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The Hero in Dragon's Dogma

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Completed all pre-planned, non-notice board quests.

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There are three types of quest available in Dragon's Dogma: the notice board quests, the main story quests and the side quests. The sudden Survive This Ambush quests do not count towards this achievement.

Any quests you miss on your first playthrough can be completed on following playthroughs. As soon as each one of these following sidequest have been completed, the achievement will pop.


Main Story Quests
Strength in Numbers
A Rude Awakening
Off With Its Head
A Matter of Myrmidons
Lure of the Abyss
The Cypher
A Fortress Besieged
Seeking Salvation
The Watergod's Altar
Come to Court
The Wyrmking's Ring
Griffin's Bane
Pride Before a Fall
Honor and Treachery
Trial and Tribulations
Deny Salvation
The Final Battle
A Warm Welcome
Fathom Deep

Both sets of quests are in the order that they're listed in your pawn's Quest Knowledge log. To see your Quest Knowledge list for your pawn, choose Status in the pause screen. Change using the RB to your pawn and scroll down to 'Quests'. That will show your pawn's experience in the same order as this list.

Once again, these sidequests are NOT in the order you can gain them in the game.

Side Quests
Grim Tidings (Elvar, fisherman's house near the church, Cassardis)
Inform Merin of the loss of his brother.
Lost Faith (Father Clemente, the church, Cassardis)
Talk to the Father in the church, and search for his lost scriptures which are located on top of a nearby rooftop.
Floral Delivery (Benita, wrecked house, Cassardis)
Give her 5 Sunbright Flowers and 1 Moonglow Flower. Moonglow flowers will only appear at night time.
Deep Trouble (Poll, next to the well, Cassardis)
Talk to the guard, and descend into the well. Kill all Saurians you find.
Idol Worship (Caxton, shop in Fountain Square, Gran Soren)
Deliver a bronze, silver or gold idol to him. Either bronze idol from the Witch's House in Witchwood or the Dragonforged's cave will complete this quest. The Gold idol is a reward for completing Escort Duty successfully.
An Uninvited Guest (Pablos, innkeeper, Cassardis)
Talk to the innkeeper, then the other two shopkeepers. Come back after dark and chase him around town. You must grab him (RT) to catch him.
No Honor Among Thieves (Maul, Ruins of Aernst Castle)
Speak to the leader of the bandits at the castle, and do one of two options. Either track down a deserter from the bandits (hint - he's in Cassardis) or kill a group of female bandits at Heavenspeak Fort.
Thick As Thieves (Ophis, Ruins of Heavenspeak Fort)
Warning - Ophis will only speak to an all-female party, or one where all males are wearing dresses. She will want you to kill several male bandits near the ruins of Aernst Castle. Alternatively, talk to Betiah outside the fort and feed her pet Cyclops with a dead goblin.
Supply And Demands (Ser Daerio, Windbluff Tower)
Talk to Ser Daerio and take his message to Julien or a guard at the castle in Gran Soren. Be sure to return to him before accepting the main quest Pride Before A Fall, otherwise this quest will be automatically failed.
A Troublesome Tome (Steffan, Fountain Square, Gran Soren)
Retrieve the book he asks for from the Ruins of Aernst Castle - it's right at the top of the highest tower. It's possible to forge a copy of this book at the Black Cat before handing it over to complete the quest.
Reaper's Scorn (Austine, Craftsman's Quarter, Gran Soren)
Simply locate another wakestone shard and return to the blacksmith.
Of Merchants and Monsters (Alon, merchant outside the Ancient Quarry)
Alon wants you to completely clear the quarry of all monsters, including the three ogres. After completing this quest, Alon will open up a shop inside the Ancient Quarry.
Escort Duty (Fournival, his house, Gran Soren)
Escort Fournival's brat of a daughter around Gran Soren. Make sure to bring a flask of water with you and to let her win the foot race. When playing hide and seek, try the back of the alehouse or the inn.
The Dragons Tongue (picking up the Ancient Tablet in Witchwood)
Warning - tablet is heavy. Take it to the Chief priest at the cathedral in Gran Soren, and he will advise you to take it to the Dragonforged.
Talent in Bloom (Quina, the Abbey)
Deliver Quina's Blessed Flower to the chief priest at the Cathedral in Gran Soren. Report back to Quina to finish the quest.
Nameless Terror (Guard at southern gate to Gran Soren)
After meeting the Duke for the first time, talk to the guard who will give you a letter. Following this, you will be attacked at night-time in the following four places:
Outside the Ancient Quarry
Between the Mountain Waycastle and the Encampment
Just after the northern bridge by Gran Soren, heading towards Windbluff Tower
On the mountain road between Gran Soren and the Mountain Waycastle.
Once those four attacks have been completed, the final attack will come at any time of day, just outside Cassardis's gate.
