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Find ALL collectibles.

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How to unlock the Sum total achievement

  • Gamer186Gamer186155,026
    25 Apr 2012 25 Apr 2012 11 May 2012
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    The glitch sign is on this achievement and the Hexahedronaut achievement as there is a little glitch that might give you 33 anti cubes making it impossible to unlock. To avoid that simply collect all 32 golden cubes before you have 32 anti cubes in your inventory.

    If the game says all collectibles you basically need to find these:
    -) all 9 treasure maps
    -) all 4 artifacts
    -) all 32 golden cubes
    -) all 32 anti cubes

    the red cubes do NOT count towards this achievement and are marked with a star *
    also clearing every room on 100% does NOT count (you will need to do majority of them though)

    Also this guide is written from the notes i took when i played through the game and ill try to explain as good as possible where to find every cube and what you need to do for them. However I want to warn you: they are not in order. Also i hope i didn't forget any of the anti cubes but if i should please tell me so i can edit. In my opinion a guide with some hints is better than none so i hope i can make myself clear if i try to explain anything. Really hopes this will help out.

    To come to the actual guide:

    Artifacts (4)

    For the artifacts i recommend you check out the other guides here on TA or you follow this link:
    no credit for these videos goes to me they will just help you to find all of them

    Treasure maps (9)

    Treasure maps can be found in chests scattered all over the map. To be honest i did'nt pay attention to which boxes contained keys which ones contained anti cubes and which ones contained treasure maps so you want to just check out every room for treasure maps (something you will need to do anyways to find all the cube parts). One of the maps is burnt and this is the only part of it just in case you should wonder so its actually 8 1/2 maps.

    Golden Cubes (32)

    I won't write down the location of the golden cubes. They are scattered around the whole world sometimes in pieces sometimes as a whole so describing them would be too hard. I recommend you just play through the game normally and then check out your map by pressing back. Any room that has not been completed yet will NOT be gold so theres more to grab for you. Golden cubes and fragments you still miss are always highlighted by icons so you want to look for these to find out where you still need to search.

    Anti cubes (32)

    This is the part most people might be interested in as they are the hardest to find. Any room with an anti cube you haven't found yet will be highlighted with an question mark icon next to it. Also sometimes there is more than one riddle that needs to be solved in a room so always check your map if the question mark is gone or the room is golden because then you are done and can carry on.

    The following part is now a location of all the anti cubes i wrote down while playing through the game i hope its all of them. if any is missing please leave me a comment so i can edit ;)

    Anti cubes

    1.) achievement unlocked (just type in the achievemnt unlocked desciption)
    2.) picture room home village (where you can find a quest with a key): rt rt lt rt lt lt lt rt
    3.) graveyard room with huge skull and several little ones: turn all skulls in one direction
    4.) forest wooden house: right rt left lt left up down a
    5.) area after wood with mushroom jumps: lt a rt up down lt rt a
    6.) room wih pink blocks and 10 different marks signs on the wall: xxx
    xxx (this is the way you need to arrange them, upper line is on this podest like thing the rest in the row under it)
    7) throne room: rt rt lt rt rt rt lt lt rt lt lt lt rt lt rt lt
    8) clocktower (need to wait in real life time): red
    9) clocktower (need to wait in real life time): blue
    10) clocktower (need to wait in real life time): green
    11) clocktower (need to wait in real life time): white
    12) stone statue: up a rt lt a down lt rt
    13) the observitory: lt lt rt lt rt lt rt lt lt lt rt lt lt rt rt lt *
    14) the observitory: rt a a right right rt left rt (2x)
    15) anti cube in a box (no idea where that was)
    16) room with cube: put all 4 in right place
    17) belltower: ring the bell from the right side first 1, 3, 6, 10 times (decipher signs in link for correct order)
    18) anti cube in box with treasure map
    19) rumble riddle behind waterfall (push rt or lt depending on which side of your controller rumbles)
    20) level behind waterfall top
    21) endless room next to waterfall area: right lt right art down a up
    22) waterfall once water is gone: metatron
    23) under lighthouse once water is gone: lt rt rt lt lt lt rt rt rt rt
    24) lava room: lt lt rt lt lt rt rt rt
    25) sewer key room:lt lt lt rt lt rt lt rt
    26) classroom (door that requires 8 cubes to open): up left rt a lt right a down
    27) boiler room home village: up rt left a right lt down rt
    28) City with 16 cubes: rt rt rt lt rt rt rt lt
    29) weird all block room under belltower
    30) on top of the owl statue after collectin all 4 owls (can only be found at night)
    31) lighthouse: up lt rt up lt up rt up
    32) next to belltower: correct places for cubes
    33) room to second warp area (observitory): left left down down right right up up

    Like said i hope this is all of them but im not sure as i might have forgotten to take notes of all of them and once they are gone there is no way of checking out where you found them. Still it should contain majority and will give you a great idea on how to solve them i guess :)

    Also here is a link for deciphering the riddles on your own if you should want to:
    credit doesn't go to me only to the user who uploaded those codes to decipher

    location of the 4 owls that are needed to solve the stone owl riddle
    owls: windmill area, woods next to the house, tower next to the observitory with three eyes on it, waterfalls

    you will also need to make the water sink to enter some rooms to do that simply put in the following button combination in the waterfall area and then enter the room once the waterfall opened to make the water sink
    code to open the waterfall: left lt right rb up a down rt rt

    another great page if you should have trouble with some riddles:
    again no credit for this pages' walkthrough goes to me it belongs all to the owner

    i really hope this is helpful and if you should find any cube i forgot to mention please let me know and ill edit :) wish you all luck guys this achievement was actually great fun to acquire as FEZ is a awesome game
    toast Gamer186

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    Solario32For golden cubes, if you are stuck at 31 and 7/8ths, that last piece is the most likely the room beyond the owl.
    Posted by Solario32 on 09 Oct 15 at 12:41
    EarthboundXSo was the glitch patched?
    Posted by EarthboundX on 06 Aug 16 at 09:38
    TervissimoFYI, for anyone using the link this guide has to the full text walkthrough, the walkthrough states that the white clock takes 2 days for a full revolution when in fact it is 7 days.
    Posted by Tervissimo on 23 Jun 19 at 19:46
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  • G3T jiMMi3DG3T jiMMi3D381,007
    07 May 2014 06 Feb 2015
    8 3 4
    I personally followed this guide step by step. It so far has been extremely helpful. Not my personal work all the credit goes to the creator.

    Rowdawg88: Great guide! FYI, the counter gets kind of messed up in the video called part 7. I think it all works out, but it caught me off guard at first
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    Davis 888I agree. The other guides I have found jump around to much and are just far to confusing. This guide is perfect for anything you might have missed or are stuck with! Well laid out and good job finding it! Thumbs up from me.
    Posted by Davis 888 on 18 Nov 14 at 20:55
    Rowdawg88Great guide! FYI, the counter gets kind of messed up in the video called part 7. I think it all works out, but it caught me off guard at first
    Posted by Rowdawg88 on 06 Feb 15 at 04:58
    G3T jiMMi3DIl add it to the solution to ensure people look out for it thanks.
    Posted by G3T jiMMi3D on 05 Jun 18 at 11:45
  • ZyGouNeTteZyGouNeTte300,498
    30 Jun 2012 08 Jul 2012 09 Jul 2012
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    You must find :
    - 9 treasure maps
    - 4 artifacts
    - 32 golden cubes
    - 32 anti cubes
    For Anti cubes there is some puzzles to solve.
    Like find the 4 owls (1x anti cube), solve the clock puzzle (4x anti cubes), solve the bell puzzle (1x anti cube).
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