Madman achievement in The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings (EU)


Finish the game while playing at the Dark difficulty level.

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How to unlock the Madman achievement

  • Cyred XCyred X106,647
    22 Apr 2012 23 Apr 2012
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    I will give you here some advice for playing through the game on Dark difficulty. You should do it on your 2nd playthrough, it will be much more easier and if you are going for all the achievements you need 2 playthroughs anyways.

    How you should spend your ability talents :

    Upgrade the abilities which increase your vitality and vigor/vigor regeneration, but most important is the footwork ability in the swordsman tree, it gives you 200% faster rolling. For the magic tree, upgrade the QUEN sign abilities, you should only focus on this sign, it provides you protection from 1-2 hits and deals some damage to enemies when you get hit. The alchemy tree is quite unnecessary, but if you use bombs and traps you can invest in the Alchemist ability to increase the damage.

    Tactics in battle :

    Don't just run into the horde and try to slaugther them, you'll die very fast... Then you should now that steel swords are better for humans and silver swords for monsters, even if the stats say otherwise. So if you don't want to get yourself killed from 2-3 hits use the QUEN sign, if you get hit you can just roll back and cast it again, this is very helpful! Also you should use rolling as much as you can!!
    Blocking enemies are the hardest, so wait until they attack you, then roll around them and attack from behind and repeat rolling around them, also for other enemies!
    When facing bigger hordes of enemies just take your time, try to separate them and don't take too much hits on you. If you have trouble, buy some bombs or craft them.
    The boss fights are nothing to worry about if you master the QUEN sign.
    Also remember to save many times and don't intimidate people to avoid fights.

    Good luck, hope it helps!
    Feel free to leave feedback or questions!

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    Plaguewielder87Good solution. +1 from me.

    I didn't even bother with the act 3 set to be honest. Act 2's Oathbreaker set lasted me until the very end and whetstones/Falka's Blood on my silver sword made the dragon a joke. Seriously, use them; they drastically increase your damage on the dragon. I didn't bother with any enhancements at all until there, as that was the only part that annoyed me.

    I had my sword damage and damage reduction maxed from talents along with fully upgraded vitality, vigor, Quen and roll of course. The final talents for finishers are very useful for the later stages leading up to the boss as well; even the extra resistance they grant with a second point makes them worthwhile. That's pretty much all you need in my opinion. Alchemy and bombs/daggers seemed like a waste to me.

    Even though Iorveth's path has more combat I still found it easier for Dark because you often have plenty of allies to distract enemies. Also, for anyone having trouble with the Draugr boss in act 2, use the Yrden sign to trap him in place for a moment and roll behind him (he has no armour at the back), then mash away with your sword and you can kill him in less than a minute before he even has a chance to call fireballs down on you.

    Overall this achievement was a nice challenge and rather fun to do. Good luck everyone.
    Posted by Plaguewielder87 on 20 Apr 16 at 01:48
    runemaxHey guys, is there some way to get the 2 Blue Meteorite Ores for the Kingslayer set sword without having the diagram from chap 1?
    Posted by runemax on 15 May 17 at 19:12
    Michal TMI have found quite simple way how to kill Draug (I did it on my 'dark' playthrough) - valid if you have unlocked heliotrope sign.
    Unfortunatelly during 'trip' to Draug, when Geralt use different bodies, any loaded adrenaline disappear, so we would have to load it from beginning.
    But... you can use AARD sign during the fight with Draugir. The sign is not harming him, but loading adrenaline.
    It takes some time (I had fully upgraded abilities which impacts on adrenaline speed - it takes about 5 minutes to upload full adrenaline), but finally it is fully loaded and we are ready to fight with Draug.
    After Draug appears just use heliotrope, roll behind Draug and hit him constantly.
    I have killed him before heliotrope sign disappear, so faster than 20 seconds :)
    Posted by Michal TM on 06 Feb 18 at 19:28
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  • HUN playmoreHUN playmore1,364,662
    19 Jul 2012 20 Jul 2012 13 Mar 2019
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    Minor spoilers alert although I don't think anyone starts playing on dark for the first time. Here is everything you need to know (EDIT: added a few edits and tips):
    STORY decisions: Go with Iorveth. His route is easier and you have 1 to 4 allies in every major fight beside you - meaning you can backstab enemies without a problem. There are plenty of opportunities to avoid fights in the story if you choose the peaceful option or go around: persuasion options, sneaking through the camp / caves, sparing Letho etc. Avoid these fights! Always save. You probably won't die much but you'll be glad you saved. EDIT: longer but safer if you do (almost) every side mission (you will need 8 grapeshot, 7 harpy traps and 80 harpy feathers if you don't want to backtrack). The one I suggest to skip is the cursed medallion in Flotsam (just sell it to the witch) and don't try to give a false receipt to the whispering man in the harbor (his henchmen are too powerful early in game).

