The Shadows Rushed Me achievement in Max Payne 3

The Shadows Rushed Me

Unlock And Complete New York Minute Hardcore

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How to unlock the The Shadows Rushed Me achievement

  • MarkyshizzleMarkyshizzle1,910,026
    24 May 2012 17 May 2012 03 Jul 2014
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    This solution is exactly the same as
    Max Payne 3A New York MinuteThe A New York Minute achievement in Max Payne 3 worth 630 pointsFinish In A New York Minute

    However you can not die throughout THE WHOLE ENTIRE CAMPAIGN! If you die, or fail a mission, you are restarted from level one. No checkpoints and no save points!!!

    Yes, this means you must go through every level in one sitting without dying not even once. Also, aim is set to free aim.

    Some things to look out for are missing timed events such as saving somebody, sniping somebody in time, or jumping off of ledges by accident. It may seem like common sense but you will be using alot of bullettime and diving so make sure you aren't near any dangerous ledges.

    Also, you can use last stand but MAKE SURE you shoot the person who shot you. If you run out of ammo, you die, game over.

    Another helpful hint is that you can hit the back button to turn off weapon attachments and press left and right on the D pad to change your viewing angle.

    This may be the toughest shooter achievement around in a long time so prepare for a grind, and may the force be with you :P

    UPDATE 2 - Here is a list of all pain killers in the game. Props to Pr1nce0fDarknez for giving me the link and Infernal on X360a

    UPDATE - I have now completed Hardcore NY Minute. It was a pain! I died so many times over game glitches and stupid situations but being persistent is key!

    Below are my videos of me actually doing Hardcore NY Minute. If you click the videos and go to Youtube you can see time stamps for each section and main event for easy navigation.

    I also have PLATINUM medals for all regular new york minute mission in this playlist. Please check it out.

    Also during the last mission I got booted off of live due to an update for Max Payne! I was too far in to even think about restarting so that is why it is appearing offline. Check out video 5 to see what I am talking about.

    All videos were recorded while streaming at

    Good luck!

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    Maverick HiroIt doesnt hurt to destroy a few vehicles along the way. Just dont forget to be very far from them before they explode. The range from which they can one hit kill you seems be very large.
    Posted by Maverick Hiro on 06 Dec 17 at 21:48
    Done this achievement 10 times now since this is the only game I got back to after getting all achievements. I'll always be up for doing this again for the fun of it. This is honestly got to be one of the most easiest achievement I have ever earned and it really doesn't deserve such a high ratio in my opinion.

    Have fun anyone who still need this. It's fun to go through if you keep up with it and it’s all about memory that’s all! ;)
    Posted on 25 Mar 18 at 06:52
    VveniVvidiVviciLittle did anyone know Wolfenstein 2 Mein Leben was coming.
    Posted by VveniVvidiVvici on 17 Jun 18 at 05:47
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  • OdadjianActualOdadjianActual605,139
    05 Jun 2012 05 Jun 2012 28 Dec 2013
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    Important Edit, September 8, 2012:

    Unfortunately, Rockstar has implemented a patch that has severely reduced the amount of time you can earn from explosions. Therefore, my guide isn't that useful anymore. However, if you are fine with not getting a timestamp, you can clear your cache and play offline to avoid the new patch. That way you can play NYMH with the old explosion bonuses. Otherwise, and I say this not to be smug, but you're out of luck. I don't see how this draconian mode is possible without the explosion bonuses.

    I strongly recommend playing this mode offline and without a patch from now on, to take advantage of the huge time bonuses you get from explosions.

    Important Edit: Here is what Doctor Lollypop has to say about Rockstar's update. It looks like it is pointless to try to play without the patch. So despite what I wrote above, you'll likely have to play with the patch, with the reduced explosion bonuses, and try your best, hopefully combining my tips below, with tips from other solution writers, and your perseverance and skill, to get this achievement.

    From Doctor Lollypop:

    "Just as an FYI there no way to clear your cache to remove the patch b/c the last update is a physical save on your Harddrive, and if you delete it, it wont let you play game and will freeze you on the load screen. The only way to actually do this pre patch is to remove the patch save on the harddrive, and all your single player data. then you can do it offline but you'll have to beat it on hard, then NYM, and then you can do NYMHC.

