Leader Of The Pack achievement in Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition

Leader Of The Pack

Befriend five wolves.

Leader Of The Pack0
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How to unlock the Leader Of The Pack achievement

  • Drunk 18yr GirlDrunk 18yr Girl54,054
    10 May 2012 10 May 2012 01 Dec 2012
    228 16 61
    I found a trick you can do to get this a lot quicker and easier.

    Make sure the game is on easy, monsters do not spawn on peaceful.
    If you want, once you have the bones, you can change it to peaceful because you might spend awhile trying to find the wolves.

    First what you need to do is to go kill some skeletons. Kill skeletons until you have about 2-5 bones.
    The reason you need 2-5 is because the amount of bones you need to give the wolf is random, sometimes they love you after 1 or 2 bones, sometimes 5.

    Anyway, once you have your bones, save the game. Once saved, go out and find your wolf. You only need to find 1.

    Once you find the wolf, save the game right away. Once saved, feed the wolf the bone until it loves you then quit the game. Restart the game to the last save near the wolf and do it again. Keep doing it until you got the wolf to love you 5 times for an Achievement Unlocked.

    Note: Since the amount of bones that the wolf wants is random, there are some times you restart the save that the wolf won't love you, so just reload the save again and keep feeding it.

    If you leave a thumbs down, please state why so I can improve on my future solutions.

    TA'r xblChoas has made a video for everyone to help with this achievement also:

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    Jorge TrajanoThis worked perfectly.
    Posted by Jorge Trajano on 08 Dec 13 at 07:31
    Silver TiglonIn the tutorial world, there are always two wolves fenced in by the fishing area, along with some other animals. By the wolves is a chest that has 10 bones. You can just tame the two wolves and then save and quit. Then just do the same in two more tutorial worlds, because the number of wolves you tame stacks.
    Posted by Silver Tiglon on 20 Feb 14 at 15:08
    Lukaztrohow do you feed them? is it left trigger while holding the bone in your hand?
    Posted by Lukaztro on 16 Sep 15 at 02:09
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  • Strike DashStrike Dash5,575
    31 Dec 2012 02 Jan 2013
    127 0 27
    I see that nobody here has mentioned the by far EASIEST way to get this achievement, i guarantee you will have this unlocked in 10 minutes max with my solution.

    1) First click 'New Game' then choose 'Tutorial' (yes this does work as i have just tested it)

    2) complete the first part of the tutorial (basics of minecraft)

    3) when it says you can move onto the next area do so, you will pass a chest with music discs and an enchanted bow and some other things i think, walk past this then you can go left or right, go right.

    (You will know if you are in the right place if you see like a farm with lots of animals in cages to your right)

    4) You should see a chest in front of these animal pens, inside are 64 bones, take them.

    5) the pen on the end contains two wolves

    6) SAVE YOUR GAME HERE, otherwise you will have to repeat the whole tutorial again, now tame the wolves.

    7) Now just exit the game WITHOUT saving, then start up the game again and tame the two wolves again. then repeat the process once more and boom you have your achievement.

    I can understand why people might not have tried this method yet as most people will just skip the tutorial altogether, but yeah this works!
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    LexiPantsStill works as of August 27, 2014. The first time I loaded it up, the wolves didn't spawn so I reloaded and one did. Just used that one. Thanks very much. This was the last achievement that my 6 year old daughter needed to 100% the game.
    Posted by LexiPants on 27 Aug 14 at 23:58
    IXCrucifixionXIas of today this still works. but instead of finding wolves, the box contained 10 bones and 2 spawn wolf eggs..same process applies, spawn wolves. save, give them bones. dont save, repeat until cheevo pops
    Posted by IXCrucifixionXI on 01 Apr 15 at 17:57
    WicelowJust got it that way.
    No way to make it easier for sure ! ^^
    Posted by Wicelow on 27 Apr 15 at 23:30
  • IDarK VorteXXIDarK VorteXX1,183,211
    20 May 2012 20 May 2012 20 May 2012
    32 3 2
    Here is my guide to this pesky achievement.

    I used the seed: herpderp.
    In this world the biome is just like a forest with lots of hills, good for wolves to live in. There are tons of wolves to be found.

    1. cut trees for wood and make a house.
    2. slay skletons at night for bones.
    3. when you have found a wolf save in front of it with the bones in your hand.
    4. feed it the bones and tame it( you will know when it s tamed because there will be hearts around it)
    5. Exit without saving
    6. load up the save when you were in front of the wolf and repeat steps 4-6.
    7. do it five times for the achievement

    When i played on this seed i quickly got wood from the trees and tried to establish an area that was open to build my house. at night i would go out and kill skeletons with the swords i would make from stone or wood.
    As i grinded enough bones from the skeletons (about 10) i put them in the chest for safety. Little did i know that there was a wolf in front of my house.
    So i roamed around to find other wolves and luckily i found about 17 in the world before getting bored.

    Other tamed wolves from other worlds count towards this achivement.
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    loutzeeThanks this work like a boney treat to a wolf
    Posted by loutzee on 14 Jul 12 at 08:52
    Bjarke Briethis worked - thanks a lot
    Posted by Bjarke Brie on 23 Nov 12 at 17:20
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