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Double Dose

Snipe 2 people with one shot

Double Dose0
04 April 2019 - 6 guides

Achievement Guide for Double Dose

  • SSCPSSCP796,154
    04 May 2012 04 May 2012 05 May 2012
    32 1 0
    This is the first of the achievement guides i am making for this wonderful game. This is on the 2nd level ( Schoneberg Convoy ) pretty much right at the start. Hope it helps, comment, like and subscribe for more great videos!
    04 May 2012 04 May 2012 04 May 2012
    12 0 0
    There are several places to get this throughout the game but the easiest to get it in is the first real mission after the tutorial: Schöneberg streets. I made a video guide so I hope it helps.
  • ConverseConverse7,536
    01 May 2012
    13 2 0
    This can be unlocked on the first mission named "Schoneberg Streets". Right at the start of the mission there will be a guy who you will have to silently kill, followed by two enemies behind the truck. Silent kill the first guy then get behind the truck and wait till the enemies come in align with each other.
  • Marzipan NinjaMarzipan Ninja604,305
    02 May 2012 02 May 2012 03 May 2012
    10 0 0
    In the Kaiser Freidrich Museum level where you first encounter the Russians you'll get to a bit where you get a Mosin Nagant rifle head downstairs go outside look to your right. There is a Russian officer inspecting his troops he walks along the line. Just line up your shot and fire as he passes on of his troops and you'll headshot both the officer and the soldier.
  • Dr Danny GloverDr Danny Glover237,976
    07 May 2012 19 May 2012
    11 1 0
    A quick easy way of how to get the Double Dose achievement on the first 'real' mission (the one after the prologue).
    Check out my other videos and other guides for Sniper Elite V2!
  • z 4assed monkeyz 4assed monkey281,398
    26 Feb 2015 05 Mar 2015 23 Jul 2017
    5 2 2

    This game offers plentiful opportunities for 2-for-1 bullet penetration kills. You will keep getting them long after you pop this achievement, sometimes even by accident. That said, this is achievable during the Prologue, and it's an easy setup.

    After you crawl through the hole in the wall to avoid the tank, you get a checkpoint while prone, and you have to make your way across the street. There are five enemies here: one in the corner to your immediate right, one in the corner to your left, two talking to each other on the far side near the doorway you must enter, and the fifth is pacing back and forth between the first guy and the two talkers.

    Make your way to the doorway (I stealth-killed the guy in the lower-left corner before crossing the street, even though he's almost blind). Position yourself crouched in the doorway, so you're behind the two talking guys. The pacing guy comes into perfect alignment with the talker on the right (he actually aligns with each, but it's easier with the one on the right). When crouched, this 2-for-1 is actually headshot-to-headshot.

    If you pop this achievement before unlocking
    Sniper Elite V2Trainee SniperThe Trainee Sniper achievement in Sniper Elite V2 worth 21 pointsEscape the German assault
    then everyone will think you are, like, totally cool.
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