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Bring Your Passport achievement in AoE Online

Bring Your Passport

Win a match of Skirmish on every available map with premium Skirmish content.

Bring Your Passport0
2 guidesDiscontinued - These achievements can no longer be obtained due to closed servers, a bad patch, or other unusual circumstances.

How to unlock the Bring Your Passport achievement

  • HaloStorm12HaloStorm12307,777
    25 Apr 2012 29 Mar 2012 17 Jul 2012
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    There is a total of 20 different skirmish matches. To change the map click the drop down arrow next to the map name.

    If your not to good at skirmish or if you want to make it easier on yourself set it up as a 4v1 and change your 3 AI difficulty's to unstoppable and keep the enemy AI on standard. Change the Victory conditions to Standard (Your ally AI wont always fully destroy the enemy base if the victory conditions are on Conquest). Play along or Let the AI do the work.

    Repeat another 19 times while changing the map and you will have your achievement.

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    FlukyGorgon6351Can different maps be done on different civs??
    Posted by FlukyGorgon6351 on 21 Jan 14 at 16:03
    VegaDark541I don't believe so, since it's an in-game quest and in-game quest progress doesn't transfer between civs.
    Posted by VegaDark541 on 21 Jan 14 at 21:41
    LoneSt4r1836I had to play through the maps twice to be able to turn the quest in. Had played about half the maps just hours earlier and had to play them again and still got the status update for those maps a second time.
    Posted by LoneSt4r1836 on 06 Mar 14 at 03:09
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  • Prince Jame5Prince Jame5188,996
    04 Feb 2013 04 Feb 2013
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    to get this achievement is quite simple. there are 20 different maps so that means 20 games so even with the above method takes some time to grind.
    if you wish to put minimal effort in,
    set a a standard opponent, (your choice depending on game style and preference)
    i played as Celts since they infantry based (stronger) against the Persians since they mainly build sparabara, which as no advantage against your infantry. unless you choose a leader who likes cavalry. in that case asabara will be built. village elder and general ahapitep seem to sit back more than others.

    Choose map (1 of 20)
    set map to small
    set map resource to high
    set player resource to high
    max age to age 2
    victory set to standard (meaning destroy town center)

    Once u begin map. build 4 barracks 3 houses and 2 storage pits(1 by each resource. this will leave you enough wood to build sacred ground at age 2. try to build houses and barracks near the edge of the map behind you town center. makes the a.i attack around you town center.
    Build a constant supple of villager until you get 25 and try to get 10 long swordsmen asap. tell villagers to get wood until you have enough to have a total of 16 houses (100 population) then split it even even on gold and food. as soon as you hit age 2 build sacred ground and get 6 druids. believe me.... it saves you wasting this point you need to take 1 or 2 small attacks. while this happening cap u pop limit to 100. delete your villagers and build more infantry to defend you town center in case a.i counter while you attack. with your 69 ls+6 druids, send them straight for a.i town center. don't worry about impending attack on your army. keep attacking.

    Having done this method my self, i know that at this point a.i will not build another town center. each map takes an average of 7 min depending how many times your attacked. CONFIRMED. ACHIEVEMENT DOES POP....
    enjoy 2 hours of grinding/fun..
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