    But in my opinion it isnt worth all that effort because you lose all your grind progress, and golden guns. I just beat NYMHC today on my 3rd attempt . I went into CH 14 minutes with 30 minutes banked 2 times and finished the Becker area the 2nd with over 25 minutes left, so its still very possible to do even with the patch."


    First of all, like MarkyShizzle says, don’t even think of trying for this achievement without the following painkiller location guide, written by Infernal from

    Additionally, my strong recommendation is to complete old school before touching New York Minute Hardcore. Old School trains you to use painkillers manually, and you will want to be accustomed to doing this to avoid Last Man Standing at almost all costs. You don't want your NYMH run being ruined because you entered Last Man Standing and the perpetrator is hidden behind a pillar.

    Having said that, here is my guide: To get this achievement, first you need to beat the story mode on any difficulty (easy/medium/hard). That will unlock the regular New York Minute mode. Once you beat the regular New York Minute mode, you can start playing New York Minute Hardcore. Beat New York Minute Hardcore for the achievement. NYMH is basically medium difficulty on a timer, with no deaths allowed whatsoever! You have to beat the entire game in one sitting without dying.

    The number one thing you want to aim for in this mode is a big time bank.
    You want to accumulate a healthy amount of time playing the easy early chapters. This allows you to take your sweet time and comfortably and patiently fight through the difficult late-game encounters. For example, if you have enough time saved, you can burn 3+ minutes in the airport terminal fight. Or you can spend 2+ minutes trying to smoke the UFE boss in Chapter 13 out of his hole.

    You’ll want to become very good at strafing in bullet time to line up headshots. Strafing left and right in bullet time allows you to dodge bullets. You'll see them whiz by your character. But most of all, strafing lets you line up headshots with ease. Even if early game enemies can be killed with shots anywhere to their body, you'll want to be accustomed to lining up headshots because the Cracha Preto and UFE have bullet sponges for chests. And dispatching early game enemies quickly with headshots will grant you additional time bonuses.

    However, explosions are the best massive contributors to your time bank. You can add a full minute of time in one brief encounter just from using explosions wisely. First of all, you should note that an explosion will not give any time bonuses if its blast radius doesn't kill enemies. So time your propane tank shots just right, so that the propane tank (or gas canister or vehicle or whatever you shoot) will capture as many enemies as possible in its blast radius. Below I will list the best spots for accumulating giant time bonuses through explosions:

    *Chapter 4 Part 1: After you exit the bar building, there are numerous cars you can explode for big time bonuses. Blind fire four shots into the first car you see for a big bonus. After blind firing the four shots, make sure you're not just waiting for the explosion. Passos might get shot while you wait. Go into bullet time and kill one or two of the enemies with your gun while you wait for the explosion. Shoot the second car too. If the second explosion doesn't kill everyone, take care of the stragglers and move on. Once you go further on and you see a cutscene with a black car screeching to a halt, that will be your cue to blow up two or three more cars for time bonuses.

    *Chapter 4 Part 2: After you climb to the roof of your apartment building, and before the water tower bullet time sequence, there is one last enemy encounter. There is a propane tank against the wall here. Time the shot right, because the enemies won't spawn right away.

    *Chapter 5 Part 1: There are many propane tanks to shoot here. In the first half of this section, there are two wide open fights. Each of these encounters has a propane tank (both of which is the fuel tank for a forklift). Time your shot right, so that the tank explodes when enemies are near its blast radius. Also, before triggering the rickety boat jump sequence, make sure you shoot the propane tank on the stairs. Lastly, at the beginning of the very long docks fight, you will kill a lone gunman before dealing with a boat that swoops in from the left. After dealing with this boat, move onward and pick up the gun that the aforementioned lonesome thug dropped. Use this gun and its zoomed in scope AND bullet time to pop a propane tank that is near four or five guys. You'll get a big bonus from this.

