Anything You Can Do... achievement in Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier

Anything You Can Do...

Complete a Daily Friend Challenge through all return fire volleys

Anything You Can Do...-2.0
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How to unlock the Anything You Can Do... achievement

  • Mephisto03Mephisto0363,879
    02 Jun 2012 28 May 2012
    20 5 20
    To kind of play off what lab0kup said in the requirements for the achievement. I decided to write down a solution on how to set up a boosting match for the achievement.

    Achievement Requirements:
    - Beat a friend Challenge 5 times
    - 24 Hours to do all 5 fire volleys

    - Achievement only pops for 1 person, the person who beat the challenge last.
    - If you accept a challenge and then accept a different one, the previous one will disappear from the list. So be careful when you start to fire volley.

    Boosting session:
    - 8 players
    - 4 vs 4

    How to set this up:
    - A challenge only pops up every 24 hours, if someone beat your challenge and sent it back, or you only had one challenge and you beat it.
    - To set a friend challenge and make sure you get it from a specific person you need to delete all your friends who have the game except the person you want the challenge from.

    Basically this is how it's done. To make this simpler to write I'll be using "GR" as Ghost Recruit, and "BR" as Bodark Recruit.

    - The Ghost Leader will friend his three GR teammates so they can join his squad. The Bodark Leader will do the same with his three BR teammates to join his squad.

    - The three teammates on each team will then unfriend their leaders. Don't worry, you'll still be in a squad together, I've already tested this out.

    - The Leaders will then friend each other. Then GR1 will friend BR1, GR2 will friend BR2, and GR3 will friend BR3. This will make sure that everyone has only 1 friend from the opposite team (since this will come into play later). **Take note that you then need to go back to the xbox dashboard, and restart the game so that the game resets who your friends are. You will now only see challenges from your 1 friend in the game scrolling in multiplayer.

    - Now you need to get the friend challenge. If you already have more then 1 challenge you'll use the fact that accepting a challenge, and then accepting a new one deletes the previous to only have 1 challenge. If you already only have 1, you just have to worry about that one.

    - So say Ghost Team is going first. Everyone on ghost team will complete their current challenge so that they can get a new one which should be a friend challenge by their one friend in the game who is currently on the opposite team.

    - Next, start your actual boost session where everyone on the Ghost Team does their friend challenge so they can start to fire volley.

    - After 5, the Bodark Team will initiate the friend challenge by doing what Ghost Team did at the start by getting a new type of friend Challenge to start their fire volley.

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    DeathBomMB007If everyone obviously contacted ubisoft and explain maybe they will listen but hey who knows!
    Posted by DeathBomMB007 on 06 Jan 13 at 21:36
    S4LUT3t0LUN4CYSeen some sessions and they either don't fill, everyone starts dropping out, or you have people who have have stupid streaks like 40 kills/stuns in a row because they boosted to lvl 50 and take up a chunk of the session, APPARENTLY NOBODY WANTS THIS ACHIEVEMENT
    Posted by S4LUT3t0LUN4CY on 01 Feb 14 at 10:04
    ApostolakyI want this achievement. If anyone is interested in boosting it send me a private message
    Posted by Apostolaky on 09 Jun 14 at 21:46
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  • F1XELLF1XELL387,567
    11 Aug 2012 17 Aug 2012
    16 2 4
    This achievement requires you to first understand how challenges are issued. The game tracks specific statistics:
    Kill streak
    Number of Kills in Gametype X
    Long Distance Kill
    Explosive Kills
    XP in a match
    Intel Assists
    Kill X number of (scouts/rifleman/engineers) in a match
    Melee Kills
    Conflict Objectives in a match
    Teammate Heals

    In order to get a challenge from a friend - they must have a higher score (or the same score) in one of these statistics as you do. So if you've gotten 10 headshots in one game - you will never get a challenge for headshots from a friend who has less than 10 in a game. In other words - if you are good at the game, and play it a lot - you reduce your chances of getting any friend challenges at all!

    So - to make this easy, you want to avoid building up any of the statistics listed above to make sure you get easy challenges. If like me - you already have high stats - Ubisoft just reset the Challenege statistics in August and has promised to do so regularly (prob every 3 months). After a reset - you will only get challenges from friends who have completed at least one online match since the reset occured.

    Once you do get an easy challenge - accept it and get the amount you need to complete the challenge - and no more. Becuase your friend will have to beat that score by one, then you have to beat their score by one, and so on.

    So if your challenge is get more than 0 melee kills in a match. It will go like this
    You - Get 1 melee kill
    Friend - Get 2
    You - Get 3
    Friend - Get 4
    You - Get 5 - achivement unlocked.

