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World champ

Become Champ by placing in the top 250 players in any of the "Top Player" leaderboards.

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How to unlock the World champ achievement

  • litepinklitepink300,832
    28 Apr 2013 24 Apr 2013 28 Apr 2013
    58 2 81
    The Wordament leaderboards are changing; they are about to become a lot easier. There was once only 2 leaderboards, but now there’s 13 encompassing daily/weekly/yearly, and the previous all-time boards.

    The developer has now clarified that you need a minimum of 100 games played and 10K score to qualify. Speculation was that to qualify for daily leaderboards, one needs the 10K score in one day. I had only 8300 in a day so perhaps it's weekly or yearly (I played a bit earlier this week).

    Here are the 13 leaderboards and the requirements to get on each one. Playing at the beginning of the week/month/year will greatly increase your chances if you can’t make it in the Top 250 on a Daily leaderboard. You can start scoring now in anticipation for the new achievement qualifications to go live on Friday, April 26th. The devs have stated though that they will not start to unlock until then though, so don’t expect it to pop until then. I highly suggest the Arabic language which I’ll explain further below.

    Total score (today)
    No minimum game requirement, total score is for the previous 24 hours. Leaderboards don’t ‘reset’ at the end of the day or anything.

    Total score (this week)
    New week starts between 12AM-3AM Monday morning. This depends on the language’s country. i.e- French language resets at 12-3am in France. After the new week has begun, 24 hours must pass, and you must have played at least 20 games

    Total score (this month)
    New month starts on the first of each month. 24 hours must pass and you must play at least 20 games

    Total score (this year)
    Competition year three began April 22nd, 2013, and year four will actually begin January 1st, 2014. 50 games are required for this one, and for year three, it won’t start unlocking until April 26th.

    Average score (this week)
    Same rules as Total score, except high scoring games have more weight.

    Average score (this month)
    Same rules as Total score, except high scoring games have more weight.

    Average score (this year)
    Same rules as Total score, except high scoring games have more weight.

    High score (this month)
    This appears to have no minimum for the # of games played. You could potentially play one game and get the achievement.

    High score (this year)
    This appears to have no minimum for the # of games played. You could potentially play one game and get the achievement.

    Most words (this month)
    This appears to have no minimum for the # of games played. You could potentially play one game and get the achievement.

    Most words (this year)
    This appears to have no minimum for the # of games played. You could potentially play one game and get the achievement.

    -Then there’s the two all-time leaderboards for total score and average score. Presumably you’ll have reached the Top 250 in one of the other categories before you have to resort to these.

    If you have more questions, leave a comment here and I or someone will answer/clarify, or check out the official post by the Wordament team here: . I used this as reference as well as my playing time and studying the leaderboards for the game.

    As mentioned, the easiest way to get this achievement is by using the Arabic language, whether you speak it or not. At any given time there are 2-12 people playing, and with this achievement made easier I’m guessing it could be less in the future, because before when I was going for the all-time leaderboards half the people I recognized as achievement hunters. What I do is guess three character words (or two if it’s a Digram puzzle). Swipe left to right, right to left, diagonal, L-shapes, etc.. I know absolutely nothing about the Arabic language, but one thing I noticed is that lot of words contain the “J” looking characters, so something to keep in mind after you felt you’ve guessed every other three letter words.

    With all these categories though, I could foresee only needing to play a few games to qualify for one of them (after the 100 games/10K). Exiting and reopening the game should help unlock the achievement should you feel you qualified. Scores update every hour too so you may have pending points.

    tl;dr summary: Play Arabic in hopes of getting Top 250 for the daily boards. Best to attempt to get 100 games played/10K in a single day, even though I only had 8K. Perhaps the requirements will be clearer in time.

    If you absolutely don’t want to play Arabic, I’d suggest playing at or near the beginning of the time cycles, and playing often.

