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True Musou in Warriors Orochi 3

True Musou318 (100)

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xDartz xNVx
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xDartz xNVx
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Posted on 08 April 12 at 22:14, Edited on 09 December 14 at 19:11
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Your last achievement will probably be getting all wallpapers or beating the game on Chaos and you might be surprised when you get your last achievement (other than this one) and it doesn't pop. I don't know if it was just me or the game only checks for it on the Main Menu, but it popped for me after returning to the Main Menu. Congrats on beating Warriors Orochi 3!
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Posted on 19 May 12 at 11:05
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No matter which way you go about it, you'll be playing a lot of stages and spending a lot of gems to obtain all the achievements in this game, period. I thought I'd share a few little tips that I did along the way which has probably saved a fair bit of time in the long run.

The big requirements for this achievement here are: Proficiency Grinding, Item Hunting, 100 Banquets, and Chaos Difficulty. The rest is negligible as you can easily nab everything else as you go along. I would suggest reading the whole thing through. Although my priority in playing this game was just to enjoy it and not so much the achievements at all, there were a number of things that I did that conveniently helped save time too.

Story Mode

First thing I did was just play through story mode (like you have much choice :p), unlocking every single stage and character, and I chose to do so on medium just because. Now, I just played as the recommended officers every single time mainly because it just felt like a good idea to play through the story in the intended manner, but the other positive about it is that you'll have plenty of officers with a little less proficiency farming required towards the end of your journey. Now this would mean that the trio of Sima Zhao, Ma Chao and Hanbei Takenaka are going to be S-rank fairly quickly as they appear far more frequently than any other officers, so if you really wanted to save some more time for yourself, you could definitely swap out any already S-Ranked officers for another you've yet to play as. Any opportunity to reduce your required proficiency grinding should be taken really.

Chaos Difficulty Preparation

Once I unlocked and beat every stage, and subsequently unlocked every character, I started considering what characters to use for Chaos difficulty. The beauty of this game is that you could honestly just pick your favourite set of characters, and with the right build you could probably decimate Chaos difficulty with relative ease. I'll just mention what characters I used, but its entirely up to you who you carry with you, and how you build them up.

Zhang Liao - He was an easy first choice for me purely because of his C4+EX attack. Asides from his C4 being a massive projectile wave shot in front of him, his EX attack bumps up his agility for a short period of time, so he'll be able to swing those massive axes of his even quicker. Combined with Agility x10 his attack speed becomes ridiculous.

Ryu Hayabusa - His C2. Oh, his C2. Asides from pretty much never being interrupted, with the right abilities he can actually defeat most officers in Chaos mode before the end of his C2 chain AND amass a lot of KOs with the shockwave of the landing for the end of his C2, and if it didn't defeat them he can normally just go with an aerial normal slash afterwards to finish the job.

Musashi Miyamoto - Now, I honestly picked him as my third purely because of my wonderful experiences with him in Samurai Warriors 2, and he actually turned out to be the weak link in my team. He was far more susceptible to being hit than the other two, and didn't seem to clean house as well as the other two did. If I were to do it over, I'd probably consider somebody else as a third, but he did still help out if purely because of his ability that adds to the attack power of all party members.

As I said, you can probably just pick your favourite characters and just build them correctly. There'd be a fair few others that could very well be just as broken (if not probably more so). So long as you got a trio of characters that'll get the job done, it doesn't really matter in the end.

As for abilities, Brilliance coupled with Wind x10 is the key combination in my opinion, regardless of who you use. Brilliance is a rare gold ability which I will mention how to obtain later on, but basically allows all equipped elements on every swing of the blade provided your musou gauge is full.

Asides from that, just a combination of Courage, Brawn, Might, Slay, Flame, Blast, Ice, etc, whatever attacking abilities you feel works for each of your characters of choice. Once you've at least worked out who you want for Chaos difficulty, you can start working on the rare items.

Item Hunting

This is why I brought up considering your Chaos characters at this juncture, and not prior to running through it. The only requirements for obtaining the 22 rare items (the list of which you can find under its relevant achievement's solution put up by Darth Sporker) is having one of the listed characters in your current party, and setting the difficulty to either hard or chaos. Now this is actually a good opportunity to start levelling up one or more of your characters that you'll be using for your Chaos run. If you discover that with your first attempt at an item ends in defeat then level up your character and/or improve your weapon. I suggest Susano'o's Last Stand, probably on a lower difficulty, and if possible with Prosperity (the ability that makes officers drop weapons on occasion). You may as well try and get a few additional weapon drops to fuse into your preferred weapon.

