A Display of Strength achievement in SVC: Streets of Rage

A Display of Strength

Use the special moves and attacks of every character in every game (hidden characters excluded).

A Display of Strength0
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How to unlock the A Display of Strength achievement

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    Thanks to PistolMcAwesome (formerly https://www.trueachievements.com/PeTeRL90.htm) for helping me trim this solution by clarifying what exactly needs to be done!

    All you need to do is use the special attack with everyone that each game starts with. This can be done in each game by pressing X or whichever button you assigned to the special function.

    For Streets of Rage simply press X (or whatever you assigned to Special attack) with Axel, Adam, and Blaze. The special attack will result in a police car driving up behind you and shooting a rocket launcher which will then ignite and kill everyone on your screen. You'll be doing it a total of 3 times, since you need to do it once with each character.

    For Streets of Rage 2, you need to press X with each character. It doesn't matter if it's a passive or active special for SoR 2 or 3.

    For Axel, the passive attack one looks like he forms a flaming dragon on his arm and he does like a windmill punch. His active one is a flurry of rapid punches.

    For Blaze, the passive one is a backflip kick and the active one is a hadoken of sorts (similar to Chun Li's kikkuko [sp] attack Street Fighter 2 Turbo.

    For Skate, the passive one is a spinning kick on the ground, where he lies down and spins around with his roller blades out. His active one is a "corkscrew kick" where he jumps in the air and literally corkscrew's downward at a forward angle.

    For Max, the passive one is a spinning clothesline, similar to what Zangief in street fighter does. His active one is a tackle type of attack where he charges and dives forward.

    For Streets of Rage 3, you also need to do each character's special attacks by pressing X, or holding forward and pressing X.

    Axel, Skate, and Blaze have the same specials as in Streets of Rage 2, while Zan's passive has him cover himself in electricity similar to Blanka in Street Fighter. Zan's active special attack has him extending one of his arms forward and charging it with electricity.
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    PistolMcAwesomeActually you don't need to do all of that. All I did was push X for SoR 2 and 3 and the achievement popped for me.
    Posted by PistolMcAwesome on 18 Jun 12 at 00:51
    That'd be awesome, I'm going to confirm this by trying it on an alternate account and edit my solution accordingly if this holds true!
    Posted on 19 Jun 12 at 08:10
    I have just verified this and it holds true! Thanks PeTeRL90!
    Posted on 19 Jun 12 at 08:20
    ReaboHey thanks for the guide! Really helped. I made a video if anyone was wanting a visual to go with the text and it shows all special moves. I gave you credit too.


    Feel free to include in your guide :)
    Posted by Reabo on 02 Jul 16 at 12:05
    Crater BobYeah, I only went through SoR1 with Blaze, but did all the other characters in SoR2 and 3, and it popped after I did the passive on Axel to finish everyone in 2. I still have yet to go back to SoR1, so I can confirm you only have to use one character in SoR1.
    Posted by Crater Bob on 20 Dec 16 at 02:25
    Sir LumboIf anyone is wondering, you do not need to save your game. Simply load game from main menu, hit X with character to do special, then press Back and Reset and repeat. Switch between games by pressing back then Exit Game.
    Posted by Sir Lumbo on 08 Jan 17 at 01:05
    imaidiot19Stupid question...do you actually have to have the special move before pressing X, or can you just load it up, press X with no Specials available, and move on to another character?
    Posted by imaidiot19 on 22 Feb 18 at 16:28
    edmondlisySweet !!
    clap clap clap
    Posted by edmondlisy on 01 May 18 at 18:14
    TheOnlyMattoty sir lumbo u answered my question long before i ever asked it :P
    Posted by TheOnlyMatto on 11 Oct 18 at 19:29
    Crims0nScorpionI'm unsure but you may only have to do one with each...I did everyone's X, ->+X, and ->->A but when I got to Sammy in SoR3 I got the achievement when I did only his regular X but idk, may have just gotten lucky lol
    Posted by Crims0nScorpion on 25 Apr at 20:33
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