    Must have optional KNOWLEDGE: you'll get these free if you do the following. First is the Assassin ability (+25% dmg for backstab) for finding a dead Assassin's Creed assassin. After you reach the castle walls in the prologue Foltest tells you to help his men get to a tower and you need to climb down to a ballista. Before you climb back go as far as you can behind the ballista and you will find the body in a haystack.
    Second is +10% experience for slaying 10 training pole. Normally you can't get this early in the game but when you enter Flotsam for the first time and go straight you'll find a door leading to the forest (this will become unlocked after you saved your friends from execution). There are two RESPAWNING pole in here. Destroy them, go back to the town, then back to the poles. Repeat. (EDIT: there are 5 training poles in the prologue where the first arm wrestling and dice poker location is, if you don't slay these you won't get the ability using the respawn trick!!)
    Third is strong back. You can carry more loot (+50). You get this simply by persuading the La Valete prince to surrender when you get on the top of the tower (and you'll need to carry him to the secret escape route in the dungeon).

    TRADING: all you need is 10 cat potion (you can make them easily early) and one Mongoose potion for the Kraken. The only armor / weapons you need are the dark exclusive outfits (Blasphemer, Oathbreaker, Kinslayer). Kinslayer is not even needed, the hardest enemy, the dragon can be defeated (how to defeat it is in the combat section) with the Oathbreaker. The other enemies don't become stronger so except a few boss battles you'll fight the same enemies. You can find the diagrams for the outfits at the local blacksmiths. The most important is that you'll need to write down the crafting ingredient for the outfits and sell everything else!!! You don't need potions (except the two above), oils, bombs, daggers etc!! You can kill every enemy without them!! Don't forget you need to wear every piece of the outfits at once or you will die in seconds! The first outfit takes the longest to grind - I suggest buying a cheap silver plated sword in Flotsam then farming endregas in the woods (at the door with the training poles) and Nekkers in the cave where you need to find corpses to prove the elf woman is a spy (if you pick up everything in the prologue you will have 1500 or more orens, it's a good start).

    Normal enemies: cast the quen sign > jump into the battle behind an enemy > hit it with A (try to focus one enemy at a time) > roll after every 2 (later 3) hits. If you gotten hit roll away and cast quen again. This is the golden rule for every fight against normal enemies. EDIT: kill the weakest enemies first, if you decrease their number fast you'll rarely get hit and quen lvl2 or 3 paralyzes all of them.

    Bosses, big creatures (like queens): The combat is basically the above except use X, it deals at least 6 times more damage and big creatures always have a hard time to turn around. If an enemy has quen go as far away as possible and run / roll around until he loose it then attack! EDIT: if you fight with a boss always attack from behind!

    The Dragon: Always equip quen, don't do anything until you have it on you or you will die in one hit. If you need to wait for Vigor regeneration go as far from the dragon as possible. 90% chance she'll try to breathe fire on you but it's a slow attack so you'll get back your Vigor while she is getting ready. If you're protected (by quen) fire won't damage you and don't take away your quen! At the first phase (in the tower) roll to the left corner, she can't hit you there (EDIT: actually RARELY she can with fire). Then roll to her face hit it with X and roll back. Repeat. After you climb the top of the tower hit her face from either side with X once and roll forward (EDIT: sneak up on her on the outer rim, safer than charging her head on because only her head and claws do actually damage to you). Then turn around hit her face once with X and roll forward. Every time she try to hit you she will miss, if you do this constantly. If you get hit or need to reposition yourself then roll away, she'll either try to breath fire or try to sneak near you giving an opportunity to start the X roll, X roll again. Don't forget quen! This way you can kill her with the Oathbreaker without getting hit.

