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How to unlock the All Of The Above achievement

  • SweetJoey106831SweetJoey106831465,131
    27 May 2012 27 May 2012 12 Jul 2012
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    This achievement is cumulative and recognizes stats across multiple playthroughs and chapter select alike. A lot of these will come naturally, but "grinding", as the achievement description suggests, is probably necessary for a few. The achievement requires all Golden Guns and all grinds to be at Platinum status. The word "done" will appear across the emblem when the grind has been completed. I'll share some specific tips that helped me get this achievement quickly. This is my first guide, so please let me know what I can do to improve it, and be patient with any errors. I will do my best to make sure everything is listed properly.

    There are a couple of spots in which many of these grinds can be completed simultaneously. Mainly Chapter 4, Checkpoint 5 and Chapter 14, Checkpoint 10 (Credit to AnTiBiTe 2006 for suggesting Chapter 14, Checkpoint 10).

    **There have been reports that the number required for completing a grind can be significantly greater while playing offline. This issue seems to be resolved immediately after connecting to Xbox Live.

    **There have also been reports of Grenade Launcher and LAW kills not registering properly, especially at the police station. This hasn't happened to me, so I can't shed much light on this issue.

    **If your counter for "Blow Out" isn't registering properly, Intengro RYANFU suggests dashboarding or resetting your console.


    First, are the Golden Guns. I used the video guide below to collect them all. The video belongs to RecklessCon, and all credit goes to him.

    Bloodbath: 200/500/1,000/2,500 Enemies killed - Kill enemies as you progress through the campaign. These should add up easily, especially while attempting other grinds.

    Head Master: 100/250/500/1,000 Headshots - Aim for the head. This is much easier during Bullet Time (Right Thumb Stick).

    Arms Dealer: 25/50/100/250 Arm/hand shots - Shoot for the arm and hand during Bullet Time.

    Leg Payne: 25/50/100/250 Leg/foot shots - Shoot for the leg and foot during Bullet Time.

    Below The Belt: 25/50/100/250 Groin shots - Shoot for the groin during Bullet Time.

    Dodge Brawl: 100/250/500/1,000 Kills during ShootDodge - Activate ShootDodge (RB) and kill as many enemies as you can while in the air. On Chapter 14, Checkpoint 10, I averaged 3 kills during ShootDodge. There are plenty of enemies and painkillers on this Checkpoint.

    Artful Dodger: 5/10/20/50 Minutes spent in ShootDodge - You could clear out a section of a level and literally press RB + any direction until you complete this, but it will come naturally if you are working on the other grinds, as many of them deal with ShootDodge.

    Take Your Time: 100/250/500/1,000 Enemies killed during Bullet Time - Press Right Thumb Stick and kill as many enemies as you can. You will be working on the "limb" grinds and can also work towards "The Turtle" if you have taken cover (X) behind something.

    Bullet River: 1,000/2,000/10,000/25,000 Rounds fired - This will come easily over time, so don't waste your ammo during the campaign.

    Take A Load Off: 25/50/100/250 Kills while in prone - Along the same idea as The Lounger. While moving forward, left, or right, activate ShootDodge. Once you have landed on the ground, shoot and kill as many enemies as you can while lying down. Move and repeat the process if your targets are out of sight, and remember to stop ShootDodge prematurely (click Right Thumb Stick) to avoid getting shot while suspended in the air. Chapter 14, Checkpoint 10 is a good place to get these kills.

    Slow Dive: 5/6/7/8 Seconds spent suspended in the air during ShootDodge - I tried climbing and jumping off of boxes and other random objects throughout the first couple of chapters, but the easiest way to get this is to load Chapter 3, Checkpoint 14. You will be taking fire from a sniper up above, but once you kill the two enemies at the top of the stands, make a 180 degree turn and ShootDodge (RB) off the steps. You might want to "sprint" (I use the word loosely) by holding A before you make your jump. Just watch out for the sniper, and you should have no trouble getting this.

    Cam Lover: 100/250/500/750 Bullet Cams watched. The Bullet Cam is initiated when the last enemy of a large group is killed or when you have entered Last Man Standing. In this case, the more painkillers, the better. Boot up Chapter 14, Checkpoint 10, and work on "Cam Lover" and "Back From The Dead" simultaneously.

    Wreckage: 25/50/100/200 Vehicles destroyed - Just load up Chapter 14, Checkpoint 13, and shoot all vehicles in sight. Be careful, though, not to shoot the armored car near the end of the sequence. You can shoot the jeep to the left of it, but if you shoot the armored car, an autosave will occur and you will not be able to reload your checkpoint.

