Something to Brag About? achievement in Diabolical Pitch

Something to Brag About?

Clear all worlds without taking damage from the first area until the end of the extra area

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How to unlock the Something to Brag About? achievement

  • Johnny SinisterJohnny Sinister1,395,379
    06 Apr 2012 06 Apr 2012 07 Apr 2012
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    Certainly a tough achievement, here are some tips:

    -The requirement is to start any given world from menu, play from Area 1 until the end of the Extra area without taking damage. Do this for each World.

    -There is no order necessary to unlock this achievement. Once you fulfill the requirement for a given world, you can 'Check it off'.

    -Multiplayer levels don't seem to count for the achievement. I avoided damage on Adventure World on co-op, so I thought I was done with it. Turns out, after finishing the other Worlds, I had to go back and re-do Adventure World in Single Player for the achievement to pop.

    -The more powerups you have, the easier this becomes. I highly recommend starting off with the two fatigue cards when they become available. This makes it nearly impossible to get fatigued, no matter how fast you throw. Next, save up until you can purchase the two coin multipliers (under the "Score" tab in the Card menu). These won't be available until later in the campaign, so try and refrain from buying less useful cards until then. Next, get the damage multipliers, the Diabolical pitch damage multipliers (you should probably just use the Lightning pitch), and the Diabolical pitch -1 card (takes fewer kills to reach Diabolical pitches).

    -You probably shouldn't spend money on the Health powerups, as the game isn't that hard, and since you are trying not to get hit ONCE, you don't really need the extra life anyway.

    -For the jump/duck attacks, I found it is useful to always do a crouch and jump combo. Whenever a blade or any other attack is coming that you know will require either a jump or duck, position yourself in a crouch position, as soon as you are prompted to dodge, make a jump. As a result, you will automatically pass if it is a duck dodge, as you will already be in position (jumping at this point won't have a negative impact), otherwise, it will be a jump dodge, and you will successfully jump it. Should work every time.

    -On certain stages in Garden World and Castle World, there will be red glowing enemies in the background that fire missiles at you. Be sure to be aware of these and destroy them before they get too close. (must use the lock on action to destroy these). Also, please note that you can't actually destroy the source of the missiles, just the missiles themselves.

    -Be sure to utilize your kicks if you find enemies in your face.

    -Use the Lightning Diabolical pitch through the game, it is by far the most useful. It is extremely helpful on the later stages with the shielded enemies (I mean the Enemies with black shields, not the armored ones who are all shiny). The pitch will knock off their shields (does not work on shielded bosses).

    -The last world (Castle World) doesn't have an "Extra Stage", but rather a boss fight. Be sure to get a lot of practice in before attempting the run on this World.

    -I am fairly certain you cannot be damaged during any of the 'Extra Stages' (Except obviously the Final Boss fight).

    -Other than the above tips, just practice and practice until you are pretty familiar with the stages. Even if you get hit, be sure to finish the stage so you will at least be able to keep any coins you earned during the attempt.
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    STARS NightmareI swear i just cannot do this... So no coop-option? What's the best stages to start if order doesn't matter?
    Posted by STARS Nightmare on 12 May 12 at 15:25
    Johnny SinisterYou may still be able to do it in co-op, but it may just be that ALL of the stages have to be done in co-op. The issue I had was I had one stage done in co-op, and the rest in single player. If you attempt doing it in Co-op, let me know if it works.

    I found that Garden World was probably the hardest, followed by Castle World. The hardest part of Castle World is the boss sequence. If you can master that, it will be easier. Garden World is tough because of the combination of background missiles and shielded enemies. If you spend too much time/effort concentrating on one, you may miss the other.

    It really comes down to memorization. Once you get to the point where you know what enemies are coming at what time, the game becomes much more manageable.
    Posted by Johnny Sinister on 13 May 12 at 00:11
    Wanderer128I haven't started this game yet, but following your last comment, I feel as though it should definitely be tested to see if the achievement is doable in co-op online.
    I don't know who gave you a negative vote, but perhaps this is why, or perhaps they are just irritated that they cannot do the achievement themselves. I just wanted to make a suggestion that will hopefully make your solution better.

    You also mention that the game comes down to memorization, would you say that each level is exactly the same pattern-wise for every attempt tried on them, or is there still a random element?

    I just downloaded the demo for the game to see if it is worth a buy, but I will probably hold out since I don't have much money or points to throw around.
    Posted by Wanderer128 on 25 May 12 at 22:14
    Mr GranstaffMy apologies for not understanding one part of your solution: do you have to clear all worlds in one go, or can you tackle one world at a time?

    I'm assuming you can clear one world at a time. At any rate, thanks in advance for the clarification.
    Posted by Mr Granstaff on 21 Dec 15 at 17:53
    Johnny SinisterIt has been quite a while since I have played the game, but I am pretty sure I would have remembered if they had to be done in one go, and I am pretty sure they did not. Just make a note of which ones you have done, just in case you spread this out.

    If it turns out there is an issue doing it over time, be sure to let me know so I can update the solution. Thanks.
    Posted by Johnny Sinister on 21 Dec 15 at 20:32
    Mr GranstaffAbsolutely. I'll let you know my results fairly soon as I've gone "kinect krazy" as of late. laugh I suspect that I should be tackling this again sooner rather than later, probably next month.

    At any rate, I agree with what you said. I'm pretty sure this doesn't have to be done in one go, as I'd wager the ratio would be considerably higher.
    Posted by Mr Granstaff on 21 Dec 15 at 21:10
    Tasty PastryHaven't started this game yet but considering it. Just to be clear, there is no 'internal system' that remembers if you've successfully completed this task for each level, right? That is, you're forced to remember via pen and paper or something?

    And if so - does the game give you any indication that you succeeded during the level? Or do you just look at your health to make that decision?
    Posted by Tasty Pastry on 01 Mar 16 at 21:01
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