot to the torso seems to kill them 90% of the time and you risk wasting time and/or missing by going for the head.
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    YuhansYou can zoom in with d-pad?! Damn!
    Posted by Yuhans on 20 Jan 10 at 14:49
    AlbinoKidELITEYes, it took me about 15 failures before my buddy suggested pressing buttons randomly while aiming to see if you could zoom in at all... after that I got it 2nd attempt! Game should really explain that the first time you pick up a sniper rifle, but hey ho... that's why I threw it into the solution :)
    Posted by AlbinoKidELITE on 20 Jan 10 at 16:40
    Sambawebwhery good Solution but BOTH of the snipes staying near a van then you can lokate both very easy
    Posted by Sambaweb on 02 Apr 10 at 15:23
    Reabogreat guide. I made a video using it.


    Feel free to include it in your guide for people who prefer a visual with the text :)

    Also gave you credit :)
    Posted by Reabo on 29 Jul 13 at 08:51
    how can i play mission 6 as lynch without replaying all chapters? when i start with my dummy i can only choose mission 1. and on my main account i can only find the option to play as kane.
    Posted on 17 Oct 13 at 09:45
    CrankyBauer24^ i had the same problem i couldnt sign in under my profile as Lynch to get the achievement
    Posted by CrankyBauer24 on 16 Nov 14 at 17:26
    evllmattcranky you need to use 2 controllers. Have the first controller be your dummy account, and sign in to the second with your main.
    Posted by evllmatt on 11 Dec 14 at 17:28
    anthonyd46This is how to do it it was buried in the x360a forums "Sign in with your second profile as Kane. Now when you select chapter one it will ask you to sign in for co-op with another propfile when it prompts this sign in with your main account and press start it will then load your details from your hard drive. The game will then start, after the cut scene (chapter one) press start and quit the game. Go back to the chapter selection and put the game on co-op it will now show you all the chapters you have do with your main profile and the main profile with be signed in as Lynch."
    Posted by anthonyd46 on 21 Feb 21 at 17:43
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