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Difficulties Mastered

Win a game with all Civilizations

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How to unlock the Difficulties Mastered achievement

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    For winning as each civilization, you can use the following strategy that I found since it is probably the quickest method (takes about 10-20 minutes for each civilization).

    First choose the Art of War scenario on Chieftain difficulty (the easiest one). In Art of War, you start with all available units. After selecting this scenario choose which civilization you want to play as. Your ultimate goal in this scenario is to be the first civilization to take over and be in control of 4 enemy capitals.

    Upon starting, you will be a settler unit which looks like a wagon. Your first plan of action should be finding a good spot to build your town. Try to find an area that has a good balance of the three symbols that appear. However you can try getting more of the hammer symbols if you want faster production but I will get into that next.

    Once your town is built, press the shield icon on any and all units. This is just so the game doesn't prompt you to go thru each unit and then end turn which takes alot longer. As you look at your town, you will notice a blue bar filling up turn by turn. Basically when it fills all the way up, a unit such as a tank will be produced on the same square as your town. To do this, click on your town and then click.on the upper left icon which brings up a list which of the units you can produce. Select tank (keep in mind the name may change for different civilizations but it's always in the same spot on list). Remember once the blue bar fills, the tank will be ready.

    Now that you have your first tank, don't get too excited because we will soon be making a tank army! A tank army is when three tank units occupy the same square on the map and can be combined together into an army. Therefore, your next step is to simply keep skipping turns until you have three tanks on the same spot. You can click on it and see the tanks individually on the left sidebar. You will notice a new icon on right. Click it to merge the three tanks and create a tank army.

    Once you have your tank army, this one unit will be sufficient to take over all towns. Start moving your tank around looking for colorized portions of the map. These indicate an enemy capital. Once in that section, move adjacent to the town. Click on it and you will be given option to attack. Keep in mind you may need to battle more than one group of enemies for the town but the tank army can easily handle it. Keep doing this for all 4 enemy capitals and victory should be yours. However, sometimes the town is on an island so you will obviously need some form of water transportation to get there...

    I recommend the cruiser unit. Switch your towns production to this after making your tank army. Move your tank army onto the cruiser ship. Then move the ship next to the island and move your tank onto the island. Once your tank is back on land, you know the drill.

    That is pretty much the premise - Obliterate everything with your tank army. That is why this Art of War scenario is the ideal one for winning games quickly since in other scenarios you can't access the tank until late in the game.

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    XtowersThis is a fine solution. Straight forward. Easy. Fast.
    Posted by Xtowers On 17 Feb 14 at 21:09
    GuidalityI figure since I down voted, I owe an explanation. I prefer lightning round to this since they really do take about the same amount of time with the exception that art of war requires you to be actively paying attention more so than the other method does. I liked being able to watch videos or play other games on my console while doing the lightning round method. I believe that to be more efficient
    Posted by Guidality On 29 Aug 15 at 19:24
    Strategy OneEach civilization is taking 10-15 minutes which I am doing on my work breaks/lunch. Thanks K4rn4ge. As to the above comment, this way is better because this one is more luck based and can be accomplished even under 10 minutes depending where the enemy locations are, the other method can't be faster really and looks more complicated/tedious.
    Posted by Strategy One On 27 Jun 17 at 14:15
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  • Vr EnglishVr English796,491
    20 Feb 2013 20 Feb 2013
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    All credit goes to thirtysmooth the owner of the walkthrough, but in case you missed it, I've posted it below. This is by far the least button press intensive and quickest way of doing it with every leader.

    Instead of selecting ‘Random Map’ from the Game Mode menu, select ‘Play a Scenario’, then ‘Lightning Round’. In this mode you have to be the first to research the ‘Atomic Theory’ technology before anyone else, and it starts the game in the Medieval era. After selecting your civilization and difficulty (Chieftain of course), you’ll enter the game with three cities already built.

    I would suggest building three defensive units, and forming an army, in each of the cities so as to protect yourself from any incoming attacks. Once this is done, go into each city’s Control Screen and press on the ‘City Focus’ icon (bottom right of the screen, the icon depicts an apple, gold bullions, blue beaker and a hammer). Once there, press on the blue beaker at the bottom. This will set the city’s focus to produce science. The reason you want to do this is because it will aid in the speed in which you research technologies.

    After setting up each city’s focus, you’ll want to add extra firepower to your researching abilities. Building Libraries and Universities add science benefits to each city, so after researching the relevant technologies, focus on building these.

    You’ll no doubt attract the interest of neighbouring civilizations who will want all of your cities and, more importantly, your beloved research. They will be relentless in their attacks on your cities, but for the most-part they will only attack you with weak units which your defensive armies will easily be able to withstand. Don’t worry about building offensive military units, unless you feel especially threatened by any of the incoming attacks.

    Now, you’re probably wondering which is the quickest research route to take when aiming for ‘Atmoic Theory’. You could make your brain hurt and work it out for yourself using the information in the ‘Hints and Tips’ section of this walkthrough, or you could use the following list (thanks to Musquito for the help with this list):

    Iron Working**
    Code of Laws
    Steam Power
    Atomic Theory

    * only the Mongols and the Americans require this technology.
    ** only the French and the Russians require this technology.

    Once you have researched Democracy, change your government to this as it will add +50% to science which will increase your speed in researching technologies.

    It should now be a case of repelling any attacks made by the other civilizations and racing to be the first to research Atomic Theory. Once you have, depending on which civilization you chose to play as, you’ll earn the below achievements. Using this method takes between 15-30 minutes, depending on how vicious the other civilizations are towards you.
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    yossarianoAll you do is select new research basically and hit "end of turn". The other civs rarely interfere at all. Compared to the art of war solution this is childs play.
    Posted by yossariano On 29 May 14 at 09:39
    Soldier 4 I AMI played 2 games now using this method and came in 3rd each time. I followed the guide to the letter and still did not get the win
    Posted by Soldier 4 I AM On 14 Mar 15 at 16:25
    GuidalityI prefer this over art of war as well since it takes about the same amount of time depending on the civilization and you can do whatever you want on the side since this doesn't require your undivided attention
    Posted by Guidality On 29 Aug 15 at 19:21
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