    *Chapter 5 Part 2: This is the on-rails boat chapter. There's a big building with a giant propane tank and lots of gas canisters. Shoot the propane tank first and then wait. Once the enemies start congregating inside the building, start shooting the small gas canisters too (there are about three of them). Then kill two or three enemies just to be safe. The explosion takes a really long time to kick in, and I kill two or three just to make sure I don’t die while waiting for the explosion. Anyway, the explosion will eventually occur and you'll get a hefty time bonus. ADDITIONALLY, make sure you take care of the jeep section by exploding every single jeep. Don't kill any of the machine gunners standing on the jeep with direct gunfire. Instead, shoot at each of the trucks to make them explode. This way the machine gunners get caught in the explosion and will reward you with additional time bonuses.

    *Chapter 10: When Giovanna is driving the bus, she will approach a gas station. Shoot out both pumps for a big explosion near many enemies.

    *Chapter 12: Remember when you needed to blow up that propane tank to blast open a door? Well that door has three enemies in front of it. So instead of taking care of the enemies and then shooting the tank like you probably did in your first run, use bullet time to strafe left out of cover, shoot the propane tank, and then strafe right back into cover. That will get you a modest time bonus.


    I also have some general tips for certain difficult sections. Among these tips I outline weird areas that you wouldn't think would be hard, but will fail you unexpectedly.

    *Chapter 3: When you and Passos are still together, don't rush through an exit before killing every enemy. Passos will instantly die.

    *Chapter 4 Part 2: After the car mechanic fight, when Passos opens the gate, do not wait behind the gate to pick off enemies from afar. Passos will die. You must join him and fight those enemies head on.

    *Chapter 5 Part 1: At the very beginning, do not kill the two guys near the jeep stealthily. If you do this stealthily, then you'll skip out on four or five goons that come out to investigate. These guys are easy to kill and will give you an extra 25+ seconds of banked time after headshotting them.

    *Chapter 6 Part 1: After the boardroom, you will have two cubicle fights with the IT guy. In both fights, the IT guy is hiding behind you, so make sure you move away from him as soon as possible. You don't want him to get hit by a grenade. I've failed from a grenade hitting him before. As long as you fight away from IT guy, he will be safe from grenades.

    *Chapter 6 Part 2: Getting through the burning building is way harder than it appears. Do not casually walk towards any of the enemies in this chapter, even with bullet time, because you have only half health and you have no painkillers. Furthermore, Max is partially injured and blinded in this chapter, so aiming will be unusually difficult. Make sure to patiently stay in cover and kill the enemies very carefully. Burn off some of your accumulated time to get through this chapter safely.

    *Chapter 8: The sniper part is the hardest encounter in this chapter, because he'll instantly fail you if he shoots you. I have no real tips, other than take your sweet time. You should have enough time banked to comfortably burn 3 full minutes at the sniper fight alone. So just take your time and be careful.

    *Chapter 9: Courtesy of user Hurricane of 87 from "At the beginning of Chapter 9 there's [an] easy melee kill on the UFE thug with the helmet. Since it's hard to get multiple headshots in a row with no Bullet Time available it's better to run up to the wall, then pop out and let him have it, THEN use the BT you just earned on the bald guy slightly down the stairs."

    *Chapter 10: You must try to minimize your bullet time consumption in the very first fight of this chapter. Don't use shootdodge, and try to get as many non-bullet-time kills as possible. This is because the second fight is against two one-hit-kill snipers. One-hit-kill snipers will give you an instant game over screen if they shoot you, even if you have painkillers left! So save some bullet time for those snipers, and use it to easily dispatch them.

    *Chapter 11: Here's a tip for the part when you're in the balcony on the yacht and you're fighting guys emerging from jeeps from across the canal. Courtesy of user Hurricane of 87 from

    "Immediately run past the initial wide open balcony area, you don't want to get stuck here, total deathtrap/waste of ammo. While running use Bullet Time to take out the first guy. Run into the next room and pick up the 2 PKs off the table, then crouch and slowly step out from behind the wall to pick them off one by one whether it be through the door you entered this room by or though the broken windows behind the piano.

    “I find standing behind an obstacle and slowly edging out with LT aiming to be superior to taking cover and popping out. You can edge out just so their heads are visible, but even though you can see them and they can presumably see you they don't fire until you step too far out."