    SKILLS: Forget alchemy. On magic the only Sign you ever need is the Quen (protects you from hits and damages the enemy if you upgraded) on lvl 3 as fast as possible. Training: Vigor Regeneration, Hardiness, Fortitude. Swordsmanship: Start with Footwork LVL1 ( This is very important, lvl 2 to makes you roll too much!) then go straight to the end (Whirlwind) on this route. It's better to reach the last ability as fast as possible because you can put mutagens on your skills and you'll unlock the group finishers. A group finisher always kills 3 human (wizards too!!) or 1 monster enemy instantly. I suggest only use it if you can't solve the fight otherwise because there is at least one place (after black ops achievement) - and probably more based on your skills - in the game where it is impossible (at least for me) to get through without it. EDIT: If you don't know what skills to buy with leftover points: if something raises your damage with swords or resistance for damage by 5% or 15% it's definitely a must have.

    Dark mode is surprisingly easy if you played through the game once and used rolling to constantly backstab enemies and you don't even need potions, oils or changing signs!
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    There are a few other nice bonuses you can get:

    One called 'Sapper' - it gives you a 50% chance of avoiding damage dealt by traps and bombs. To get this simply interrupt Geralt (by using his medallion) five times while he is in the process of disarming a trap. This can be done in the prologue. Set a trap, then interrupt with Medallion.

    Also 'Cover' bonus - It gives you a 10% damage reduction. Stay under Triss' protective umbrella without exiting during the beginning of Chapter I, or sneak up on the first two guards in Loredo's compound while looking for the Kayran trap, and knock them out.

    Another handy one is the 'Haggling' bonus - You get a 20% price reductoin of all items in all shops. Convince the merchant to double the fee by using the Axii sign during 'The Kayran: A Matter of Price' quest in Chapter I. You get the ability after defeating the kayran and picking up payment from the merchant.

    And another called 'Resistance to magic' - Gives you a 20% bonus to your current magical reduction. Reject Triss in the Elven Bath and cast Aard to open the way out during The Rose of Remembrance' quest in Chapter I. (You'll miss the sexy scene however).
    Posted on 25 Jan 15 at 16:49
    psybOltOnGreat tips, +1 from me. I think you should include DEEVIUS's bonuses in your solution.

    edit: actually most of these are helpful:
    Posted by psybOltOn on 25 Sep 16 at 20:07
    HurballIt's possible to get the Experienced attribute in the Prologue. I destroyed the five training dummies, then saved to play poker dice. Reloaded cus I lost some money, and the dummies had respawned! Destroyed them again, and ability unlocked!
    Posted by Hurball on 12 Feb 17 at 13:48
  • CeeresnevCeeresnev50,824
    17 May 2012 17 May 2012
    10 3 5
    I second everything CourseOfAction wrote, but the most important thing I believe is getting the Dark Outfits in each chapter.

    Yes, they are expensive (The last one comes total for 7 000 Orens!), and you have to wear all of its parts:

    (body armor, gloves, trousers, boots, silver sword, iron sword),

    but then the complete set will grant you some sort of vampire ability (You do damage - you gain health) and it has the highest stats you can get. For example the last Dark swords have 60 damage. This helped me a lot, so if anything gives you a hard time, give it a shot.
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    CeeresnevNo, you have to wear the whole set, alongside with both weapons. Yeah, that black and white filter is kinda anoying. When I changed to some standart outfit after like 3 hours of having Dark outfit equipped, I was like, Whoa, this game cane be this vivid? xD
    Posted by Ceeresnev on 10 Aug 12 at 11:07
    Lil Miss CherryI would also recommend stocking up on studded/hardened leather in act 1 if you intend on choosing iorveths path as no one seems to sell it in act 2 so I've kind of screwed myself out of the second dark outfit.
    Posted by Lil Miss Cherry on 22 Oct 12 at 16:32
    Andrinho7xIn response to what Lil Miss Cherry stated, I'm currently playing chapter 2 on Iorveth's path and studded\hardened leather is sold by one of the merchants in the main square just past the main gate. If I recall correctly her name is Felicia Cori. She sells 3\4 hardened or studded leather. Buy what you need and then come back later. She will sell another 3\4 hardened or studded leather. I actually managed to build the dark armor in both chapter one and two.
    Posted by Andrinho7x on 05 Feb 15 at 10:07
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