Only a Master of Evil achievement in Kinect Star Wars

Only a Master of Evil

Complete the Vader Duel with a Jedi Master rating, alone or with a friend.

Only a Master of Evil+2.7
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How to unlock the Only a Master of Evil achievement

  • Demon BobDemon Bob851,429
    17 Apr 2012 18 Apr 2012
    30 0 15
    To get the Jedi Master Ranking you must defeat Darth Vader in less than 59 seconds.

    You will not complete this with blocks and dodges, great and perfect parries are the way forward. As stated above dodges are better than blocks and parries are better than dodges. It took me a while to get used to them but all you have to do is swing in from the same direction, for example:

    If darth vader is swinging from up to down, you should also do the same. If Vader is swinging from down to up, swing from down to up. It is quite difficult to explain but if you practice you should get to grips with it quickly.

    Getting used to the parries and performing them as quickly as you can is the key beating him. The stage is split into 3 sections, I will try and explain what I did and hopefully it will help you. I completed it in 56 seconds.

    NOTE: When you are in the attack mode, Vader will sometimes stagger back out of range of your attacks, don’t throw objects at him at that point as most of the time they miss and also you will not get the attack multiplier for hitting him with an object whilst attacking with your lightsaber.

    Part 1
    Obviously try to get the parries; his moves seem to be random every time so there isn’t a way of predicting which way he is going to strike other than watching his movements. During this part remember not to jump or dodge in any direction as the boxes on your left will help you a lot. If you can score enough time from getting perfect parries you will override the overly annoying clash and can have your wicked way with Vader. Once you can attack, instantly put out your hand and grab for the boxes/droids? directly to your left and hurl them towards Vader whilst ALSO attacking with your lightsaber as this will give your an attack multiplier which takes his health down faster. By skipping the clash you should be able to easily take him down in one. If you haven't completed this part in less than around 18-19 seconds I would restart. The quickest I could possibly do this round was about 15 seconds.

    Part 2
    Probably the easiest of all the rounds again stay in the same position and get ready to watch his movement and perform those great and perfect parries if you don’t end up skipping the clash I would restart, unless your really fast at getting them off you I wouldn’t advise it as the clash animation takes about 3 seconds of your time. Once you can attack, do the same as last time, attack with your lightsaber whilst you are throwing objects at him, this corridor has many objects in the walsl to grab, you get more damage for hitting him with more than one object but considering the amount that are in here you will usually grab more than one without doing it intentionally. If you haven’t completed this with about 35-37 seconds on your clock, restart. I know its annoying having to restart but trust me you need extra time in the last event to finish Vader off.

    Part 3
    OK, the final! If you have been following the time so far you should have around 22-24 seconds left to complete the last section. Towards the end of the cut scene start jumping, you want to get on the other side of Vader as quickly as possible, the only downside is that he attacks as soon as you land and it’s quite hard to tell where he is coming from. I just picked a direction when I landed and tried to parry, it’s a one in four chance and I sometimes got it. Now you will notice the structure in the background with loads of nice objects to pelt at Vader. So, continue trying to get your great and perfect parries. Once again when you can attack grab the objects behind him and fling them at Vader whilst attacking with your lightsaber. Once you have his energy down you will have to empty his bar again for the finish, this should only take you a couple of seconds but when you have only got 59 seconds to defeat DARTH VADER two seconds is quite a lot!

    As I said I got 56 second after about an hour of studying this level, just focus on his movements and you should be fine. It’s one of those things you’re not going to do first time, practice, practice!


    When attacking with the lightsaber, vary your attack. I found it best to do right to left up to down. I was using my right hand but I think using a different “attack combo” also gives you an attack boost multiplier.

    If there is anything I might be able to help with message me!

