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Posted on 01 June 12 at 03:50, Edited on 08 January 13 at 18:08
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This achievement is for killing the Ur Dragon that lives in the Everfall. When you complete the main story, you will wake up in Cassardis and be instructed to head to Gran Soren. The quest is called "Warm Welcoming." When you complete it, you will find yourself in the Everfall. Complete the first chamber and kill the Evil Eye. After that, drop down until you land on the floor with the Chamber of Lament. In here you will find this game's real boss.Before entering the chamber, you have to make a decision though, and it's one most people would overlook. The decision is whether to fight the dragon online or offline. If you're like me, you've been playing with connectivity set to "Online" since the beginning. However, if you fight the Ur Dragon like this, his health will be impacted by the thousands of people around the world fighting him at the same time. This sounds good, but it really means that he has a ton more health and you have a much smaller chance of striking the final blow, unless you fight him for hours on end or check back and find him near death. If you do it offline, he's like any other boss. Just with A LOT more health. Unlike other bosses though, you can't feasibly kill him first time. For fellow Monster Hunter fans, think Fatalis. This boss, after 10 minutes of fighting, will leave and let you get your bearings after a likely harsh beating. You should then leave the Everfall, rest at the Inn for 1-4 days, and resupply as needed.

You can fight the Ur Dragon after closing the Everfall. This is done by finishing the remaining quests, using the Godsbane, and starting a new game+. On the beach in Cassardis, you should find a riftstone. Using it will allow you to fight the Ur Dragon.
Credit goes to XxDerUeblexX for this update.

As for tips on the Ur Dragon itself:
-DO NOT GIVE THAT GIRL THE 20 WAKESTONES. It will result in the closure of the Everfall. You have to kill the dragon before completing that quest for the achievement.

-You can only injure it by attacking its glowing pink weakspots. After a weakspot is "depleted," It'll flash white and turn dull. The spots can be anywhere from its hands to the tip of its wings.

-Start with the hard to reach spots, i.e. its back and wings. As its health gets lower, it starts getting stronger and more rowdy, making those spots very hard to reach.

-Be either a warrior or archer. Physical damage is the dragon's weakness. DO NOT BE A MAGE!!! It will take you an eternity.

-Have a mage pawn that knows "Holy Affinity," as the Ur Dragon is weak to holy light (Credit goes to Smorehead for the info)

-As expected, the Maker's Finger arrow will not 1-hit kill the Ur Dragon. It will however kill the weakspot it impacted with. So its not a terrible idea to use if there are any weakspots that are giving you trouble (Credit goes to KJT CD ACD for the info)

-If you're a Fighter or Warrior and are completely opposed to changing classes, there is a solution of sorts: destroy all the hearts except for the few on the wings and just bring only pawns who have ranged capabilities. While it may be slow, they should eventually destroy them.

And lastly, my personal tactic:
I started a lv. 46 Assassin wielding the Dragon's Dogma sword. In general, my pawns were 1 mage for healing and buffs and 2 striders to shoot arrows. If you're like me, you're gonna die. A lot. My solution to this was to stockpile wakestones by fighting the wyrm in the Chamber of Distress. Not only is it the easiest chamber, but it will also upgrade your equipment with wyrmfire. So after every 10 minute bout with the UD, I'd drop down and kill the wyrm and replenish my wakestone supply. I would also like to note that the wingtip weakspots are near impossible to hit with anything but a bow, which is why I recommend the assassin.

I think that sums it up. Good luck!
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Some tips based on my personal experience:

1. Don't bother with the online Ur-Dragon. You might get lucky and get him at low health, but there just isn't enough reliability that you'll strike the last blow. Fight him all you want for fun, but when going for the achievement, set your connectivity to offline in the options menu (I actually chose not to connect when starting up the game when I was going for the achievement just to be sure). I'd also recommend doing it in NG+ using the rift stone on the beach in Cassardis rather than in the Everfall section at the end of the game. You will have a convenient inn and shops at your disposal this way, and you will have probably leveled a bit from the endgame sequences.