    Double Damage: 150/300/750/1,000 Enemies killed while duel-wielding - Load up Chapter 14, Checkpoint 10. You will be wielding an Auto 9mm and a 608 Bull. Equip them together and kill as many enemies as you can.

    Blow Out: 25/50/100/250 Enemies killed from explosions - Fuel tanks, gas pumps, cars, etc. Anything that explodes will do just fine. Chapter 10 is great for this. Load up the bus sequence (Checkpoint 10). Shoot the man immediately after loading, sit through a quick cutscene, then shoot every gas pump/explosive in sight until you've reached your destination. You'll have unlimited ammo once your bus has made its abrupt stop, so just wait for enemies to crowd around a vehicle, and shoot it up. Play these sequences together, or if you favor one checkpoint over the other, load them up individually. The bus ride is 10-10, and the stand-off is 10-12. (Thanks, Woette)

    Guesswork: 25/50/100/250 Kills with blind fire - Chapter 10, Checkpoint 12 is a pretty decent place to get this, but you will more than likely spend more time trying to hit enemies from afar than actually racking up kills. The best place for this is on Chapter 4, Checkpoint 5. Without pressing LT or peeking over the cement barrier, shoot the cars in front of you. The explosions will kill most of the enemies, and the few others can be mopped up easily. You don't have to shoot them directly, deaths cause by shooting vehicles are also counted. Just remember to only press RT.

    The Turtle: 100/250/500/1,000 Kills while taking cover - This one is pretty straight-forward. Take cover against a wall or other object by pressing X. From there, just peep around the corner (LT), and shoot!

    Back From The Dead: 25/50/100/250 Last man standing "victories" - Find a checkpoint with plenty of painkillers, and take enough damage to enter "Last Man Standing". Make sure your enemies are in the open. Chapter 14, Checkpoint 10 is a good place to boost this.

    Fire Works: 25/50/100/200 Grenades or molotovs shot out of the air - I tried several things, but the absolute quickest method is to load up Chapter 8, Checkpoint 4. I used Free Aim, but Soft Lock can be used to help lock onto the grenades. You will approach 3 guys, one shooting a grenade launcher. Take the two guys on either side out first, and step back to where Passos is taking cover. From there, aim your reticle to the sky (where the grenades are "arching") and fire away. Be careful not to shoot them too close to the enemy, or he will die from the explosion. He shoots six grenades before reloading, and I think I was shooting one grenade every three seconds.

    Scrapper: 25/50/75/150 Melee kills. Load Chapter 4, Checkpoint 5. Once you start, hop the cement barrier and charge toward the closest enemy who is leaning against the car to the left. Get close and press Y. You will initiate a quick animation, and will need to shoot him. From there, move on from enemy to enemy, taking painkillers as needed. This is also a quick way to get "You Play, You Pay, You Bastard".

    Pharmacist: 50/100/250/500 Painkillers used - For most players, this will come naturally by playing through the game a couple of times. If it is one of your last grinds, however, load up Chapter 14, Checkpoint 10 on Easy. You will begin with 9 painkillers. Take damage & heal, rinse and repeat.

    Fall Guys: 25/50/100/250 - Load up Chapter 10, Checkpoint 7. As soon as you gain control of Max, look up and shoot the catwalk slightly behind where the enemies are standing. The catwalk will fall, rinse and repeat.

    Keep It Simple: 50/100/250/1,000 Kills with handguns - This should come easily for most. Refer to the link at the bottom of the page for help locating weapons.

    Shotgun Dues: 50/100/250/500 Kills with shotguns - If you're having trouble getting shotgun kills or even finding a shotgun to begin with, load up Chapter 4, Checkpoint 2. While you're battling it out with the Jersey boys, you'll notice a guy upstairs overlooking the pool table. Once you've taken care of him, grab his shotgun, but save the ammo until a minute or so later when you go outside (Chapter 4, Checkpoint 5). Take care of the guys standing around the cars, then turn and finish the three moving through the gate & reload your checkpoint. You'll be standing in front of the same 8 or 9 guys.

    Rapid Fire: 50/100/250/1,000 Kills with sub-machine guns - Refer to the link at the bottom of the page for help locating weapons. Know that the Auto 9mm is actually classified as a sub-machine gun.