If you're strong enough, you can prioritise Red Hare Saddle, as that'll be a godsent for most of the rest of the grind, but otherwise just work through the stages in chapter order. This way you can level up your character(s) as you go, which'll make subsequent stages easier too. As you complete these stages and pick up the item (the item will be dropped by one of the soldiers you defeat that cross the KO count threshold), you'll of course have plenty of gems and growth points to spend. At this stage I focused my growth point and gem spendings purely on my 3 characters, crafting their big star weapon (in Musashi's case I used his 4th because the attack power is actually higher than any of his big star weapons), and levelling up the Chaos character(s) I didn't currently have in my party. In 22 stages time, you should have built up some great weapons for your Chaos runners, and if you somehow have managed to actually get everything you wanted weapon wise, you could always spend any/all excess gems on banquets. You'll eventually have to have 100 banquets, so why not.

Final Chaos Difficulty Preparation

Once you've gotten all 22 items, all 3 of your selected characters should be at a fairly high level by now, and probably capable of kicking gargantuan amounts of butt. Now if you're insisting on having Brilliance (and I suggest you do), you'll probably want to farm a little while. Again, I suggest Susano'o's Last Stand, but this time on hard. As a 10* difficulty stage on hard, gold abilities will start to appear on weapon drops, and of course you should have Prosperity equipped again. You can also use this stage to max out your weapon proficiencies for all 3 characters. Even though the big star weapons take much longer to max out, it is most definitely worth it. In Susano'o's Last Stand, there is a gate to the east that forever spawns soldiers after a while and will never close as there is no gate captain there, so you can just sit there and kill until your weapon proficiency is maxed the first time around, and any subsequent run can just be spent defeating officers and trying for more weapon drops and potentially Brilliance/any other gold ability you may like. While you're doing these runs, you can also pick up the two item boxes in the area to help max out some of them. They're located next to the gate in the centre (north of Equuleus' position), and next to Monoceros. If you really want to get more items out of this too, feel free to stick Providence on a weapon too.

While you're at it, I suggest (if you haven't done so already) to max out your bonds between the 3 characters. That way, when you do get hit (and it'll be inevitable) on occasions one, and sometimes both, character/s will appear and do a quick 360 sweep to clean out the immediate vicinity AND also give you one of Attack x2, Defense x2 or Speed x2 for 20 seconds. Again, every little bit helps.

You don't need to be at level 99 when you start, as most of the chapter 1 and 2 stages are still fairly straight forward even on Chaos, but every little bit will help. When I was ready, Zhang Liao was at 93, and the other two were in their mid to late 60s, all 3 with their maxed out weapons, and they fared just fine.

For items, I just equipped Lion's Fang and Chimera Shell (they were +16 and +19 respectively at the time) on all 3 characters. Equipping Red Hare might be a good idea too if you just want to get around the place quicker. I did the entire thing on foot, but it is entirely up to you whether dropping the attack of a character is worth having Red Hare on board.

Now that you're ready to roll, you can start working through the levels in order. I just worked through them in chronological order, knocking off gaiden stages as they line up with my current position. Be sure to do the redux versions as well as the original versions of those 10 particular stages as they do count towards the 70 stages in the game. I suggest completing the stages as you would normally: defeating officers in your way, performing whatever ploys and preventing opposition ploys where required, just to make life a little easier too.

As you are going to have to sit through 70 stages, you'll amass a LOT of growth points and gems along the way. I suggest using the growth points on the remainder of the cast to level them all up. Just getting them to about level 15 or higher should be sufficient, and you can skip anybody who's already S-Ranked as you won't be using them anyways for the final grind. If you do decide to get everybody to level 15 minimum, you'll likely get to that point halfway through your Chaos run, so you'll just build them up to 20. Use your discretion really, you'll have PLENTY of growth points to spend anyways. As for the gems, you have two options:
1. You can choose to spend your gems systematically buying 4th weapons for everybody, and then once you're done you can spend any excess gems on banquets when you have sufficient funds. (This was what I did)
2. You can choose to prioritise banquets. You'll need to get a 4th weapon for all 132 characters at some stage, and that can be done by using all your lottery tickets at the end of your chaos run and just purchase any leftover 4th weapons you may have missed out on during the lottery bonanza.
The second option is probably the better idea in the end. Banquets cost far more, and 4ths are pretty easy to come by when all is said and done really.

Character Proficiencies

Now that Chaos has been completed, your last remaining big grind is of course the character proficiency maxing. It may seem like a daunting task maxing out 132 characters, but if you happen to have followed this guide to this point, you'll find that a fair chunk of the characters will have already seen some action and thus will be starting on something other than G-Rank. First thing you should do is spend those lottery tickets before you even play another stage (if you haven't already). This'll give you a LOT of weapons for everybody, which'll help out in general killing abilities for everybody.