2. Play as a class that can use a bow. I played as an Assassin, but I'd imagine you can use any of the archer classes. There are 2 spots on the "elbows" of his wings that I don't think you can get without a bow. I tried climbing to them, and it just kept flipping me back and forth from the inside to the outside of the wings. If you shoot a volley of arrows at the outer parts of his wings, the spots will start to glow if you can't locate them at first.

3. Destroy those 2 spots that I just mentioned on the wings FIRST. I destroyed all the other spots by climbing onto the dragon itself and waited until the end of the fight to get the 2 on the wings (because I didn't know they were there). This is not a good choice because he becomes more aggressive and stronger when he is at low health. It made it very difficult to get those spots when he was jumping around and sending out flames of insta-death every 5 seconds. Save yourself some headaches and get those done early.

4. Stock up on items that replenish your stamina and try to stay on the dragon as much as possible. A good way to get stamina items if you are low is to buy mushrooms from Iola (little old lady at the shop in Cassardis, convenient if you are doing it from the rift stone on the beach in NG+). You'll need a LOT of them (I'd say about 50 per fight depending on if you have other stamina items). Besides the 2 on the outer wings, all the other spots can be attacked while you are climbing on the dragon's body. This keeps you safe from most of his attacks, and even if he does throw you off, it probably won't instantly kill you like a lot of his attacks do. I didn't even use many healing items until the later fights when he gets stronger and more aggressive.

5. Make sure you pay attention to your stamina bar and refill it before you run out. You want to stay stuck to him like glue, so make sure you don't get careless and run out of stamina.

6. If you do have to get on the ground, stay behind him (around the back legs so the tail can't really get you). This was the safest ground position I could find. If he jumps away from you, run like hell to get back behind him so he doesn't get you with his fire attacks.

7. Use pawns that have archery as well, if possible. I went with 2 fighter pawns and a mage, but if I had to do it again, I'd probably take at least one other character with archery because the pawns don't really climb onto him, so there are only a few of the spots they can hit from the ground with swords. I ended up doing the vast majority of the work, and maybe that would have been different with different pawns.

8. If you end up in a situation like I did where the last spot is on a section of the wing that you can't get to by climbing, hang on to one of his legs while he jumps all around. Then, when you see him charging up for a frontal fire-breath attack or magic attack (where he holds out one of his hands and the get the orange or blue glow), this is your window to hop down and fire a few arrows into the wing spot. Be sure to shoot 4 or 5 volleys at a time and get back onto his leg quickly, otherwise you might get caught on the ground when he does a different attack. It takes a while to do it this way, but I found it to be the most reliable way to avoid a frustrating death.

Hope this helps! My character at the time was a level 59 Assassin using dragonforged Dragon's Pain daggers (strength 934, magick 202) and a 2-star Fey Whisper bow (strength 754, magick 202). I didn't use any wakestones, potions to buff stats, or special arrows (although they would probably make the wing spots less frustrating, especially if you use a Maker's Finger to destroy one spot in one shot!).
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The other two descriptions cover the bases nicely; I want to call out a couple things that I might have missed but were critical to me.

The Rift Stone required to access the Ur-Dragon is in Cassardis. It's not the beach outside the gates, it's the beach with all the fishing boats; you just need to go to the portion off to the right (as you're looking at the ocean).

When you enter the Rift to fight the Ur-Dragon, you will be attacked by three easily defeated pawns. Different ones will be there but they always aggro when they see you and will attack. To avoid annoyance and having to heal, I recommend sniping them from the tower you're coming from. Again, they're easy but their attacks can eat into your healing spells.

Finally, the dragon fights you for about 10 minutes and will fly off. You have to leave the Rift and come back to resume the fight. You can exit to the beach, turn around, and re-enter and he'll be there (along with the three low-level NPCs that attack you) but he takes a small break every 10 minutes. The health you beat out of him the previous time you fought him will still be gone ... you don't lose ground.

That's it. I just beat him and never died (I used a metric tonne of potent greenwarish and large mushrooms to keep going ... sometimes I'd be munching them as my health was continuing to fade!). I had two archer/strider pawns and my pawn was a mage with only healing and Holy Affinity spells (if I gave him others, he'd just blast those out mindless and uselessly); I was playing as an assassin. If you want use of my pawn, drop me a note and a friend request.
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