The Conspirators (Chancellor Fedel, the castle, Gran Soren)
Go to Soulflayer Canyon and retrieve his letter. Make sure your quest marker is on, as it's in a particularly awkward location to slide down to.
Rise of the Fallen (Ser Maxmilian, Gran Soren)
Overhear a conversation at night beneath a bridge in Gran Soren, then get hold of a key to a special part of the Catacombs, either from the conspirators or by purchasing it from the Black Cat. Then enter the Catacombs and locate their meeting.
An Innocent Man (Tomlin, near the beach, Cassardis)
Talk to people in Gran Soren about his father before entering the castle dungeons. Make sure to have two skeleton keys before entering.
Supplier's Demand (Madeline, her shop, Gran Soren)
Deliver a bronze, silver or gold idol to her. Either bronze idol from the Witch's House in Witchwood or the Dragonforged's cave will complete this quest. The Gold idol is a reward for completing Escort Duty successfully.
Land of Opportunity (Fournival, Gran Soren)
Fournival wants you to evict his tenants from their land. Talk to the husband, wife and son when you find them, or wait long enough for Fournival to offer to sell you the land for 80,000G.
Lost and Found (Adaro, headsman, Cassadis)
Speak to the headsman, who asks you to locate Quina in the Witchwood and escort her home. Quest disappears after reaching Gran Soren for the first time.
A Parting Gift (Sister Clarus, the Abbey)
Must have completed Talent in Bloom first. Locate a Pilgrim's Charm for her (either from the Catacombs or purchasing them from a shop).
Witch Hunt (Overheard in Fountain Square, Gran Soren)
Go to the Witchwood to save Selene, and then follow her on down into the lower section to complete the quest. Do pick up the Ancient Tablet by the gravestone to start The Dragons Tongue quest while you're there.
Guard Duty (Madeline, the inn, Cassardis)
Escort her safely to the Encampment.
Bad Business (Katelyn, Madeline's shop, Gran Soren)
Available after completing second set of tasks for the Duke. After starting the quest, talk to the patrons at the alehouse. Then use the city exit by the Aquaduct.
Arousing Suspicion (Mirabelle, the castle, Gran Soren)
You MUST have talked to Lady Aelinore in her gardens directly after having spoken to the Duke for the first time to get this quest. Talk to Mirabelle and visit the Duchess at night.
Duchess in Distress (Mirabelle, outside the castle doors, Gran Soren)
Must have completed Arousing Suspicion first. Go to the Blighted Manse and save Lady Aelinore. Be careful not to let her die.
Dying of Curiosity (Merin, the beach, Cassardis)
Merin will want you to help locate Valmiro who's run off. Talk to everyone in the village first, and make sure you have at least six healing herbs with you. Valmiro first appears on the Unusual Beach, and upon being healed, runs off to the Encampment. When healed at the Encampment, he promptly legs it to the Witchwood. Find him at the Witchwood to see if he's finally learnt his lesson.
Farewell, Valmiro (Valmiro, near the beach, Cassardis)
Must have completed Dying of Curiosity first.Give him a Potent Greenwarish, a Lantern, Kept Sour Ambrosial Meat and a Pilgrim's Charm. Then carry his luggage for him.
Search Party (Reynard, traveling merchant)
The single most annoying sidequest. Firstly, you MUST have saved him from being attacked by goblins the very first time you left Cassardis. After that, he'll show up at the Encampment selling items, and from then on, will appear at random at various inns and rest camps across Gransys. You must then do:
1) Buy ten items from him. I suggest buy one, exit, re-enter, etc.
2) Give him a piece of Scrap Iron.
3) Buy fifteen items from him. Same way suggested.
4) Give him a piece of Miasmite (not a Miasmite shard). It's a rare drop from Phantoms.
5) Buy twenty five items from him.
6) Give him all six of his father's journal entries. They're located
- First Journal Entry : Encampment, chest near where you defeated the Hydra.
- Second Journal Entry : Catacombs, second level underground.
- Third Journal Entry : Gran Soren, climb over the roofs NW of the Black Cat.
- Fourth Journal Entry : Barta Crags, campsite south of Miasmic Haunt.
- Fifth Journal Entry : Soulflayer Canyon, on a destroyed bridge on the first floor.
- Final Journal Entry : Ancient Quarry, middle of the map.
Chasing Shadows (Mason, Gran Soren)
Go to the Noble Quarter at night and follow the stranger to his meeting. Keep well back and don't be spotted too often. This quest can be failed.
Deeper Trouble (voice from inside the well, Cassardis)
Must have completed Deep Trouble first. Return to the well, destroy all Saurians again and this time make sure you kill off all the eggs on the walls to finish the quest.

There is one other quest that is apparently needed, but does not show up on your Pawn's quest knowledge:
Mettle Against Metal
Available in lower Witchwood section after completing Witch Hunt. Destroy the Metal Golem by breaking its discs. Bring along at least one ranged pawn as several discs are mid-air.
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