Well Equipped achievement in Dragon's Dogma

Well Equipped

Obtained 350 pieces total of weapons and armor.

Well Equipped+0.2
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How to unlock the Well Equipped achievement

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    This achievement requires collection of 350 -unique- pieces of weapons and armour. Unfortunately (and this is tested and lost me a good 2mil gold) you cannot just buy 350 of a single piece of armour and sell them back for a quick 30G.

    There are several vendors in the world, which I will list below, but the two you should prioritise are Claxton (the armourer in Gran Soren) and Madeleine (Provided you do the requisite quests in order for her to set up a shop). If you're willing to do multiple playthroughs to get duplicate quest items, you can give both of them Gold Idols (Obtained through completion of the 'Escort Duty' quest) or you can give one a Gold Idol and the other a Silver Idol. These Idols will expand their selection of weapons and armour, so it is suggested that you give the Gold Idol to Claxton, who has much more to offer.

    The list of vendors is as follows:
    - Claxton; Gran Soren Market Square
    - Madeleine;Gran Soren, next to The Black Cat (Quest completion required)
    - Joye; Everfall, Chamber of Remorse (Sells some of the best gear)
    - Pawn 1*; Everfall, first floor (accessible from Pawn Guild)
    - Pawn 2*; Everfall, Chamber of Estrangement
    - Mountebank; Gran Soren, The Black Cat
    - Aestella; Cassardis, shop across from Cassardis Inn
    - Mathias; Great Wall Encampment
    - Jayce; Rest Camp near Shadow Fort
    - Alon; Ancient Quarry (Quest completion required)
    - Fournival; Gran Soren, Castle entrance (only has 1 cloak if you complete a quest for him)
    - Jonathan; Encampment, Rift Stone Tent (requires RC to trade)

    In addition to all of those vendors, there are a few unique items that the Ur-Dragon drops when he is killed. Keep in mind, however, that the armour will only drop when you kill it online. Offline, you just get the 20 Wakestones.

    Keep track of the armour you pick up in the world. Re-buying armour will cost you a lot more than you think.



    NB: If you're willing to pay 240MSP, you can also download a set of 12 weapons from the Marketplace - Weapon Pack: The Monster Hunter. It's not much, but it's 12 weapons you don't have to hunt down or buy in the game.

    EDIT: Recently, another 3 DLC packs, entitiled 'Set Out For Adventure', were released containing armour and weapons for specific classes, with Rift Crystals included in one. They are 80MSP each.

    EDIT 27/6/12: Newly released armour packs - Divine Protection and Demon's Protection. Both are 240MSP and contain 15 pieces of armour each.

    * - I forgot their names and I'm not trolling forums for half an hour to find them.

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    WeisGuy9It should be mentioned that buying the DLC packs will not help you if you have the Dark Arisen version of the game, as they are already included.
    Posted by WeisGuy9 on 21 Aug 13 at 23:42
    SM ScorxThis is time consuming. Multiple dives into the Everfall for loot to sell gets tiring after awhile.
    Posted by SM Scorx on 15 Jan 14 at 00:56
    Angels Kill TooMake a list of all the shit you get and buy the shit you need on your second playthrough: sell your shit to get more money. Also if you got dark arisen DONT buy any dlc... it does not do shit and the items are not free like it says.
    Posted by Angels Kill Too on 13 Sep 14 at 20:25
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  • GanluanGanluan903,187
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    This achievement refers to obtaining 350 different pieces of weapons and/or armor. They can be obtained through treasure chests, quest rewards, shops or even gifts from other players. Any time you come into possession of a weapon or piece of armor that you haven't held before, it will count toward this total.

    The current total you have for weapons and armor can be found under History in the Inventory section. The weapons and armor totals are tracked separately and just need to add up to 350.

    Playing through the game twice and doing every quest will get you most of the way there. Many notice board quests provide weapon rewards you can't get elsewhere, particularly golden weapons.