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    JerichoHill1Won the achievement yesterday, Duell-Time: 52 seconds! headspin
    It took me about a month to get there. Many thanks to Demon Bob for his great guide!!!
    Posted by JerichoHill1 On 22 Sep 13 at 11:49
    SincereSeeker6I don't think the game ever talks about this, but to win the clash, there's a spark that travels up and down your sword. You need to do an action when the spark is where the two swords meet. Finally figured that out after losing the achievement due to a clash burning up about a minute. It goes really fast sometimes, but it's better than being completely random
    Posted by SincereSeeker6 On 01 Mar 21 at 21:20
    LightsaberX000Does anyone know how to do perfect parries
    Posted by LightsaberX000 On 25 Dec 21 at 20:11
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  • MattiasAndersonMattiasAnderson864,770
    04 Dec 2015 19 Aug 2013 17 Jul 2020
    12 1 8
    So I decided to help everyone out here!

    At the moment I don´t have the achievement but i have only tried today. I Think I will get it tomorrow when I Try again. When i wrote this solution I once had 25 seconds left for the last phase. Even with a Clash I can sometimes finish Dart Vaders first phase off after 15 seconds.

    What I did was I studied the video in the comments at the other guide. And then i read the other guide a few times. The other guide is helpful when it comes to explain the 3 phases. But I just want to add what I think is important and what I have discovered after trying many times.

    If you look at the video here you see what i meant. (which I took from the other guide/comments).
    ps. Thanks lovemuffin410 for posting this one!!

    Ok here is the trick:

    At the start preferable put your hand above you and hope he attacks from up to down. If he doesn´t then Dodge at the direction he is not coming from. Also you can try to quickly change your direction to block if you are fast. But remember to still Dodge in the direction he is not attacking from.

    If he do attack you from up and down then Dodge to either left or right side and at the same time wave with your lightsaber hand as that can also trigger a perfect or great block and increase your meter really fast.

    If you Dodge a number of times you get a longer attack phase!

    If you manage to get some perfects and greats you might not need to do the time consuming Clash.

    Even if i get the Clash and manage to put Dart Vader back to start my attack i can get phase one done in 15 seconds. And like I said i have been done with the second phase after 35 seconds.

    The reason i like to put my hand up to block an up to down attack is because it is easy to Dodge that one. And i choose to Dodge in the direction were i can end up having lot of items/obstacles that i can throw at Dart Vader when it is my turn to attack. When you do this you can also try to wave with your lightsaber hand because that can make things flash and you get your bar meter filled up very quickly. (You can see what i mean if you look at the video).

    Don´t Think too much about trying to block from were his attack is going from. What I mean with this is that it is very important to have this perfect/great block which means you have to gamble and have your hand in the right position at the start of his attack. However even if you don´t have your hand in the right position you can be fast and change it and then Dodge and still be successful.

    Very important is that you Dodge in phase 3 so you end up having the obstacles behind Darth Vader when it is your turn to attack. I rather do this than jumping over him because when I Dodge after I might be in the wrong position anyway.

    I hope with this be able to help some players out that have been struggling. This is pointers that I have discovered by looking at the video and after lot of practise.

    EDIT! I finally got it trying for the first time in a very long time! Unlocked it 4th of December 2015 and this is the achievement that has given me the most satisfaction when it finally unlocked. I had him beat and then moved around trying to find a camera to take photo. Noticed i was not logged on anymore as a player while cinematics for defeating Darth was going on. Quickly raised my right arm and got back in before I might have missed on the achievement. This made me being signed in as a guest so I can confirm that you do unlock the achievement even if it say guest on top.

