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Great Success in Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City (PC)

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Gain S+ on all U.S.S. missions on Veteran or Professional difficulty

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Posted on 25 August 14 at 15:56
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Copied and pasted directly from 360 guide, no credit deserved here

Aside from requirements, I'll give you some major tips on getting past some rough spots on Professional or Veteran, so that you can require those S+ ranks!
If you follow this, you'll have a good chance. I cannot guarantee no frustration or a 1st time through. This is a skill/difficulty achievement, so it requires practice and patience. You need to know the levels well enough, mainly where the items are located, so play the level on Casual before hand (I had to repeat the last mission 4x times because of one Intel). Only Missions #4 and #5 (that I know of) can afford one A rank to still get an S+, like an extra death or 3-4min off time. I also recommend doing it solo on Professional. I know, why? Because it makes it harder with co-op and Veteran requires more for an S rank. I got all S's on mission #4 with co-op and only got a simple S rank and I/we tried this 3x. Also the friendly fire ruins the fun; cutting out unnecessary death. But I can't stop you and this guide works for both solo and co-op, so go crazy.

*EDIT* I would like to also mention that this is more of a stealthy way. To avoid confusion with my "run it" strategy, the spots that I mention will not hurt your score, since they only cause you time loss and more deaths, it's best to avoid them in the long run. Killing 3 zombies is just the same as killing 3 Hunters, so pick your targets the way you like.

*TIPS from the comments*
"7th mission, if you protect leon he will eventually kill your opponents for you I would just hide in the office where the typewriter is. Never took him more than 3-4 minutes." - Nikke84

^I agree. Don't worry about time with this mission, so if your nervous of facing your former comrades, then do this. Just be aware of their melee attacks and keep your distance, they always seem to get you in an instant kill.

SLY SCORPI0N proves my point that you can maintain an S+ with an A rank. The game seems to add difficulty to your score and gives you more credit than Veteran. So you have a more success rate with Professional.

Characters of choice: {Have Bertha accompany you; she is the medic of the team}
-Spectre- Has the ability to find objects, like Intel and laptops, including enemies and if your under enemy (Spec Ops) radar.
-Vector- Has the ability of Active Camo. Fully upgraded that will last for 20sec (est. 12,000xp total).

Weapons of Choice:
-Riot Shotgun [42rounds] (Primary). For the zombies (a must for the Crimson Zombies- the red angry ones) and Hunters. I can't stress this enough of how great this weapon is!
-Samurai Edge (Secondary). For Spec Ops and Lickers. Surprisingly effective.

Mission #3. Use Vector*
-Nicholai (First encounter).
He will be sniping at you from a tower and it only takes a few shots to kill you. The way I did this, without being touched and paranoid, is by going up to him. That's right, he can't shoot you when you're right under him, but you can. The only way for him to hurt you is by grenades, but those are easily avoidable and he mostly throws them at your comrades. When he pokes his head out through the window, unleash a furry of bullets from the Samurai Edge. Do this until he summons zombies with the church bell. Run back to the ammo crate, finish up the zombies with the Riot Shotgun and repeat, till your informer tells you that he's no longer an issue.

*Nicholai (Second encounter).
This battle takes place shortly after encounter #1 in the generator room. It's best to use Vector's Active Camo, because it get's REALLY hectic when you activate the generators. This part can end really short with this method. You can throw in some grenades in where the Spec Ops spawn:
Spawn door #1 is the left door of the first Gen.
Spawn door #2 is on your right (facing previous Gen), when you activate the second Gen.
After you do this and activating the 3rd and last Gen., just hide under the walkway and make sure your camo is on, you don't want to get an unexpected death. [Cut scene/End]

Mission #4. Use Vector for Professional and Spectre on Casual, so that you know where the Intel is.
There is a lot of moments of where you can just run it! Don't mess with the crawlers, since they take forever to kill! The parts to "just run it" are these rooms (don't forget Intel):
-Room with the 3 card keys and the rouge Tyrant
-Room with the second appearance of the Tyrant
The room where you have to go back and forth to unlock doors has a infinite zombie spawn, so this place redeems from all that running! Trust me, this is where you'll appreciate the Riot shotgun.

Now the boss! Nemesis! Basically hide back with the ammo crate and shoot him in the head with the Samurai Edge, don't forget to shoot the red barrels, and check your 3-o'clock for zombies. Once he retreats to the other side, Spec Ops will pop in and start firing at the Nemesis. Good, they actually help out taking him down. Just pick on him from a distance and if your feeling confident, then go to the blue cargo crate that is on the left of the Nemesis. There's a green herb inside, also don't worry to much about the Spec Ops when your down there... they're really focused on the BIG guy. Use Camo and shoot him, while poking out of the cargo crate, with the Riot shotgun and/or Samurai Edge to speed the process. [40min or less for S rank]