    *Chapter 13: Absolutely do NOT try to shoot the first guy in this chapter. If you pop out of cover at the wrong time, the dude will juke his head and you'll miss your head shot and he'll kill you INSTANTLY since you have no painkillers... and then you'll restart all the way to Chapter 1. Instead, run up to him and melee kill him for an easy +10 seconds.

    *Chapter 13: Courtesy of user Lima from GRAB THE GRENADE LAUNCHER in the armoured car sequence in Chapter 13! This will make an UFE encounter later in the chapter dirt easy. I’m speaking of the sequence where they all emerge from an elevator. Just hit them with the grenade launcher while they are all bunched up and they'll die easily. Remember that there are two elevators. So after you kill the first batch of guys, wait a few seconds, and aim slightly to the left of the first elevator. There will be smoke obscuring your vision, but sure as you're born, there is an additional elevator to the left of the first one and three more guys will emerge from there.

    ***Extremely Important Warning about the Grenade Launcher: people like Just Blaze (from and MarkyShizzle (from have been screwed over using explosives at the elevator scene, blowing themselves up accidentally. To avoid this, shoot out the entire glass pane on the right with your pistol before you approach the security console.

    *Chapter 13: After the pushcart sequence, be wary of the sniper with a red laser... he's a one-hit-kill sniper. Like I mentioned before, this is a guy who will instantly fail you if he shoots you, no matter how many painkillers you have.

    *Chapter 14: Do what MarkyShizzle does in his video at the beginning of this chapter. Get off the conveyor belt and hide at the very back and slowly pick everyone off. You should have enough time banked to comfortably handle this area.

    *Chapter 14: In the Becker boss fight, abuse shootdodge, going left first, then right and left and right and left over and over again. When I did this, Becker did throw grenades at me and I was forced to pick them off in slow-mo shootdodge. It's scary, but doable.
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    PrimeBigTimeJust curious, can you move your save to another xbox that is disconnected from live and play it there to bypass the update?
    Posted by PrimeBigTime on 09 Jan 14 at 18:19
    OdadjianActualI don't know primebigtime. Sorry.
    Posted by OdadjianActual on 09 Jan 14 at 23:50
    South Park TFBWHappy I got this timestamped. It wasn't that hard. I had 10 minutes banked. It is very possible.
    Posted by South Park TFBW on 20 Sep 14 at 19:03
  • Red Thunder 86Red Thunder 86288,012
    27 Jan 2014 28 Jan 2014 07 Apr 2015
    11 0 0
    The other solutions are great, so I only have personal experience to contribute. I didn't find particular chapters to be hard, but rather specific fights:

    Chapter 6A - The 4th fight (where guys are attacking from all angles) was the first hard part in the game. I found that hiding in the original entry hall and using the cover on the right hand side worked effectively. When grenades were thrown, I'd hit BT and roll out, let it explode, and roll back to the cover. Just FYI, there are 4 painkillers on desks in this area, so don't worry about finishing this fight with zero. Just be careful not to advance afterwards until you have all 4.

    Chapter 6B - All of this is tough, as you don't get any PKs. You start with full BT, so use it!

    Chapter 8 - Has 3 tough spots. The first is in the small graveyard after the grenade launcher guy. Take your time here and save your PKs, as you'll need them for the big circular fight. The circular fight (when you save Passos) can be a drain on your PK supply. Shootdodge. Shootdodge A LOT. And know where your enemies are. The last hard part, for me, was the sniper. For some reason, despite being very careful, he'd land shots on me all the time. Don't spend too much time in the open.

    Chapter 10 - Can be easy, if you survive the 2nd area with lots of PKs. I immediately killed the sniper up top. Then move right to the bus. Use your angle to take out the guys behind the bus with a shotty. Then move up and use BT to finish off the 3 guys who exited the little building. Try to have at least 2-3 PKs left at the end of this part. The 4th fight is the big challenge. Take out as many guys as possible as quickly as possible. Don't stick around behind the small cover once the grenades start flying; dive/roll your way behind either one of the buses and move up from there. And be careful of Last Stand. It's easy to get hit by a guy who ducks back behind cover in this part.

