True Elite achievement in Kane & Lynch: Dead Men

True Elite

Play as Kane in Fragile Alliance.

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How to unlock the True Elite achievement

  • Catatonic NaliCatatonic Nali1,129,563
    09 Oct 2013 24 Aug 2011 05 Mar 2021
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    Further Further Edit (May 2018)
    Still blocked but apparently can be done with a huge amount of effort. See this post by Sabin VI for more information.
    Kane & Lynch Leaderboard Update

    Further Edit (December 2013)

    Unfortunately it seems like the blockers have control of the leaderboards again. If you're still hoping to get these I can only suggest you contact the people at the top of the boards (although previous advice against paying these people for services still stands) to see what the situation is. Alternatively you might consider messaging some of the TA members who most recently unlocked the achievements to see if they have any advice.

    Post Leaderboard Reset Edit

    Thanks to the incredibly dedicated efforts of numerous TA members (you all know who you are toast) these achievements are very much obtainable at the time of writing this edit. Over a year ago a petition to reset the leaderboards was created and submitted to Eidos, amazingly they listened and the leaderboards were eventually reset on October 1st 2013. Over the 10 days following the reset (again as of time of writing this edit) a huge community effort has been underway to help pass the achievements down through as many decent achievement-loving folk as humanly possible before blockers and anti-boosters wrestle back control of the leaderboards and return them to the huge mess they were in for the previous 5+ years.
    Right now if you want the leaderboard achievements your best bet (probably only hope to be honest) would be to head on over to this forum thread (Boosting Gaming Session for Kane & Lynch: Dead Men) and hope that the good people running the ladder are willing to accept new members. These guys are regular TA community members who have stepped up and gone to extraordinary lengths to keep this going as long as they have so give them the respect that they deserve and understand that their decisions are made with the best intentions of the boosting community and are final. If you don't like it, tough luck.

    Original solution, will probably become applicable again when the boosting ladder is finished
    To unlock Kane as a playable character you have to reach the number 1 spot on the ranked overall leaderboard.
    However the leaderboards have been completely blocked by a couple of clans who seem to be in constant competition with each other for the top spots (judging by the bio posts on some of their accounts) and have created dozens of alt accounts which are in control of the entire top of the leaderboard.
    Because of this the achievement is virtually unobtainable. These guys may advertise helping people get to the top spots if you give them Microsoft points or gold membership cards but this is likely a scam as well as being against the Microsoft Terms of Use and is a permabannable offence so I would seriously recommend against it.
    The only foreseeable way the achievement could be obtained is if the leaderboards are reset and sadly that is unlikely to happen.

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    Dadmixas said in the other leaderboard achievement.
    it looks like someone's still blocking it and laughing in his bio about it..
    I so wish t.a would say if a achievement is not really obtainable as this obviously isnt .
    Posted by Dadmix on 31 Mar 19 at 21:15
    Dadmixis he ? he's on t.a would someone on t.a block it
    Posted by Dadmix on 31 Mar 19 at 21:43
    rockyrocketdogCan we get the leaderboards reset again? Hopefully some of us could get the achievement before the blocker notices. Such a same someone had to make it their life goal to make sure no one can get two achievements in a video game.
    Posted by rockyrocketdog on 10 Aug 19 at 14:52
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  • CrandyCrandy811,960
    02 Oct 2013 02 Oct 2013 14 Oct 2013
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    In order to get this achievement you must be number 1 on the leaderboard and play as Kane in Fragile Alliance.

    This video I created describes one of the most effective methods of boosting to the top of the leaderboards.

    Something I left out of this video that is very important is that you should not be using your main account in these rotations until you have a dummy account at number 1. Once you have a dummy at number 1 on the boards you can add in your main account to de rank the dummy and take the top spot.
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    CrandyThe reason you have to use multiple accounts is because of the trueskill system. It's flawed in many ways and able to be manipulated for the first 5 or 6 games. It's the same reason you can't play any games on your main account until you have a dummy at the top. I wrote a detailed explanation of my understanding of it and experience with it awhile ago. If you are interested I can send it to you. If you are looking to boost this achievement be prepared for more than 200 hours of boosting to get to the top. I haven't checked the leaderboard in awhile so it could be more.
    Posted by Crandy on 19 Oct 13 at 07:03
    jjaldanaYou should probably explain what register accoubts are and how you have to start using them when your mu gets to 350 ish.
    Posted by jjaldana on 05 Dec 16 at 23:08
    lankyjustinIs this leaderboard the cash one or true skill as true skill max at 50. If cash. Currently no. 1 has 4,400,000,000 and 2nd about 3,700,000,000
    Posted by lankyjustin on 16 Nov 17 at 23:43
  • AxGryndrAxGryndr510,056
    09 Oct 2013 30 Sep 2013 30 Sep 2013
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    OK so the Leaderboard reset is upon - thanks Eidos glad we finally are getting this. I was wondering what it actually takes to get this achievement and here are some details that I found on Microsoft's website about the true skill ranking system.

    The following are questions I found on Microsoft's website that I thought applied.

    Q: How can I become the top player in a leaderboard?

    A: It's simple: Win games! The TrueSkill ranking system matches you with people of similar skill so winning against them will always bring you up the leaderboard.