Mission #5. VECTOR!! There's so much avoiding.
The whole part before the end of the lickers in the garage is easy and make sure you kill every zombie before hand (you need 150 kills on this mission).
1. Okay, after you open the garage door of the lickers, go camo and grab the 2 Intell that is here in this area (do a reconnaissance on casual with Specrte to know where everything is).
2. After this is 3-4 Hunters [Riot Shotgun], make sure you stick to the right side, because there will be some Spec Ops that are still there, but they will disappear. No matter what difficulty, Hunters will always be a pain and they're unpredictable.
3. Next, down the alleyway, where you dodge another Hunter and jump down, there will be an all out Spec Ops and Hunter fight near a gas station. Camo to the ammo box straight ahead, grab the Intel and run straight to the Spec Ops, you'll find an open door with a hallway that leads to an Intell and a Health Spray (this is directly behind enemy lines). Nurture your wounds here and recover your Camo. [45sec later] run to the other side and enter a garage that is filled with Spec Ops, once you enter, they'll disappear.
4. Continue on and watch out with these 2 hallways in the garage, you will most likely get infected in this closed area. You don't want to die after you just dodged all that chaos!
5. This is the most intense part. Take out all the Spec Ops with the Samurai Edge and make sure that the soldier on the truck with the sniper is taken down first. Then once you clear all of the Spec Ops, gather what is left before you activate the Hunter drop pods... unfortunately, you'll get hit by the impact of the first one. I can't seem to find a way to avoid this. Be aware of the glowing circle on the ground, that indicates the area where the drop pod lands.
6. Kill the hunters and run back when the next wave of Spec Ops start storming in. Replenish your shotgun and your Active Camo, run all the way (while in Camo) to the checkpoint. If your low on health grab the herbs when you run by. Once your in the open area with bunch of zombies, you should see the drop spot that leads to the Tyrant(s) battle. Don't go yet, but to your far right and camp there and kill the zombies for the 150kills. You'll be out of sight from the Ops and once you're done, Camo back to the Flamethrower (it's located in the weapons locker where you fought the previous Hunters). Wait for your Camo and then run to back to fight the Tyrants! The Flamethrower is a miracle worker, when it comes to killing Tyrants! You will be able to refuel the Flamethrower at the ammo crate and be done in no time. It takes about 3-4 refuels to kill a Tyrant, so just keep at it and you'll do just find.

Mission #6: Either character works, but if your worried about Ada Wong, then use Vector's Camo and flash grenades. Kill the zombies and run away from the Hunters, while picking off some more zombie, when you pass the cut scene with magma man a.k.a. the boss. This is best done solo, since there are several moments where you have to wait for players. You don't want to reach a spot when there's Hunters on your tail, while your partner is pissing around or lost.

The boss battle on the elevator will seem like forever. Grab the gun next to the ammo box that's next (not on) to elevator.. it's either a Hammer or Ravenger, this is a tip from my friend, I just used the the Samurai Edge. Keep at it and dodge his attacks (sorry for the obvious), this is the only hard part in this mission.

Mission #7. Very short and slightly tough. You need all S's to get this: 150kills, 2 deaths, 8 Intell, and 30min or less. Use Victor to dodge the snipers in the cargo area with Camo, they will make you bleed out and cause a MASSIVE zombie horde. Toss a grenade below when there's a gathering of zombies, then shotgun your way through. Keep moving, killing and regenerating your Camo.

Once you get your ass owned by Clarie, you'll start off bleeding, so find cover and shoot the gas can at the center of the horde. That will obliterate a lot of zombies. Pick off the Ops up top, run under the balcony where the ammo box is. Take cover at that spot, make the Ops bleed with the Samurai Edge and the zombies will do the rest. After that, finish off the zombies with the shotgun, recover health, ammo and grenades.

After the mines that Claire has nicely set for us and the cut scene with Leon, use your Camo to make a run for the checkpoint. This spot is really a pain without Camo, since Leon can make you bleed with a shot and take 25% of your health. If the barricade is not open, then continue on to the other side and out of sight of the Ops, till it breaks down. When that's done, run under the roof where Leon is camping at and hide there to gain kills. Once again, make the Ops bleed, kill some zombies (infinite respawn for that 150 kill requirement) and climb the ladder.

For this part, simply choose to help Leon and defeat your former comrades. Make sure you grab the 3 Intells in here:
1. Your side-Top left by a herb and grenade launcher
2. Enemy side- There spawned area on a box
3. Enemy side- Up the stairs in a small contol room.
If you feel confident and you haven't died yet, grab those 3 Intells, let yourself get killed and grab them agian to make sure that you have enough to pass the requirements (they count extra if you grab them again). Remember that you have 2 deaths to meet the S+.

Well that's all the hard parts that I struggled with, if you have any pointers and advise that you would like to share, then comment below.

I want to give thanks to Ahkamon for the great advice about the guns and the Flamthrower tip to kill the Tyrants! My friends and I couldn't have done it sooner without him. Also want to thank Leon S. Kennedy3 and CrispyVictim for the friendly competition, this guide was our feedback that we gave each other; bringing us both S+ ranks. We hope this gathering of info and tips help you, fellow TA members!

Good luck! You're gonna need it ;)
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