    Chapter 11 - The boat sucks. The exploding engines will refill your health, so don't waste a PK before this part. When you get to the side where guys run/drive up on the edge of the canal, take cover immediately. 1/4 of the cover is indestructible, so use that part and don't hide behind the glass. Then move up the stairs slowly, snipe guys' feet and legs. Once only a couple are left, run up quickly, snapping in and out of BT and killing the 2-3 guys that are left. Then use the bar on the left as cover to take out the new guys who run up on the side of the canal. The sniper part can be tough. Don't let yourself enter Last Man Standing. After that, it's cake.

    Chapter 13 - The hardest parts in this level really depend on your play style. I don't like rushing this level, as I'm not great at standing in a hail of bullets and walking out alive. Some folks are. The APC is easy: as soon as it stops shooting, hit X to leave cover, grab the LAW, shootdodge backwards and carefully shoot it. Done. Now, you've got a choice. I prefer to finish this area with the FAL, not the grenade launcher (Last Man Standing is instant death with the launcher). Grab the rifle you dropped, then move right and use the left-shoulder angle to peer out into the parking lot. Guys will run toward you in the open (if you've got the proper angle, they won't see you yet), giving you tons of time to pop their heads with BT. After this area is 100% clear, grab the grenade launcher. DO NOT EQUIP IT UNLESS YOU ARE ABOUT TO USE IT. Use your pistol to take out the guy behind the door that pops open. You can use the launcher to carefully take out the 3 guys at the top of the stairs. You can also use it CAREFULLY to take out the 2 groups of guys that enter the locker room through the double doors. Use your pistol for the next 2 rooms. When you enter the room with the security screens/elevators, DO NOT GO IN THE SECURITY ROOM YET. Make sure to break ALL the glass with your pistol first. Don't leave a single shard. When the cutscene ends, you'll be in cover behind the (now open) windows. Switch to your launcher, activate BT and quickly shoot a grenade at the first group of guys. Immediately go back in cover and, once safe, deactivate BT. Repeat this for the second elevator as soon as the new green lasers appear in the smoke. If you miss with your first grenade, DO NOT try to fire a second. You will almost surely get shot and enter Last Man Standing (and lose). If they die, great. If not, swap to your pistols and finish them off as you please. The second tough part in this level is after the QTE where you slide across the room on the cart and shoot out the windows. There is a sniper that comes out after the QTE ends. He has a red laser on his gun and is a 1-hit kill. Prioritize and kill him immediately. As soon as you kill the guys outside, the cage behind you will buzz open and guys will rush you. Immediately spin around and kill the first one. Then enter that room and slowly strafe sideways, taking out the other guys as they come into view. One guy may hide in the room beyond the one most of the other rush from. The other tough part is Bachmeyer (the boss). When you regain control of Max on the upper walkway, enter BT and move towards the guys running up the stairs. Kill them and the 3rd guy at the bottom of the stairs. Then take cover behind the pillar he is standing beside. This is a much safer spot than the upper walkway. A couple guys will rush you to your left. Possibly one on the right, but sometimes not. After that, it's easy. Clean up the remaining guys. When you fight Bachmeyer, use a video guide. Don't expose yourself to his shots for more than a second. He can kill you almost instantly. You can use the filing cabinet to the left of where you start the battle. He can't hit you when you are there and you can use your shoulder angles to shoot the ceiling tiles while effectively staying out of his line of fire.

    Chapter 14 - This level, oddly, is much easier than 13. The first room is tough. Get off the conveyor belt, move left and back, hide behind the cover. Take your time taking the guys out on the ground floor and the 1 guy on the catwalk. Then move up. 2 more guys will run out on the catwalk. Shoot them. Sometimes 1 guys will hide on the ground floor behind the carts to the right side. Then move up the stairs. Use the left-shoulder perspective to carefully take out the guys on the catwalk. Step out the door to spawn the rest, then step back into the stairwell. Carefully clear them. Be careful of the guy on the catwalk at the back of the room. The big terminal fight is actually pretty easy if you have the right strategy. Immediately take out the 3 guys to your right. Then run to the left. Snap in and out of BT as you go, taking out guys as they pop out. Move up on the left side of the pillars, snapping in and out of BT. Guys will be behind the pillars, behind some of the seats, and some will come from way down the terminal. Once you pass the weird angled dividers, there will be a painkiller on the desk by the departure gate on your immediate left. There are also 3 guys on the immediate right. 1 on the upper walkway, 1 behind the conveyor belts/plants, and 1 behind the close pillar. After you kill them, move up using the pillars for cover. Guys will come down the stairs and the gate will open, allowing 4 guys to come through. Kill them all as quick as possible from as far away as possible. The closer you get, the more they will hit you and the more grenades they will throw. STAY IN COVER. Don't expose yourself too much or you'll get torn up. If you're careful and fast enough, you can get through this part using 1-2 PKs maximum. Before you move on past the terminal, there are 4 painkillers to pick up. 1 at a departure gate near the angled dividers, 2 at the last departure gate on the left, and 1 at the top of the escalators on the right side in the middle of the terminal. After this, until Becker, it's easy. Just take your time and use the shoulder perspectives to peer around cover effectively. Watch for guys hiding in the trains.

