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Sniper Elite

Complete all missions on highest difficulty

Sniper Elite+0.1
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  • HonoraryDecoyHonoraryDecoy173,145
    29 May 2013 29 May 2013 04 Jun 2013
    218 20 72
    There is a way to beat a mission on Sniper Elite difficulty while only having to play the mission on Cadet and the last checkpoint as Sniper Elite.

    1. Beat a mission on Cadet difficulty.
    2. Continue to next mission, then immediately Exit to Main Menu
    3. Go to Mission Select and pick the same mission you just beat but select Sniper Elite difficulty.
    4. Quit to Main Menu after the mission loads.
    5. Quit to dashboard (guide button then hit Y) or turn off the Xbox 360.
    6. Restart game and hit continue option in Menu.
    7. The mission will load from the last checkpoint on Sniper Elite difficulty. Beat the rest of the mission and get credit for the entire mission on Sniper Elite.

    Note: The last checkpoint you load will become Sniper Elite difficulty, so you need to account for bullet drop, wind and you take less damage. But since the last checkpoint is usually close to the end it is fairly easy to beat the end of the mission.
  • Rasta 360GameTVRasta 360GameTV384,270
    13 May 2012 14 May 2012
    72 5 10

    Here is my complete Video Walkthrough for the Sniper Elite Difficulty.

    I think its for all Mission the fastest and easiest Way to beat this Difficulty

    I link the Playlist to my Channel, not all Videos here because it to much "Videospam" in one Solution.


    Question? Ask me in the Comments


    PS: Sorry for my English, i´m German :)
  • Ninja HorseeNinja Horsee494,606
    06 May 2012 07 May 2012 16 Mar 2013
    39 3 26
    Has to be done in Single player alone.

    You can skip any mission and then jump over to another one. Doesn't have to be done in order. Just complete all of them and the achievement is yours.

    A few tips

    Make sure to exploit the cover system when in close combat.
    You can also shoot enemies from cover, while in third person mode, if you slightly hold the Left Trigger, you can aim whilst you are in third person mode, make sure to use this in cover, and if you are out of ammo for your SMG and pistol. Be careful while doing this, make sure you're rifle is fully loaded and aim for the head, insuring you the kill!

    The PP-SH is best when prone and in burst.
    The Welrod can be your best friend if you use it properly, always aim for the head.

    Always shoot the snipers first. If there is something covering the sound of your shots. Wait it to come and then shoot. Always aim for the head regardless of the weapon you're using

    I'd recommend using the Gewehr 43 for all missions, it works well for close combat when you're out of ammo on the PP-SH.

    I'd recommend the Colt M1911 for the missions that's not an infiltration mission.

    Stack up on trip mines and land mines. You don't need grenades. The mines are more efficient if you want to stay at your position. It will hold them back for a while.

    Use cover, go slow. Take em' out on at a time, and shoot the snipers first and this should be a walk in the park for you!

    Using any of type of equipment does not disable the achievement. You can use any tools the game gives you.

    Spotting enemies with your binoculars is disabled. But does not disable your achievement.

    Hope this was help full!
  • Demon Slayer050Demon Slayer050468,435
    04 Mar 2015 05 Mar 2015
    36 3 4
    This is a short-cut guide based off HonoraryDecoy's solution with a easier to follow format and a video showing each step for those visual learners, like myself, who were having trouble figuring it out. So, kudos to HonoraryDecoy for initially figuring this method out!

    Using this guide you will need to play through each of the 11 levels on Cadet difficulty and repeating only the last checkpoint for each level on Sniper Elite difficulty. Having that said, it is possible to do this on your first playthrough. And, all of the levels are incredibly easy from the last c.p. except for one (Kaiser-Friedrich Museum). The rest of the levels you may have to shoot a couple of people or just take cover and run to the end zone.

    Here's the link for the video step by step guide:

    1) From the main menu, select "single player" "mission select" "level ???" "cadet".

    2) Play through the whole level till you reach the final c.p.. Then press "select" & "exit game" . ***Note: if you completed the level, just wait till you get the completed stats screen and press "exit game" (do not press continue). You should now be back at the main menu.

    3) Select "mission select" "same level" "sniper elite". After the mission starts: press "select button" & "exit game". You are now back at the main menu.

    4) Select "single player" & "continue game". Immediately (before the objective screen has time to load) Press the "Xbox button" & "Y" to dashboard out. You are now at the Xbox home screen.

    5) Reload the game, select "single player" & "continue game". On the left hand side of the screen you should notice the level & sniper elite difficulty. When the game starts after the objective screen, you will start at the final c.p. for that level. clap

    6) Rinse & repeat the process for the next level.
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