    But, more seriously, in order to become a level 50 player in an 8-player-Free-for-All game mode you will only need to win 8 (tightly) match-made games in a row! If you do not believe that, try out our interactive rank calculator: Always make sure that Alice wins the game and all other 7 players have the same µ but a s of 1 (you can use the After->Before button). After 8 games you should see that Alice's µ is 56.995 and the s is 1.901; hence, the conservative skill estimate would be Level 51! It may take a bit longer in reality because in these calculations it was assumed that there are always enough players at every playing strength available.

    Q: I am playing a team game and all the players in my team drop out of the game. Of course, I lose the game. Will I lose as many skill points as all the people who left me standing in the rain?

    A: Unfortunately, yes. All alternative options are possible exploits for cheating:

    - If the TrueSkill ranking system does not count the game at all then the losing team can always ensure not to lose points by dropping out early (entirely).

    - If the TrueSkill ranking system only uses the team configurations at the end of the game then both the players that dropped would not be penalised and the remaining player can be arbitrarily boosted (that is, shortly before the end of the game all but one player drop from a team; for the update equation it would now seem that a single player has won against a team of, say, 4 players and would apply a massive positive update).

    - If the TrueSkill ranking system would introduce an arbitrary lowest rank in which every player falls that drops before the end of the game, then, again, the remaining player(s) in a team can be arbitrarily boosted (he won against the losing team and all the players that dropped. This approach would penalise the players that drop, though.
    But: Players who drop regularly from a team would eventually be identified by the TrueSkill ranking system as having a negative impact on the team skill and will eventually be matched with other players of that have a negative team impact. So, you should not see this happening to often if you are a player of average skill.

    Q: How many games do I have to win before I go up one level?

    A: This depends a lot on how many games you have already played, how many games your opposition have already played and what type of games you play. It is a strength of the TrueSkill ranking system to move you up very quickly early on but to reduce the step-size in the updates after a series of consistent games. In general, the more people per team, the longer it takes to go up or down one level. But the more teams per game, the faster you can go up or down. Here is a list of game modes and number of wins necessary before you go up a level (assuming you have already played a fair number of games; otherwise you usually go up one level in one game).

    Game Mode Number of Games per Gamer
    8 Players Free-For-All 3
    4 Players Free-For-All 4
    2 Players Free-For-All 7
    4 Teams/2 Players per Team 5
    2 Teams/4 Players per Team 10

    Q: I am always playing together in the same team with my friend JoeDoe. Will the TrueSkill ranking system be able to differentiate between us two in terms of skills? In other words, is the TrueSkill ranking system capable of finding that I am the more skilled player of us two?

    A: If both you and your friend only play ranked team games together then the TrueSkill ranking system cannot distinguish between you two; it always compares the team's skills (sums of the player's skills in the teams) and 'distributes' the gain/loss proportional to the individual player's uncertainties (see detailed description). But note: if your friend also plays team games with anyone other than you then the TrueSkill ranking system will be able to identify the more skilled player of your two. Also, if both of you always only play together, you might consider forming a clan.

    So there are a lot of other details HERE. So loosing games is bad and winning games is good. It appears that if you are loosing the best thing to do is quit out of the game. It also seems that playing with same people might prevent you from getting one of the top spots because the entire team is the same rank with the same wins and losses so the leaderboard would not be able to determine who is better. In this case if your team is winning a match if all but one person drops out that should inflate the person's skill giving them the top spot. So I can't tell you exactly what it will take but

    I hope this information helps.

    I played with the TrueSkill calculator HERE to see if I could figure out how long it would take to boost to TrueSkill 50 by yourself. You would need 21 profiles. The team layout would be 4 on 1 and everyone starts at TrueSkill 0 (MU=25 Sigma=8.333). The 1 profile each time wins 8 games and end with a TrueSkill of 28 (MU=45.886 Sigma=6.211) - you'd do this until you have 4 profiles at 28. 4 TrueSkill 28s vs 1 TrueSkill 0 in two games makes the TrueSkill 0 a level 50. That means you'd need to boost 34 games by yourself if you are a Trueskill 0 with no games played. The moment you start loosing games it would take longer. Some caveats though - you'd need 5 consoles and 5 versions, I don't think there is a way to force the game into 4 vs 1 so you might need 3 more consoles and games to be able to drop out at the start of the game. Another note is that TrueSkill 50 isn't the achievement - its being ranked 1 for Kane and 2 for Lynch on the leaderboard. I believe once you are at 50 the position is determined by the number of wins you have. So boosting this by yourself would not be easy and I am not sure the leaderboard reset is going to make it easier but it at least levels the playing field.
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    There is no team game mode on Kane & Lynch so that's irrelevant, also the reset does reset everyone to 0 it resets everyone to the original TrueSkill of 25.
    Posted on 01 Oct 13 at 11:26
    Homunculus FurySo lets say everyone played the game straight, no traitor kills everyone escapes would everyone level up the same?
    Posted by Homunculus Fury on 01 Oct 13 at 15:34
    AxGryndrHonestly I am not sure - I joined a session where most of are just debating how to boost instead of actually doing it. I am thinking I won't be getting this. Wish I could be more help.
    Posted by AxGryndr on 01 Oct 13 at 16:06
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