    Make sure you give the Gold Idol and Silver Idol to Madelaine and Claxton (your choice who gets which) so that by the end of the game they will have a large variety of weapons and armor to choose from. Then, buy every piece of armor and weapon from them and sell them back. Do the same thing with the merchant in Cassardis (across from the Inn) and Reynard (who wanders the game world). There is also a merchant who will set up shop inside the Ancient Quarry if you complete his quest (he can be found outside the entrance on the Gran Soren side). Finally, there are 2 merchants in Everfall that carry expensive weapons and armor if you're near the 350 but can't finish it out with the regular merchants.

    If you've bought everything from merchants and still aren't there, Everfall has a lot of weapons and armor you can find randomly inside. Soulflayer Canyon and Witchwood (especially the second part) have quite a few chests that respawn and usually hold weapons and armor.
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    GwintbleiddDo the DLC Weapons count towards the achievement?
    Posted by Gwintbleidd on 08 Jun 12 at 01:15
    VoltFieberDLC makes only 13 Items (12 Weapons + 1 Armor) right now, but i guess they count, too!
    Posted by VoltFieber on 08 Jun 12 at 15:32
    Calex dEUSGot this today, if you have Madeline on side from earlier, she's in the inn in cassardris immediately post game with tonnes of new stuff, also prior to that during the final battle mission there are at least 10 items to be picked up mostly rings from selecting gather on the swords in the ground during the battle itself and in chests along the way there.
    Posted by Calex dEUS on 13 Jun 12 at 00:27
  • S0cial ServicesS0cial Services89,648
    12 Jan 2016 12 Jan 2016
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    So I've noticed on many websites on the internet that many players are having problems with this achievement. Collecting 350 unique kinds of weapons and armour can be quite complicated, but there is a way around this.

    Firstly, don't even worry about this achievement until new game plus. You'll be wanting to finish the majority of the other achievements in this game before even doing this. Save your second play through for Misc achievements and the long haul ones like Well Equipped and Coin Collector.

    Second, try not to sell armour or weapons during dragon's dogma. I'll be explaining why in a few lines. Basically, if your have any duplicates, they do not count as part of the 350, so go ahead and sell those. I would highly recommend getting the exploration achievements out of the way during your first play through so you don't have to go explore and actually find these weapons. Also, make sure you do the hero achievement as well so you'll have access to most of the inventory our wonderful merchants have to offer.

    So during new game plus, you'll be able to basically speedrun through this game. During which, you'll hit Everfall and I would suggest killing the Ur-Dragon two to three times during this so you get a lot of wakestones. 20x per kill, which means a good 40 to 60 should be enough. Change your vocation to Sorcerer and grab the rank 2 augment Suasion for you and your pawn. Next, hire two pawns that have the augment as well. They give you 15% extra cash when selling items, and they stack. That 60% is quite nice to have when going for the 10 million gold. Go to Claxton in Gran Soren and sell your wakestones and materials that you've gathered. Your armour and weapons should already be dragon forged by now so you probably wont be needing to find new ones.

    I was able to go from 3 million to 10 million this way in one swoop, allowing me all of the cash I need for the mass purchasing of weapons and armour. The reason why I was stressing not to sell your weapons and armour is because when purchasing these items, you'll be able to see how many you actually have in your storage! It'll say something like this. 0 (1). Basically, this means, you have zero in your inventory, but one in your storage. Only purchase items that say 0 (0) and you'll be golden. I had to go by Cassardis and buy everything from her, as well as the merchant by the Shadowfort Rest Camp. Upon doing this, I needed about 90 pieces left, which Claxton has them all, provided you gave him at least a silver idol in your first play through. If needed, you could go ahead and save Madeline again and Reynard and buy from them too. I just didn't really need to, and I skipped most of the equipment that was 100k or more because I thought I didn't have enough money. In the instance where you've run out of money, you can always go farm Everfall for materials and wakestones to sell back. Just make sure all four party members have Suasion on.

    Now if you really need to go find some extra stuff, you can go to Bitterblack Isle or keep farming Everfall chests. A bit of advice for farming chests in Everfall, clear the room of mobs, carry Godsbane sword, save, kill yourself, and keep looting the chests over and over again. Eventually you'll find weapons or armour, but I think it's a bit of a time waster. I think farming for Ur-Dragon is much more profitable because Claxton's inventory is like 250 items.
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