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It's Just One Bullet achievement in The Walking Dead (Xbox 360)

It's Just One Bullet

Complete chapter 5 of episode 1.

It's Just One Bullet0
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How to unlock the It's Just One Bullet achievement

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    This achievement is story based so it is unmissable however I will post the quickest way to get through the chapter if you don't want to spend time exploring for back story.

    Meet Lily, Larry, Doug, Carley and Glenn.
    There will be a fight between some of your group and some of the new people you meet over whether or not Duck is bit. Choose whatever you feel is right here as it won't affect the guide or this achievement. During the fight Clem gets attacked by a walker, follow the onscreen instructions to run and save her.

    Pick up the radio that Carley is working on and turn it over to reveal the battery door. Pop the battery door open to discover the reason the radio isn't working... The batteries are dead (duh Carley)

    Battery locations:
    Battery 1 is on the shelf behind the greeting cards
    Battery 2 is on the floor around the corner in the middle of the room.

    After that go into the employee only section and move the wooden pallet and the desk blocking the door. When Clem cuts her finger find the first aid kit on the nearby desk and open it to reveal a bandaid. Go back to Clem and bandage it then examine a picture on the ground to get a cutscene with Carley and an item you will need later (Picture proving trapped walker worked at Pharmacy) Open the drawer under Clem to get a TV remote (It will come in handy later)

    Glenn will call you on the walkie talkie when you exit the office, find Carley and tell her you are ready to go.

    As soon as you gain control of Lee you will behinda vehicle in a motel parking lot. Lean left and pick up the pillow that's on the ground. Lean back to the right and run to the nearby truck and examine it to reveal a screwdriver. You cannot break the glass to get to it quietly but you can use the pillow to smother the nearby zombie leaning against the car. Just highlight the zombie and follow the instructions. Open the car door that the zombie was leaning on to get a spark plug. While you're there move the gear shift to smash a zombie against a wall. Return to the screwdriver and use the spark plug to bust out the window (I don't know how that is any quieter than using your fist but whatever)

    Return to the sign at the start of the level and highlight the nearby walker and use the screwdriver option, follow the onscreen instructions to kill the remainder of the zombies. After this you will go up to save a trapped girl, choose to help her kill herself or not, doesn't matter.

    Achievement will pop after she dies.
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    Zacry072I don't understand the negative votes. Maybe the spoilers? I know you gave a spoiler alert but otherwise this is a great guide.
    Posted by Zacry072 on 28 Apr 12 at 21:15
    Mr BusutoThere is a group of immature idiots going through and down voting all my guides. Sometimes kids shouldn't be allowed on the internet. Lol
    Posted by Mr Busuto on 30 Apr 12 at 07:58
    Leo Ascendent"Return to the screwdriver and use the spark plug to bust out the window (I don't know how that is any quieter than using your first but whatever)"

    Only Criss Angel knows. :D
    Posted by Leo Ascendent on 02 May 12 at 00:31
    Mr BusutoLmao
    Posted by Mr Busuto on 03 May 12 at 07:15
    NicolaM1985plus 1 form me - anyone who gives so many down votes should be banned from the site because they clearly are stupid and cant work out what to do or are silly little kids who should not be allowed internet access.
    Posted by NicolaM1985 on 22 May 12 at 14:06
    Added note: You could actually skip the "batteries-for-the-radio" sidequest completely, if you want to.
    Posted on 30 Aug 12 at 11:24
    BonxyExcellent guide. I that stuck on this bit so had to have a look.
    Posted by Bonxy on 28 Dec 12 at 18:38
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