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Make Every Bullet Count

Complete a level with 100% accuracy, using only rifles

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  • Zasta 360GameTVZasta 360GameTV138,551
    12 May 2012 05 May 2012
    152 2 12

    This Achievement is easy, after you finish the Game / Prolog you can deactived the Tutorial Option in the Menu.

    Deactived this and Load the Prolog again, follow the Video and you earn this Achievement in under 3 Minutes.

    The Video shows the Achievement "Hide and Hope" too. Its the same Location and way.

    If you have a Question, ask me


    PS: Sry 4 english, i´m german.
  • StressyGit XxStressyGit Xx140,375
    05 May 2012 05 May 2012
    21 1 8
    LEVEL: Prologue, Difficultly: CADET

    This achievement is very easy. Kill the long range guy easily, 2 guys in courtyard...headshots, evade the tank, shoot the trucks fuel supply (BOOM).

    After destroying the truck move back a little and half scope in (lightly hold the left trigger) and you'll notice that you can shoot with crosshairs. Kill the remaining guys that come for you in chest area with the left trigger lightly pressed (It's allot easier to aim), after this area appears clear, run up the stairs and to next area.

    Couple of snipers here which make their heads very easy targets (as they don't move). Wait for guys in the last area to be either stood still or hidden badly behind those concrete lumps to the left.


  • BIG P3TEBIG P3TE198,748 198,748 GamerScore
    12 May 2012 13 May 2012
    12 1 0
    Make Every Bullet Count
    Complete a level with 100% accuracy, using only rifles
    An easy achievement to miss, but also an easy one to unlock once you've completed the game on your chosen difficulty, To gain this ahievement select Prolog and cadet difficulty.

    On Prolog after the cutscene kill the main target, then turn around and make your way to the courtyard, you can either shoot both from up top where there is cover, or you can jump down and shoot them, once you've taken these two guys out make your way to the corner and crawl through the hole in the wall, make your way to the front of the building and take cover in the doorway, move the camera angle so that you can see the guard on the gate, once he's turned around and started to walk back the other way (away from you) walk very slowly towards the back of the damaged vehicle, and then cross the street giving the guys chatting in the street a wide birth, once you make it upstairs you'll see a guard come out of a room on the left, shoot him with your sniper rifle and then make a run to the back room, as soon as you reach the back room you will have to make a choice, either take cover and fight (and make sure you kill all enemies with your sniper rifle), or jump over the wall straight away (as in the vid) and you'll get a cutscene start, soon after you'll get the acheivement / trophy unlock
  • The Bear NerdThe Bear Nerd166,045
    02 May 2012 02 May 2012
    9 4 5
    Extremely easy achievement to get. Can be done on any level. Just set the difficulty to casual so there is no bullet drop or anything and make sure you do not pull the trigger unless they are standing still and in the open. If you do happen to mess up all you have to do is reload your checkpoint and try again. You can check and make sure your accuracy is still at 100% anytime mid level by killing yourself and the percentage will be in the bottom right when it is loading the checkpoint. Hope this helps.
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