    Also - note that each time the challenge is volleyed - you have 24 hours to accept it- but once you accept it, you get less and less time to complete it.
    1st Round - 24 hours to complete
    2nd Round - 12 hours
    3rd Round - 6 Hours
    4th Round - 3 Hours
    5th Round - 1 Hour
    As you can see - on the last round, you get only one hour - so make sure you play at a time of day when lots of people are on - so you can find a good map and match for your challenge. And if you want friends to help you - party up and get in a lobby before accepting. REMEMBER - you can accept the challenge from the pre-game lobby once the map vote is locked - so you can wait till you get a map you like before taking that last challenge on.

    Also, its possible your return fire volley and your friends normal daily challenge could end up being the same thing - but if they accept the wrong one - it messes up the achievement. So look at EXP values to make sure you have the correct challenge, they are worth 500, 1000, 1500, 2000, 2500 depending on which volley you are on 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 respectively.

    Only the person who did the first challenge gets the achievement - so when going for your challenge, you ideally want to only work on what you need to complete the challenge - if you do lots of other stuff in game - you are raising other statistics - which means all future challenges will be more difficult if you fail, or if your friend wants to get the achievement later, your challenges to them could be too hard.

    You MUST FINISH THE MATCH to get credit for a completed challenge. But - if you are not going to get it in a game, and you have a bunch of other stats you may have increased - you can quit out before the end of the match and none of those stats will be saved. So before a match ends - if you don't want your stats stored and you won't beat the challege - just quit. This ensures you can keep your stats low until you beat the challenge.

    If you have a second account, that makes it easier to coordinate getting all the rounds done, since you can do it all yourself - but the second account needs to have beaten you in a statistic for that account to issue a challenge to your main. The nice thing is, you can see what the challenges are to that account from your main - and that is basically telling you what your high score is in a statistic. If you tie that score with your second account - it can then issue a challenge for that to your main account.

    Just make sure you pick a challenge you think you can beat by 5 or more points in one hour for the final round (i.e. avoid conflict objectives and data hacks). The best challenge is for X number of kills in a match because there are no conditions on how you can get them.
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    UnawareBossHow come this has not worked for me i did the first round and i did the 5th but i did not get the achievement also the 5th round for me was not 2500xp it was 2000xp so i dono whats happend here my second account had the 2500xp challenge?
    Posted by UnawareBoss on 18 Sep 12 at 22:33
    F1XELLBecuase when you accepted the challenge for the first time on your second account - your second account had the exact same Daily Challenge as what you sent back, only worth 500 exp instead of 1000.. This happened to me also. That's why you need to check the EXP values to make sure it is the return fire and not simply the accounts normal daily challenge. So you ended up working towards getting it for your second account instead. I know how bad it sucks - becuase it happened to me too.
    Posted by F1XELL on 19 Sep 12 at 15:33
    Bad SyKaIs there a possibility to know if there is a stats reset planned ? Or when was the last one ?
    Posted by Bad SyKa on 27 Nov 12 at 13:45
  • lab0kuplab0kup1,586,034
    27 May 2012 27 May 2012 28 May 2012
    18 10 20
    For this you need to beat friend challenge under the challenge menu. After you beat it - go back to challenge menu and sent this challenge BACK to your friend, he need to beat it again and send back to you. You need to do that 5 times and you only have 24 hours for all of them.
    Be aware that the 1st challenge can be like this:
    Complete 4 headshots in a match, so to beat it - you have to do at least 5. Then when you sent it back - your friend need to do at least 6 and so on.

    EDIT: Almost forgot. Achievement unlocks only for person who beat challenge last(5th) time. You also get 500 XP for this last one.
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    BegFourMercyMake sure you do this before any other multi-player ones. Otherwise you will not get an easy challenge.
    Posted by BegFourMercy on 21 Jul 12 at 06:52
    ArachnicideYou get 2500 xp for the final challenge...not 500. Just got this today. I used 2 dummy accounts. Got a challenge set for distance kills...was on the 4th challenge and completed it then, like a dumbass clicked NO when it asked me to challenge back. So I added my second dummy and got a melee kill (3) challenge. Went ahead and blew through this in about 2 hours. Also, I did lose my 7 melee kill 4th challenge to host migration/connection loss. So I did 6 damn challenges to get this shit.
    Posted by Arachnicide on 26 Jul 12 at 14:53
    Tenente BenassiBut what about the online pass? Can I tell my friend to create a dummy and he keep playing on online?
    Posted by Tenente Benassi on 30 Jul 12 at 18:31
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