Once that's done, you should look to max out Dodomeki's proficiency, as his special ability improves everybody's proficiency while he's in your party. Once he's maxed, you'll be all set to rock and roll.

The basic set-up for the proficiency grind is this:
Party - Dodomeki, and whatever 2 characters you're looking to max
Items - On your 2 characters you're looking to max, equip Sword of Sacrifice and Mystic Brace's (hopefully they're both maxed at +20, or close enough to). Have Red Hare Saddle equipped on Dodomeki. Officer and soldier killing is really straight forward for 99% of the playable characters whilst riding Red Hare (but there are some that just HAVE to get off the horse to do any decent damage, you'll see when you work through all the characters), and not to mention it can be used to get from A to B with real ease.
Weapon - With all those lottery tickets spent, you should have oodles of weapons for everybody. Look to fuse a few of them together, prioritising abilities like Cavalry (although not necessary for all), the usual suspects like Courage, Might, Agility, Brawn, Slay, etc, and in particular Industry. If there's nothing much to fuse though, I wouldn't worry too much. I wouldn't go out of my way to buy more weapons or anything. Just use what's available.

Any remaining gems if sufficient should be spent on banquets if you still need to bring that tally up to 100. With all the banquets during the Chaos grind, I had my 100th banquet when I started on the Jin characters (working through the characters in the order they appear).
Stage - Susano'o's Last Stand on easy (this stage is seriously hella useful for EVERYTHING really).

You can start by defeating the 30-40 odd soldiers sitting right next to you at your starting point. This way you get a good idea of whether or not horseback riding is going to work with this character. Then make your way east until you reach the gate that closes on you. Pavo will appear. Defeat Pavo, and wait a million messages before the gate reopens, and follow the path all the way around. You'll come across Scorpius - defeat him. Then make your way to the path leading to Susano'o's location and defeat Crux and Draco who are waiting there. By now Cao Cao will be in trouble, so head to Equuleus' location, and defeat him to quell the flames that'll allow Cao Cao to progress. Follow Cao Cao to Monoceros and defeat Monoceros to save Ieyasu Tokugawa. When you come out of where Ieyasu was sitting, follow the path all the way west to Phoenix and defeat him to stop the winds impeding Liu Bei. Continue along the path towards Lyra, who should be fighting Zhuge Liang at this point, and defeat him. Then work your way through the Stone Labyrinth and defeat Lupus. Now that you've wiped out the 9 officers littered around the stage, you'll not have to worry about any of your allies dying, and thus can farm the kills required to maxed out the ranks on both your characters. The beauty of this stage is that the gate on the eastern side forever spawns soldiers as there's no gate captain there. So just keep an eye on where those particular soldiers are heading, defeat them along the way to the gate, and then stand in front of the gate and just kill kill kill until you get both your S-Ranks. Then defeat Susano'o.

To put this into perspective time wise: I used Sun Jian and Gan Ning on one particular run. Both of them started on G-Ranks and had zero Industry on their weapons. I used Sun Jian to do the officer cleanup around the place, and then farmed the right hand gate. He got to S-Rank once he hit 1425 KOs. Swapping to Gan Ning, he took 1575 KOs to get himself to S-Rank. When Gan Ning was done, a mere 17 and a half minutes had elapsed on the stage. Now, those numbers aren't going to be exactly the same for everybody, as I had Liu Bei go from G to S in just under 1400 KOs (also as the officer mop-up-er), but that's the general vicinity of KOs on this stage. Time will also vary of course dependant on characters, how proficient they are at officer killing, whether their weapon has any good stats on them or not, etc. Sun Jian and Gan Ning were both very proficient on horseback, so that was probably just a really good run in the end. In all honesty, you're looking at a worse case scenario of 20 minutes in-stage per 2 characters maxed.

It's just a matter of rinsing, lathering, and repeating at this stage. Once you've gotten your 100 banquets to pop, you can spend just a little more time at the weapon dealer to see if he has any weapons with Industry and fuse that into your weapon of choice. Given the randomness of the weapon shop, you can probably base your character choices around characters that already have Industry, or characters that you can buy Industry for at a given moment if you REALLY wanted to make this as efficient as possible. I didn't worry about that so much, just went with whatever I had.

Once everybody has their S-Rank in proficiency, you should have the last of your grindy achievements. Assuming you've picked up every other achievement (for example, I'd left Joining Hands for last purely because I couldn't be bothered starting up a stage with a second player until the end), quit out to the main menu (as mentioned in xDartz xNVx's solution), and True Musou should pop :)
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