    If It Ain't Broke: 50/100/250/1,000 Kills with rifles - This should come easily for most. Refer to the link at the bottom of the page for help locating weapons.

    Eagle Eye: 25/50/75/100 Kills with a sniper rifle - There are a couple of good spots for this grind. One is Chapter 3, Checkpoint 12 (where you cover Passos in the stadium), also the same place where you can attempt the achievement, "The One Eyed Man Is King". The other location (the location I preferred) is Chapter 12, Checkpoint 9. The reason I chose the latter is because there is an autosave during the Passos segment in Chapter 3 that will ruin your Checkpoint reload.

    The Lounger: 25/50/100/250 Kills while lying on your back - Chapter 14, Checkpoint 10. ShootDodge while moving backwards to land on your rear. From there, kill as many enemies as possible. Feel free to get up and repeat the process in another location if you aren't able to hit your targets. Another good tip is that while in ShootDodge, press the Right Thumb Stick to end it prematurely. This will help you avoid getting shot helplessly while floating in the air.

    Here is the link to a weapon guide to help those having trouble finding specific weapons. The guide belongs to o KeyserSoeze o, and all credit goes to him.

    Max Payne 3A Few Hundred Bullets BackThe A Few Hundred Bullets Back achievement in Max Payne 3 worth 57 pointsUse Every Weapon In The Game

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    D3midrolThumbs down, because all golden guns are not needed for that achievement.
    Posted by D3midrol on 04 Feb 15 at 11:05
    SweetJoey106831@D3midrol - Yes they are. They were required back when I wrote this guide, at least. If others can confirm the requirements have changed, I'll gladly edit my solution. A simple PM would have sufficed, but life goes on.
    Posted by SweetJoey106831 on 04 Feb 15 at 14:53
    III JMcH IIIWow!! Three morons downvoted this? Classic TA mentality.

    I only started working on this after all my playthroughs, so I had very little left. The Grenade and fall guy were great tips.

    Thank you for this guide.
    Posted by III JMcH III on 28 Apr 20 at 00:34
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  • WLC93WLC93561,950
    29 May 2012 01 Jun 2012 01 Jun 2012
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    This should help you out with the grinds. They are not in any specific order, I just tried to get them together by the chapter they’re set in and which ones can be done together with the exception of the weapon kill grinds, which are together at the bottom.

    I’ve heard of a lot of issues with grinds being listed at a higher number than they should be. What I’ve heard as the cause of this is playing the game offline. I don’t know for sure about that, but the whole time I’ve been playing this game, I’ve had it online and I have had no problem with excessively high numbers.

    I did not include golden guns in this guide because there is a separate achievement for that and it’s best to look there to keep this guide from getting cluttered. Here’s a link to it:
    Max Payne 3A License To KillThe A License To Kill achievement in Max Payne 3 worth 105 pointsCollect All Golden Guns

    For counts on these grinds check out Waggie 2k10’s solution, it is what originally helped me.

    Headmaster – There’s really no specific place to get this but if I were going to recommend anything I would say either Chapter 8 Checkpoint 5 or Chapter 12 Checkpoint 10

    The Lounger – Chapter 8 Checkpoint 5: Walk off the ledge and do a bullet dodge backwards and you’ll be on your back, you could use bullet time during this to help with Take Your Time. Note: I found that if you are on your back then kills count as prone towards Take a Load Off and The Lounger

    Take a Load Off – See “The Lounger” above

    Dodge Brawl – Chapter 8 Checkpoints 4-7: Start at Chapter 8 Checkpoint 4 and just kill everyone in shootdodge; Checkpoint 5 is a good reload point because there are ten enemies but you can’t kill the last, which brings to Checkpoint 7 where you can go for Double Damage in the area where Passos is being held. You can get Double Damage, Shotgun Dues, Keep It Simple, If It Ain't Broke, or Rapid Fire while getting Dodge Brawl

    Artful Dodger – Chapter 8 Checkpoint 4: After you clear the area of enemies you can go back to where the guy with the grenade launcher was and shootdodge off of the balcony for some good air time
    Chapter 14 Checkpoint 4: In the airport terminal you can go up to the second story and shootdodge off of the balcony for good airtime
    Note that you will take damage from falling from excessive heights, but you will not actually die, so you can farm pain pills while you do this or after.