    New tip I have is to read Razor priests guide as well and I want to add that in phase 3 if Darth attacks in the wrong direction for you to get the obstacles behind him. Still dodge in that direction. It will force you to do a 4th defence move but that is the key to beat him as it is not worth the time jumping over him in the beginning or trying anything else.
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    MattiasAndersonFINALLY DID IT! Tried for the first time today 4th of December 2015 and played for 4-5 hours and finally I beat that sucker! 57 seconds something. Wow i cant believe i am done with this!!!
    Posted by MattiasAnderson On 04 Dec 15 at 22:00
    Osmo76Grraah! I was devastated after getting 59.1 sec with a MISSED CLASH but luckily like three attempts later got it done with 58.25 I think. Thank you and thumbs up from me!
    Posted by Osmo76 On 21 May 21 at 19:56
    MattiasAndersonWow, that must have been so frustrating! 59.1 So nice that you managed to get it just a few attempts later. This one is still my proudest achievement! Congrats and also thanks for the thumbs up.
    Posted by MattiasAnderson On 21 May 21 at 21:15
  • AwooAwoo2,054,040
    12 Dec 2014 12 Dec 2014 12 Dec 2014
    9 2 1
    I got this tonight after four hours of non-stop grinding, and I've come up with a method that anyone struggling with this should try. It builds upon MattiasAnderson's solution, so most of the credit goes to him. toast

    Basically, what you want to do to nail the block+dodge combo he talks about is this: move your lightsaber hand in a circle constantly while trying your best to chain perfect/good dodges together. That's it. Make the circle decently wide but not too wide and don't spin super fast. This sounds too cheap to work, but trust me, it will get you both block+dodge and parry+dodge (!) combos quite frequently, while requiring little effort from you other than dodging. You should also not try to see which direction to dodge in most of the time, unless you have super fast reflexes. Just remember the preset dodge order I'll give you, and stick to that. Yes, this leaves a lot down to luck, but when it works, it really works.

    So here's how this played out for me.

    1. Start spinning the saber hand, then dodge right-right-left-right. Sometimes you'll get a clash skip before the third dodge, which is great. If his first move is a swing from the right, that's not a huge deal even if you dodge into it. However, if you get a dodge off, and then get hit, you should restart. This is because getting three dodges (or any defensive move) in a row gets you a big combo multiplier, which is really important.

    If you get a clash around 7 seconds, that's fine, but any later than that and you should restart. Whether you skip the clash or not, Vader should have 3-5 items behind him. Three is bad, but it works. Start hitting him right away, alternating between horizontal and vertical swipes (very important!). Pick up an item (preferably two) and throw before he staggers the first time. While he recovers, pick up 2-3 more to finish him off while hitting him some more. If he staggers a third time, that can be a big time loss.

    You should finish this part at anywhere between 12.5-18 seconds. 18 is really pushing it while 12-13 will give you a little bit of room for error later on.

    2. This is where things often go very wrong. Everything from phase 1 still applies, but your dodge order should be right-left-right-left (and so on, as long as needed). It's very important he has a lot of stuff behind him on this one. I normally play it safe here after the clash (or no clash) by letting him stagger three times, hitting him with lightsaber strikes and some objects in between each one. That's why you need a lot of stuff to throw.

    If you did super good here, you'll be around 29-31 seconds. anything up to 35 or so is fine though, anything above that and you'll need a very good phase 3.

    3. This is where the nerves will start to show. Don't choke (like I did, several times...)! Dodge order is right-right-right-left. The only thing that matters is that the tower thing is visible behind Vader though. It can be very hard to finish him off in one go here, so you really have to make sure you focus on alternating your swing direction. Try to only throw one of the objects before the first stagger, then the rest after he recovers. He will always stagger a third time, after which you'll have to quickly whittle down his remaining health before the time runs out. After that, just finish him off.

    I should add that even though the results screen rounds your time down, getting say, a 59.28 (like I did once) will NOT give you the achievement. You have to be below 59.

    Good luck, and feel free to comment if you have any questions wave
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    MattiasAndersonAwesome! I will try this very soon i think!

    Thanks also for giving me some credit.
    I do think you explained things better than me.

    Very much appreciated!

    Also grats on getting this achievement!
    Posted by MattiasAnderson On 12 Dec 14 at 03:06
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