Theatre Skilled achievement in The Pinball Arcade (Xbox 360)

Theatre Skilled

Complete the Standard Goals on Theatre of Magic®.

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How to unlock the Theatre Skilled achievement

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    To get this achievement, you'll need to complete the following five goals:

    * Enter the Haunted Basement: To enter the basement, you'll first have to light "Raise Trap Door" by shooting the targets immediately to the left and right of the center staircase four times. Once you do, you'll hear "The basement is full of wonders!" This is your cue to shoot the center staircase proper. When you do, the Basement hatch will pop up directly in front of the right staircase for a few seconds - when the ball comes down the staircase, it will be on the left flipper to give you a clean shot. If you miss, the door will shut. That said, it can be reopened by hitting the center staircase again without having to hit the side targets a second time until you enter the basement and collect a random prize.

    * Start Magic Multi-Ball: There are a few ways to start multiball. The most direct is to shoot either the center or right staircases four times in total to light the locks. Once the locks are lit, shoot the center loop to lock a ball. Lock two balls and the trunk will spin around to reveal its magnetic side - shoot the trunk to start multiball.

    Another way to light the locks is to shoot the center loop very softly so that the ball stops in the middle of the loop. There's a hole in the back behind the trunk, so the ball will fall in ("Oh noooooooo!") and give you a Secret Ball Lock. From here, just lock one more ball, then shoot the trunk like before to get Multiball.

    Finally, Multiball is sometimes given as a random award when going into the Haunted Basement.

    Make a ball Vanish: You'll need to shoot the captive ball three times to activate the Vanish lock. Once the lock is activated, shoot the left orbit to lock the ball in the Vanish lock and collect the Vanish award.

    * Spell T-H-E-A-T-R-E: To do this, shoot the left orbit to collect letters. You'll need to shoot the left orbit seven times in one game to accomplish this (the letters you collect carry over from ball to ball. This will also start a hurry-up mode, but you don't need to collect the points to complete this task.)

    * Earn an Extra Ball: There are several ways to collect an Extra Ball:
    - Earn 600 million points. This will award you an Extra Ball.
    - Advance the clock to 6 PM to light Extra Ball, then shoot the left orbit to collect it. (The clock starts at 12 noon, so you'll need to advance it by six hours. To advance the clock, shoot the right orbit to advance it by one hour each shot, or select "Advance Clock" as your skill shot and shoot the trunk to advance the clock by two hours. As well, when you're given another ball after locking one in the trunk or Vanish lock, you have a chance to shoot the captive ball for a skill shot and advance the clock by one hour.)
    - Enter the Haunted Basement and get the "Digital Pinball" award. If you knock down all six targets before time runs out, you'll get an extra ball.
    - Enter the Haunted Basement and get the "Light Extra Ball" award. Once you exit the basement, shoot the left orbit to collect the Extra Ball.
    - Enter the Haunted Basement and get the "Midnight" award. This will light Extra Ball as well (provided the clock is not already past 6 PM), so shoot the left orbit to collect it.

    Be sure to select each of the entries in the "Standard Goals" page for more information about what to do and where to shoot, as the information will also reveal where on the table you'll need to get the ball to get things.
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