    Slow Dive – While you are going for Artful Dodger you should get this, if not find a nice staircase to jump off and you should spend plenty of time in the air

    Take Your Time – Anywhere in the game would be good for this grind, but you could use anyplace you’re going for one of these grinds to help you get, such as Leg Payne, Arm Payne, or Below The Belt

    Fireworks – Chapter 8 Checkpoint 4: Once you start this checkpoint there will be an enemy with a grenade launcher on a balcony, he will shoot grenades continuously as long as he is alive; I find soft lock to be most effective, just aim a good bit above his head and you will automatically lock onto the grenades, you can use bullet time to slow them down until you get the rhythm

    Back From the Dead – Chapter 8 Checkpoint 5: You start this checkpoint with 5 painkillers, just get yourself shot, go into last man standing and plug the guy who shot you, rinse and repeat. Note: there are 2 extra painkillers in a small shed in Checkpoint 4 just before you follow Passos to checkpoint 5.

    The Pharmacist – Chapter 8 Checkpoint 5: I recommend you work on this alongside Back From the Dead; there will most likely be some excess so when you finish Back From the Dead, just keep playing Checkpoint 5 and taking pills like crazy, if that happens I do recommend that you go back to Checkpoint 4 and get the 2 extra painkillers

    Blow Out – Chapter 8 Checkpoint 4; Grab the grenade launcher on your way to Checkpoint 5, once you reach Checkpoint 5, after the cutscene go to town on the group standing around the pillar, once you run out of ammo just reload the checkpoint
    Chapter 5 Checkpoint 14: You will be in the boat after it has stalled, there will be a small dock with propane tanks and three enemies on it, aim for the propane tanks and it the explosion will kill them; this checkpoint will help with rifle kills as well
    Chapter 13 Checkpoint 7: Once you destroy the tank, pick up one of the extra LAWs and hold it, you can kill the soldiers who come out of the garage with the grenade launcher for extra explosive kills; once you go through the garage you will come out above ground with three enemies standing at the far end of the area, pull out the LAW and blow them sky high
    PLEASE NOTE: There are some technical problems with some of the explosive weapons, what I understand the problem to be is changing the reticule, if reticules are set to default the explosive weapons work just fine; however, if they are set to weapon specific then the grenade launcher and LAW may not do any damage to enemies. It also may help to restart your console

    Leg Payne – Chapter 8 Checkpoint 5: Use bullet time and aim for the legs of enemies

    Arm Payne – Chapter 8 Checkpoint 5: Use bullet time and aim for the arms of enemies

    Below The Belt – Chapter 8 Checkpoint 7: My best advice for this is to go to this checkpoint because the guy is alone and you will have time to line up your shot; using this checkpoint will also count towards Cam Lover

    Fall Guys – Chapter 10 Checkpoint 7: You will start this checkpoint with two guys on a catwalk above you, you go into slow-motion and you can shoot the catwalk out from under them; the checkpoint starts right there, so you can just hit restart once they fall

    Scrapper – Chapter 13 Checkpoint 2: You will start this checkpoint right after the long opening cutscene, three guys will be in the area, wait for the one approaching you to get close, melee him and then run into the office and melee the other two, then reload the checkpoint
    Guesswork – Chapter 13 Checkpoints 2-3: Start at Checkpoint 2 kill the three guys in the office area and then -very important - grab the enemy’s dropped SAF - he approaching you as the checkpoint started - and the two pills from the office; trigger the next checkpoint and go down the hall hit the corner before the two enemies who are about to execute a couple of prisoners and blindfire them with the SAF, go into the next area and wait for another enemy to come through a hallway then blindfire him, pick up his shotgun and go to the last corner before the final two enemies, blindfire them and then reload the checkpoint

    Wreckage – Chapter 14 Checkpoint 13: You’ll have the grenade launcher and you’re chasing the plane, don’t blow up the armored vehicle and reload the checkpoint. Note, you can blow up the helicopter too, and it counts if you are trying to get “The Road-Kill Behind Me”
    Cam Lover – Chapter 8 Checkpoint 7: You start this area with the enemy holding Passos at gunpoint, he is an automatic bullet cam, kill him as you wish and restart the checkpoint; You can also kill all the enemies in the area and the final one will be a bullet cam as well then reload the checkpoint, I recommend this if you still need to get kills with certain gun types

    Bullet River – You should have no problem having fired at least 15,000 rounds by the time you finish the campaign, and by the time you finish working on the grinds this one should easily be in the bag. If you are anxious to get this one, just waste as much ammo as you can and also Chapter 5 Checkpoint 14 with the LMG is a good place to waster ammo because your ammo supply is unlimited