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    HyruleBalverineI keep seeing that you need 100 games played; is this 100 in the time period of the leaderbord (like the 10k points) or is it just 100+ games total for that language?
    Posted by HyruleBalverine on 08 Jan 18 at 01:32
    Q u 4 lK eHuge difference in Norsk versus Arabic. Thanks for the tip!
    Posted by Q u 4 lK e on 22 Mar 18 at 16:22
    SlightlyEroticOk. So I have just over 10,000 in score for the week. With 102 games played. When does the achievement pop? Also. Do you have to play a further 20 games as the guide is s little conflicting for the criteria above. Thanks guys.
    Posted by SlightlyErotic on 31 Oct 19 at 08:07
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  • frenchdawgfrenchdawg1,045,054
    06 May 2012 30 Apr 2012 01 Jun 2012
    35 8 38
    This achievement is now LIVE! There are however several more requirements to being a "world champ" according to the wordament team than just being in the top 250. For the overall score leader board, you must gain 250k points in order to be able to get the achievement. The top 250 for the english leader board is already at around this score, however only 7 people have this on the spanish leader board, and no one has this on the dutch leader board. So this is the long way to get the achievement. Scoring at 500 points per game (ppg), it will take 25 hours, double that to 50 hours for 250 ppg. My average for english was around 500 ppg so it took me roughly 25 hours to get my achievement, however I am much worse at spanish/dutch so my average there drops and therefore scoring potential drops. I would assume this is the case for most people as the alternate language rounds are generally low scoring. So if you want to do this in another language it will probably take much longer than english.

    EDIT: There are now even more languages so it seems that if you want to go for the alternate languages you have more chances now, especially if you can actually speak one of these alternate languages. The total list other than english now stands at spanish, dutch, swedish and german. I have also seen that french and perhaps another language may be added soon so again, the opportunities to boost this on alternate languages have not run out yet.

    EDIT: I went back to look at the english leader board and the top 250 is up around 580k as of 27/05/2012... seems like a lot of people play this game for "fun" instead of achievements (weird right?) so english cumulative is looking pretty unobtainable unless you're willing to put in a LOT of time. Not too bad if you do enjoy the game but still quite a long haul, and it will only keep rising.

    The second option is the averages leader board. Now prior to the unlock I was sceptical as to whether there had to be some kind of limit to the averages score board, as it seemed quite unfair someone who played 1 game with a huge score gets the achievement whereas someone with more games has to consistently get that score to remain in the running. The wordament team rectified this situation by putting these requirements for gaining access to the averages leader board: you must have played 100 games and score 85k points. This makes it a much longer process to obtain as to reach 85k points in 100 games you need an average of 850 ppg, so I would think for alternate languages this could take up to 200-300 games with much lower averages (63 games in spanish and only 16.5k points for me...). The averages for spanish and dutch are fairly low (the top 50 for both is around 315-320 ppg), and nowhere near as many people play these so there may not even be 250 people on these leader boards yet, meaning if you make it to the requirements now you will most likely get the achievement. It will still be a long slug of 5-15 hours depending on your skill level to reach the requirements but should be rewarding to pop that achievement when you get there. The averages leader board for english is much tougher, since many people have met the requirement for access to the leader board. From what I can tell the average required for english is about 620 ppg. I can score this on good rounds and when I'm really focussed, but it is hard to consistently sit at this average score, especially for 5+ hours play time total. Therefore unless you are naturally very good at this game and find this easy, I would recommend either an alternate language average or the english cumulative.

    EDIT: Swedish and German leader boards are now new options for getting in the top 250 averages. French may be added soon also.

    This achievement shouldn't be too difficult to get if you enjoy the game like I do, especially as you start to get better the more you play. Aim for bigger scores during the digram/theme rounds if you can. Also to keep a stable scoring rate it is sometimes better to go for more words than high scoring words. The top players seem to be able to hit 90-100 words a round! My max is about 60 but the key is to take advantage of common prefixes & suffixes. i.e. re-, de-, in-, etc. and -s, -es, -ed, -ing, -er, -ier, -ion, etc. Obviously the longer the prefix/suffix the better as you can rack up very fast points with only a few combinations but it can also reduce your speed trying to find the bigger words, so really just use a strategy that seems to get you the most average points. Also look at the solutions on other achievements for tips on scoring good points.

    My final word is about solvers. The wordament crew has put the word out that they are actively looking for people using solvers, and the 100 game minimum for this achievement is designed so that someone can't solve their way to a couple of huge scores and get a massive average. You're going to need at least 100 games of solving without getting caught. If you want to take this risk I'm not here to stop you, but just remember if you get caught and banned before you get the achievement, it would then be unobtainable for you, and your time wasted anyway, so up to you if you want to take the risk.

