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Complete the Act 3

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How to unlock the Sargasso achievement

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    Umissable story achievement. This is the second longest act; longer than the second but shorter than the first.

    Here's a list of the chapters so you can get a feel for where you are:
    - Arrival at Channels
    - In the Floodgate
    - Crab Claws
    - Wreckage
    - Death from Above
    - Death from Below
    - Blood Under the Bridge

    The only points that may give you trouble are the crab bosses in Arrival at Channels and Crab Claws. These guys are pretty unbalanced and unfair, but also pretty stupid!

    What I did for Channels crab was hide in the open container very close to where you descend. Just pop out and put rounds into his legs whenever he stops shooting, then go back into the container to avoid grenades. Just repeat for like 20 minutes of boredom until he finally drops.

    For Claws crab, I just circled around a pillar (to the right from where you enter) and let him fill the pillar with lead, then I popped out and returned the favor when he was cooling down. Again, repeat for what feels like forever until he goes down.

    Don't need to mess with rocket launchers for either as that will probably just make it harder and more frustrating.
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    stretters87There is a chapter called Opening the Gate after In the Floodgate. I've just got to that point
    Posted by stretters87 on 01 May 12 at 22:36
    Ace Chewiethe grenades do a fair bit of damage and certainly make them go down faster, as does the rocket launcher. these guys take forever with bullets!
    Posted by Ace Chewie on 02 May 12 at 02:56
    DROGTURISTYes, but they also require actual effort and multiple attempts to kill with the rocket launcher, while using bullets is a very safe to get past them on your first attempt. This game isn't worth actually getting good at.
    Posted by DROGTURIST on 02 May 12 at 12:24
    Like stretters said, there's an additional level after In the Floodgate called Opening the Gate.
    Posted on 11 May 12 at 19:50
    DakotaThriceAs has already been mentioned Floodgate is followed by Opening The Gate and the first boss is actually on that level and Not Arrival. I haven't got to the second crab yet but rockets/grenades were a must for the first as I couldn't even get it down to half health before I had to leave the container and once I found ammo I had no chance to get back. Since you're using the container for cover it certainly isn't any harder or more frustrating.
    Posted by DakotaThrice on 29 Dec 12 at 23:51
    HaSSaN aSSaSinWhat i have found that works best for the first crab boss is to use the secondary fire on the stun gun, it works really well.
    Posted by HaSSaN aSSaSin on 01 Mar 13 at 22:32
    HaSSaN aSSaSinWorks really well for second crab boss fight as well.
    Posted by HaSSaN aSSaSin on 01 Mar 13 at 22:40
    JORAXHoly crap, Hassan is right. The secondary on the stun gun can take these things out in 5 hits if you get all 3 bolts into them!
    Posted by JORAX on 21 Dec 13 at 10:50
    FL trooper beGreat tip and straightforward but clear solution. Big plus from me buddy. ;). Those crabs where dead in 1 go with your tips. The pillar thing is hilarious. Just keep frustrating the hell out of that piece of scrap lol
    Posted by FL trooper be on 19 May 14 at 18:18
    planting42Most annoying part by far was Wreckage for me. Best tip I can give is once you retrieve the data disc swim back to where you entered the water. The enemies will not follow or aggro you there. Use your pistol and finish them all off. I had to swim in a bit to get more to spawn. Once I killed 4 of the scout drones, the passage opened.
    Posted by planting42 on 07 Feb 15 at 07:07
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