    2500 Kills – Again this one should be more than halfway done once you finish the campaign, but if not then it will certainly be done as you work on finishing the grinds

    The Turtle – This is a tricky one as there is not a really perfect place that I can think of for this; however, while you are going for the Guesswork grind it should also count towards this. Try either Chapter 13 Checkpoint 2-3 or Chapter 14 Checkpoint 10 if you are having any trouble with it.
    Keep It Simple – There are pistols everywhere, so really just take your pick, but I would say the two best chapters to get pistol kills on are Chapter 4 and Chapter 8

    Rapid Fire – Chapter 10 Checkpoint 11: where you are on the bus, Max has an SMG and you can get most of your SMG kills here; be sure to reload the checkpoint before you kill the last guy in the area, I found it quickest to reload just before the bus went into the tunnel
    Shotgun Dues – Chapter 14 Checkpoint 9: If you start at this checkpoint, you will be on the tram as it is stopping, walk around on the tram and find the Spas-15. Once you have it, advance and you will be in the cargo hold with two bags of ammo and a lot of pills; be careful not to kill the last enemy in the cargo area and just reload the checkpoint. If for some reason this area becomes glitched as it did for me after a while, Chapter 8 Checkpoint 5 is also good, start there, grab a shotgun and advance to the circular area where Passos is being held, kill the ten guys and restart the checkpoint.
    Be advised that sawed-off shotgun does not count towards shotgun kills, I think that’s pretty ridiculous since it has the word shotgun in its title, but I believe that it does not count towards shotgun kills because it is a one-handed weapon.

    Eagle Eye – Chapter 12 Checkpoint 10: Start this checkpoint and there will be a sniper rifle against the railing, grab it and take out the enemies in the adjacent building, this will help with headshots if you aim carefully. Alternatively, if you have not gotten “The One-Eyed Man Is King” where you have to cover Passos perfectly this will help out too; it is at Chapter 3 Checkpoint 12

    Double Damage – Chapter 8 Checkpoint 6-7: At this checkpoint you will go in and kill about ten enemies, once you do grab another weapon and head to the next checkpoint. You will start out with Passos being held at gunpoint, equip the dual wield and go to town. There are ten enemies in this room and you can kill them all and still reload the checkpoint. If you get tired of doing the same thing over you could go through all of Chapter 8, it’s not very long, but it does have a lot of enemies and a lot of one-handed weapons

    If It Ain’t Broke: Chapter 5 Checkpoints 11-17 – When you are on the boat you will have an LMG, keep replaying this area and you should rack up the 1000 kills pretty quickly, you can just replay Checkpoint 14 as it may be the quickest area with the most enemies

    If you have any suggestions for other good places to work on a specific grind drop a comment and I’ll add your suggestion and give you credit. If you see a mistake or correction or need any clarification or help please leave a comment or feel free to send me a private message.
    Have fun and make sure you stay on your grind.
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    whalepoweredI was wondering why I wasn't getting explosion kills while attempting them in the last chapter. Thanks for that help and some of your other spots.
    Posted by whalepowered on 01 Jul 12 at 18:37
  • wiLLYb0ifR3ShwiLLYb0ifR3Sh377,270
    21 May 2012 21 May 2012
    18 1 4
    Here's a good way to work towards Fall Guys, Blow Out, Wreckage and Fire Works all at once.

    Load up Chapter V checkpoint 12.
    Easy difficulty with hard lock on.

    Shoot all the boats that are coming after you but not the guys on them so they will die by explosion and also count towards wreckage, at the next checkpoint on the left you will see a bunch of guys shooting at you, and most of them are standing beside propane tanks (you know what to do!) then there will be trucks that are shooting at you on the side, once again shoot the vehicle not them this will make them blow up & will count towards Blow out, Fall guys & Wreckage.
    & in checkpoint 13 you will have about 6 molotovs thrown at you and another grenade after the next checkpoint,
    almost unmissable with hard lock on.

    hope this helps!
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    wiLLYb0ifR3Shthanks :D glad I could help
    Posted by wiLLYb0ifR3Sh on 23 May 12 at 05:49
    OzzysShadyDiscoThere's always at least one Negative Nancy! Not me... +1
    Posted by OzzysShadyDisco on 19 Sep 12 at 17:58
    wiLLYb0ifR3ShDamn negative nancys.. thanks ozzy :D
    Posted by wiLLYb0ifR3Sh on 19 Sep 12 at 18:00
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