    This is my first solution so constructive criticism if you're going to vote negative please :)

    EDIT: Don't be freaked out if the achievement doesn't pop the second you click over the 85/250k mark.. it has been reported (thanks izret102) that it can take a couple more games to make it there. Also I unlocked this when I opened up the game, so it seems that it can take the leader board a few minutes to follow through to your achievement list, just fiddle around in the menus and it should pop at the right time!
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    flip407I have just got this in Arabic. No idea about the language...i just looked for patterns.

    the average leaderboards only have 67 qualified for this achievement, with ZERO qualified on the total scoreboard so it seems the place to play.
    Posted by flip407 on 13 Jan 13 at 13:26
    Chicago AJJust got this in Arabic on the All Time Average leaderboard. Unlocked exactly when I hit 85,000 points and I quit and opened the game again. My final average for the leaderboard ended up being 185.6 points per round at rank 146.

    Have no idea about the language but I was terrible when I started. After getting about 40,000 points I was probably averaging close to 300 points a round.
    Posted by Chicago AJ on 06 Feb 13 at 08:46
    JakeythedudeDo you know if this crosses over? Say I get it on WP then play the Windows 8 version, will it pop when I start?
    Posted by Jakeythedude on 24 Feb 13 at 03:34
  • mancidemancide302,121
    16 Nov 2012 16 Nov 2012
    23 2 7
    As of 11-16-12 there are still over 240 spots left on the Average Leaderboard for the Arabic language.

    Since most of us probably do not speak this language, I'll give some tips on how I accomplished this. Start out by working patterns of 3-tile words. I worked across horizontally, going each direction. Then I worked vertically, again going each direction. Work the diagonals next, then start out doing small L shaped patterns around the board. Work these back and forth until you run out of time. If you get the "You're Guessing!" message, wait one second before resuming. You will eventually get the rhythm down to keep this message at bay.

    During the Digram rounds, focus on the specific tile. Working similar patterns that I outlined above. With about 45 seconds left, or whenever you feel you exhausted all of your pattern options due to the tile placement, start working the board as normal.

    I was able to routinely score 150-250 points in a regular round, and 250-450 points in a Digram round following these patterns. I had a high round of over 700 points, but didn't have too many of these high scores on my way.

    If you can average 150 points using this method, it will take about 29 hours of play to get you to the minimum 85,000 for the average leaderboard.

    Good luck!
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    Prince KeepoJust completed this also. I'd also add to look out for combinations that might easily tag on to the end of a word. I think an "o" and then an "l" was quite common - start with your three letter word from the above description, then again with the o and again with ol. There's a few combos to be had out there.

    Also scope out a couple of words that use high value characters during the end bit where it shows you the words you got. Remembering a few combos with a 10 point word is dead useful.

    I kind of miss playing in Arabic, it changed the game entirely to be playing it for combinations of shapes instead of letters.
    Posted by Prince Keepo on 25 Feb 13 at 11:46
    borstalI popped on to type up my solution then read this one which was the same smile

    I have a few additions which may help. Work through as Mancide suggests. Always use the same procedure as sometimes you end up going over the same way ie start with your three tile guesses horizontal left to right top to bottom then bottom to top right to left and the same for your vertical columns.

    When you are adept at working through the whole board this way start to search out other words by adapting your successful 3 tile words. So say you got a 3 tile word left to right, start to type the same first two letters then branch off horizontally or vertically. Further to this as you improve you can search out 4 tile words the same way. Nailed a 3 tile? then simply try for a 4th the same way.

    As Prince Keebo states above you will find certain letters that are good for ending words (l) was a good one for me.

    Eventually you will work the full board this way. Then I'd search for 3 tile diagonals (adapting and adding if I found any) and if I had time I work the board horizontally and vertically for 4 tile words.

    Using the methods listed here from the OP and the added comments you should be getting good averages which will take you easily in to the top 250 so its just a case of plugging away to pass the 85k score.

    Digrams offer the best score (dont forget they score with two tiles also! work your way around for twos then threes) and therfore the best averages. If you are getting close to 85k and your average is out only play digrams. As said easily between 200-400 score on these. If you start a game that isnt a digram just drop out or wait. The * next to your ranking on that games leaderboard looks like lit means your score isnt counted. It certainly looked like it had no impact on my average.

    As Prince Keebo mentioned, it is quite fun playing this even without knowing one word of Arabic so enjoy and you'll get this.
    Posted by borstal on 17 Apr 13 at 08:42
    borstalArgh I cant edit!

    "So say you got a 3 tile word left to right, start to type the same first two letters then branch off horizontally or vertically."

    Meant to add diagonally too wink
    Posted by borstal on 17 Apr 13 at 08:44
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