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Complete five tests in License Challenge Mode

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  • FascistPencil28FascistPencil28223,345 223,345 GamerScore
    11 Jun 2012 24 Jun 2012
    118 0 13
    if you are stuck on challenge 4 you should press UP,UP,LT and that should be the move. you only need to do it once on stage 1,3,and 5
  • bendominobendomino182,762
    07 Jun 2012 07 Jun 2012 08 Jun 2012
    37 3 6
    The License Challenge is a series of routes with different rule twists to them. You fight a string of enemies trying to win while also satisfying some outside requirement. These first five are very easy, though the last couple may mildly test someone new to the game.

    Note that if you lose at any point during a license test, either by getting KOed or failing to meet the license requirements, you fail the challenge and must try again from the beginning. Some license tests have filler "Win this match!" bouts which are normal rules fights; treat these as you would in arcade mode.

    01. Striking Test 1
    Fight order: Akira, Pai, Lion, Sarah, Kage
    "Connect with 5 or more strikes and win!"
    Akira, Lion, and Kage.
    "Win the match!"
    Pai and Sarah.

    You'll get this easily since you'll have to hit opponents to win. The only way this is missed is if you're incredibly throw happy or were to somehow get a ring out (can't recall if that's even possible on the stages used). The AI is pretty easy here, so I don't think tips are necessary.

    02. Guarding Test 1
    Fight order: Pai, Jeffry, Jean, Lei Fei, Lau
    "Block 5 or more strikes and win!"
    "Block 6 or more strikes and win!"
    "Block 7 or more strikes and win!"
    "Win the match!"
    Jeffry and Lei Fei.

    Still very easy. Let the opponent attack you early and hold block. Once the counter hits the required number of blocks, fight back and win.

    03. Defensive Move Test 1
    Fight order: Eileen, Brad, Pai, Lion, Jean
    "Win without letting your opponent evade 7 strikes!"
    Eileen, Pai, and Jean.
    "Win the match!"
    Brad and Lion.

    The enemy is still too simple to evade enough here if you stay agressive. These are fast opponents, but as long as you don't let up, you'll knock them out before they can do much anything.

    04. Offensive Move Test 1
    Fight order: Kage, Shun, Jeffry, Goh, Brad
    "Use 1 or more offensive moves and win!"
    Kage, Jeffry, Brad.
    "Win the match!"
    Shun and Goh.

    Offensive moves are when you tap up or down then quickly press all three buttons (guard, punch, and kick). This causes your character to evade into a more offensive position, swiftly sidestepping the current line of focus. You just need to do one here, so get it out the way at the start of the first match and do your usual to win out.

    05. Health Bar Test 1
    Fight order: Goh, Kage, Akira
    "Defeat an opponent with more health!"
    Goh, Kage, Akira.

    Even though we finally drop from five to three fights on this challenge, this still may be tough for a new player. The opponents here are decent and have just a bit more health than normal. The AI still isn't much though, so anyone should be able to ram PPPK combos all the way to the end. I'd aim for mid-range strikes, especially against Kage since he's always low to the ground.
  • acedawg4acedawg41,508,622
    18 Nov 2013 18 Nov 2013 18 Nov 2013
    14 2 0
    Just wanted to make a solution for those with a turbo controller.

    You can easily win these lessons by simply turboing A for most matches. Lessons like getting a certain number of blocks or offensive moves, i did that at the start of the match and quickly activated my turbo A to win the match.

    This method made it so easy for me because im horrible at fighting games, hope this helps others!

    PS - even the offensive moves can still be done while A is being turboed. Just hit up up (on the d pad) and LT when the enemy is down. After it registers, you can continue turboing A to win
  • ZWZW1,012,923
    29 Jan 2019 30 Jan 2019
    4 0 1
    I picked Akira for all the challenges except Wolf for the throws.
    I then spammed down-foward and A over and over. Won every match after doing whatever was required. Then did the same for the arcade achievements. One move no waiting..
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