Lost Episode 2

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Lost Episode 2

An Everlasting Clash achievement in ASURA'S WRATH

An Everlasting Clash

Complete all missions in Lost Episode 2.

An Everlasting Clash0
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How to unlock the An Everlasting Clash achievement

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    For this Achievement, you need to complete all 6 Missions of the second Lost Episode DLC. You will unlock Mission Mode once you complete the story part. These are the Mission tasks:

    Mission 1: Perform 5 special attacks.
    Pretty easy, hold B to knock him down, then press Y to use a Special Attack. Use 5 Special Attacks to complete this mission. Note you have several Matches to do this (2 or 3, not sure) so you have more then enough time to do this.

    Mission 2: K.O. your opponent with his Super Combo Gauge maxed out.
    Your opponent will have his Super Combo Gauge full at all times, so make sure you don't get too close to him. Or he will use a Special Attack on you. Basically all you have to do is spam B at the beginning of the fight, use the Y attack and attack him with A and X for the rest of the Match. This should so the trick.

    Mission 3: Get a K.O. in 40 seconds or less.
    This is one of the hardest ones. As stated you only have 40 seconds to K.O him, which is pretty hard. Use RB at the beginning to get close to him, spam B until you knock him to the ground, press RB twice and use a Special. Once he get's up try to hit him with yet another B spam, and then leave him be. Back off a little bit, and use the A and X method. Prepare to ragequit, this will be frustrating.

    Mission 4: Get a perfect K.O.
    You spawn without any form of health, so any attacks that hit's you kills you. So when the fight begins, press RB so you roll towards him, once you are out of the roll spam B. Keep spamming B until he falls/flies to the ground. Once that happens, press RB twice, so you're right next to him and execute a Y attack. Doing so will take 1/3 of his health. Then you have to back off. (Don't stay close to him, so he can't hit you) His own Burst meter should be quite high, and he can execute you while getting hit, very annoying. So now that he is standing, press A and X. Keep spamming the A and X combo and he should be standing still getting hit once in a while. Keep repeating until his health is completely gone and you win the Match. Also a warning, ragequit. Expect it.

    Mission 5: Win 10 consecutive matches via K.O.
    You need to win 10 consecutive Matches in a row. You won't get all of your health back after each Match, only about 15%, so health is pretty limited. What you basically need to do is hit him with B spam at the beginning, use the Y attack, then spam B again and back off. Spam X and keep going backwards, so he can't hit you with his Special. That way you can defeat him from distance, and it worked like a charm for me.

    Mission 6: No Mission
    This is a strange one, with the first Lost Episode I unlocked the Achievement while I didn't even complete the Mission, so maybe it also applies for this one. If it doesn't, all you need to do is complete the Story.

    If this Guide didn't help you, please let me know that you did to pass the Mission in a comment, so hopefully I can edit my Solution to help others!
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    MR WOLF 12000So far the 40 second mission is the only part of this game I do NOT enjoy
    Posted by MR WOLF 12000 on 24 Mar 14 at 00:40
    flammingheadman40 second mission is a fucking nightmare. Like others have said it's made me go from really liking this game to wanting to break the disk.
    Posted by flammingheadman on 24 May 14 at 01:58
    DuwenI found the Ryu episode far easier than this one - I don't think any of the challenges in that one were too infuriating, and even the harder couple were overcome within a handful of tries.
    This one is a nightmare. Particularly the perfect KO. The 40sec win was tough, but I got it on my third try.
    The perfect KO... I'm yet to complete - I've lost count of the amount of attempts at it I've accumulated.
    BTW, to the people bitching that if they'd wanted to play SF they'd have bought SF; this bares little resemblance to the gameplay of SF. Capcom would be bankrupt if they released a beat'emup with balancing this bad. Not to mention framedata that allows an AI character to be able to instantly go from damage or blocking animation into a focus attack or red fireball.

    That whinge aside; I loved the 'story' part of both lost episodes and would recommend them (all the dlc in fact) to anyone that's picked this game up.
    Posted by Duwen on 06 Jul 14 at 18:32
    FoogaLMFAOOOOOOO this is so broken! The frame data! It hurts my eyes!

    But seriously...why would Capcom want to integrate one of their their most popular franchises into a new IP if the mechanics are down right broken? This is like a cheap Mexican knock off of Street Fighter.
    Posted by Fooga on 15 Aug 14 at 15:32
    BigNev44Had more trouble with the 40 sec KO as well,

    Completed both back to back, i loved this game before playing the SF DLCs
    Posted by BigNev44 on 02 Sep 14 at 15:31
    Greedy136I agree that you need a lot more luck than you need skills. If the AI decides to use a focus attack, you are f###ed. And if the AI blocks for 40 seconds, there is nothing you can do.

    You have to beat every episode in the main game like 4-5 times to get all achievements and here you have to start some missions 100 times to finish them. Nobody can complain that you do not get enough play time for your money...
    Posted by Greedy136 on 27 Nov 14 at 08:37
    MugenKairoI was definitely a bigger fan of the Chapter IV: Nirvana DLC than these 2 lost episodes. But this guide has made it easier. Share the pain guys. Share the pain!
    Posted by MugenKairo on 01 Oct 15 at 10:50
    RhyoliticI finally beat the 40 second challenge after about 1.5hrs of attempts. There's so many times I would've beat him had he not pulled that stupid fucking 13 second long whirlwind attack. THAT was the main stumbling point for me. It doesn't even do that much damage, it's just fucking LONG. Wonderful way to eat up time in a limited time match.
    Posted by Rhyolitic on 23 Oct 15 at 08:32
    Slithe"Look at the size of my cock everybody - i completed the 40 second KO in 3 seconds flat on my 1st go cause I am so fucking awesome!!! Get skills like me everyone and you will be a gaming GOD like me" - an extract from some of the pricks that comment on here! Take your bullshit outside cause it fucking stinks - just like this 40 second bullshit
    Posted by Slithe on 06 Jan 17 at 23:06
    NoblestSteedIf some unfortunate soul is trying to get this in 2020+, here the method I used specifically for the 40 seconds, perfect K.O, and 10 K.O. streak.

    - Start with a A + X combo followed up with the B combo until he's sent flying. RB twice to catch up and use Y for the special move.
    - Immediately move back a few steps. Doing this usually prevents him from using that stupid invulnerable phasing ability. Once he stands up, hit him with another A + X combo, followed by the B combo. Then proceed to retreat again.
    - Taking it from the top, A + X, B combo, then finish it with the Y special prompt as he's downed.

    There will still be a lot of rage, but this rotation had the best results for me personally. If you're reading this, God speed...
    Posted by NoblestSteed on 30 Dec 19 at 16:14
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