    Becker - This part can suck. Always keep your eye on Becker. Don't ever look away for too long. Kill one guy, look back to Becker. Kill another, look at him again, etc. Getting shot up and using PKs is far preferable to eating a game-ending grenade, like I did my first time. Always save a bit of BT in case he launches a surprise grenade. If you've got a tiny bit left, opt to kill enemies without it rather than draining it all the way. If you get stuck with none and a grenade is coming, shootdodge away and get ready to use PKs to recover as you get back into cover. Don't go too far right or you'll get insta-killed. once the police car comes (after the jeeps), one of the cops that gets out will start throwing hand grenades at you. Take him out ASAP, as two sources of grenades is just way too much. After that, you're ready to go. Once you run up the stairs to kill Becker and enter the QTE, be calm. I actually lost the game at this point (URGH). My perspective was over the left shoulder, meaning I wasn't able to see the grenade. I hit right on the d-pad to shift perspective to my right-shoulder. Instead, the game spun Max around 180 degrees and pointed him at the wall. It wouldn't let me do another 180 degree turn and I had nowhere near enough time to turn back around normally. So, yeah, be aware that that can happen. angry

    Plane - I know some folks think this part is easy. I love blowing up the jeeps, helicopter, and cop cars, but I SUCK at shooting down Victor's jet. I lost here on regular NYM several times before I finally won. I didn't want to fail NYMHC here as well. I watched several guides to see exactly where to shoot the grenades and took him down easily. You only get a few seconds, so make those shots count. If you've had trouble here before, don't wing it; check out a video or two. On a personal note, I love watching that plane come down every time. It's so satisfying to make that bastard pay for everything he did. clap

    My only other suggestions are:

    1. Use the PK guide that Marky and Actual link to. It's incredibly useful! Save your PKs, but never let yourself get near Last Man Standing. If you're half red, use one. Be aware that the first 2 PKs listed in Chapter 9 aren't actually obtainable in NYM or NYMHC. Here's the link again (thanks to Infernal):

    2. Certain levels will build up your time like crazy. The first few, specifically 5, are useful. The end of 10 also helps a lot. If you have 10-15 mins left when you enter Chapter 13, take it slow at parts that usually give you a hard time. It's better to burn a minute than to fail due to haste.

    3. If you're stuck in a tough fight and are having trouble pinpointing your enemies, PAUSE THE GAME. You can look around while paused (and your stats will disappear to make it even easier to see).

    4. I found that playing Hardcore and Old School really helped me hone strategies for this mode. Once you build up a fair bit of time, you can take an extra second here and there to employ techniques that kept you safe through much more dangerous difficulties. Each chapter has a balance of speed and caution and no two are exactly the same.

    5. Learn to tap in and out of bullet time efficiently! Don't waste it by walking, tracking all the way across the screen, diving and letting it run, etc. If you only spend about 1/4-1/2 of a second in BT per use, you can significantly extend the amount you have and how long you can maintain it during long battles. Learn to constantly turn it on and off at the exact right times.

    I know this doesn't add a whole lot to existing guides, but I figured I'd share my strategies for the parts that stymied my progress again and again. I hope it ends up helping someone get this ridiculous achievement!!! smile Remember guys, be persistent. We've all had horribly frustrating failures on this one.
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