The Underdog achievement in Kinect Fun Labs: I Am Super!

The Underdog

Disrupt all 4 main powers during multiplayer (primary player rewarded)

The Underdog0
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How to unlock the The Underdog achievement

  • Zen VendettaZen Vendetta1,206,164
    28 Mar 2012 28 Mar 2012 31 Mar 2012
    47 5 13
    Person A = main player
    Person B = guest

    B - Does attack where they throw arms up in the air (the top attack).
    A - Disrupts that attack with the attack listed on the bottom (arms crossed and throwing lightning if you are using the Storm power).

    Main player (A) does NOT change abilities. Only the guest (B) needs to use each ability. Once the guest (B) rotates through all the powers and the actions are performed, the achievement should pop.

    Hope this is clear enough.

    *Note - There is not clear indication that you have properly disrupted, other than when the achievement pops. However, when the main player (A) does the top attack by raising his/her arms upward there is an animation that happens that causes the background to change (at least when you use the STORM power it'll look like a purple sky), this MAY or MAY NOT be an indication but again ... this is not 100%, but I thought it was worth noting,*

    CREDIT TO: I Am4z1n9 AZ I
    The attacks used MAY or MAY NOT make a difference in obtaining this achievement, because it has been reported that the inverse worked for some as well. It is more TIMING that affects the achievement. Time the attacks simultaneously, or as close to it as you can get. The main player (A) aims attack directly at the guest (B), whose attack if properly disrupted should have the effect of his/her power stopped or no effect at all.

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    speedygamers90do you need to have a second account hooked up for this?
    Posted by speedygamers90 on 11 Jul 16 at 17:44
    Zen VendettaTo my recollection, the Kinect will recognize others in the screen with you and they don't have to use an account to "join"
    Posted by Zen Vendetta on 11 Jul 16 at 19:24
    mongrominetsadly i play alone
    Posted by mongrominet on 17 Jan at 22:11
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  • SpilnerSpilner877,608
    27 Mar 2012 27 Mar 2012 29 Mar 2012
    36 5 13
    Ok so there has been call for a simpler solution, so here it is.

    A second person is required for this

    Secondary player (IE not you) will perform the top attack, which is for having arms by side and raising them. The player will 'explode' with power.
    Within 10seconds of the secondary player activating the PRIMARY (Thats you, the main player) will activate their bottom power AND hit the secondary player with it.

    I recommend primary player is STORM (Attack will be to cross arms) whilst secondary must be each power (Details on changing here)

    The only way you can tell that a player has been disrupted is that they appear to be being shocked (Lightening all over them)

    HOPEFULLY this is clearer.

    Original solution:-
    For this to work you need to disrupt your ''opponent's'' power, the one activated via lifting both your arms (Top attack) with your bottom attack.

    You will not need to change your power but your opponent will, hold out your arm at a 45o angle to bring up the pause menu and select your opponent (right hero) and then 'Change Power' and select each of the 4 powers (Storm, Atomic, Frost and Flame)

    I personally found being under 'Storm' the easiest to disrupt.

    Simply secondary player lifts their arms (Top attack) with each power and as they activate primary player uses their bottom power (The one that is different for each power) on them.
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    Posted by Spilner on 29 Mar 12 at 00:40
    xEaSy CasHwas a little bit confused, but your last solution looks better, after reading got it on my first try
    Posted by xEaSy CasH on 28 Jul 12 at 00:21
    onlyonevinceFinally got this. Your solution made sense. Just had to wait for the power interruption which showed it was working. Did this with my 2 year old son.
    Posted by onlyonevince on 25 Jan 13 at 00:09
  • TVthePunisherTVthePunisher416,131
    05 Apr 2012 06 Apr 2012
    18 3 4
    I'm just adding this for the sake of those that don't have access to a second person for local multiplayer - it CAN be done solo.

    Just like all the other Kinect Fun Labs apps, you can trick the sensor into believing there's a second person either by using an object or heck...even a Mannequin (not sure why you'd own one but moving on). For me personally I used the following:

    A computer chair.
    A suitcase
    A leather jacket.

    Placing the suitcase on the chair and then the jacket overtop of the suitcase, I tricked the sensor into believing it was the Guest player. Then, quickly moving the arms of the jacket in an upward fashion I was able to pull off the "power move". Then I stepped back as the primary and interrupted the move using an attack.

    A lot of folks probably have access to a second player but this is just for those who don't. Again you can try your own methods but using the jacket's arms flopped up into the air caused the power move.

    Note: It's infinitely times easier to just have a second person.
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    TVthePunisherI can't tell you that now can I ;)
    Posted by TVthePunisher on 15 Mar 13 at 03:19
    exit9500It is also helpful for this method to have a large area to use the kinect in. I found it much easier for it to recognize the chair and coat as a person when I had a large open area compared to a smaller area.
    Posted by exit9500 on 11 Dec 13 at 21:45
    Myckel JayI didn't try this, but I like your tactics laugh
    I laughed at the image of quickly putting the arms of the jacket up then attacking it.
    Posted by Myckel Jay on 22 Jun 18 at 18:08
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