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Syndicate Crusher

Clear every game.

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How to unlock the Syndicate Crusher achievement

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    This achievement is awarded for completing Streets of Rage 1, 2 and 3 on any difficulty as any character (Apart from Streets of Rage 3, the only way you can finish this game completely on easy is to select the Japanese version as the EU/US version on easy is cut short and requires Normal mode to finish completely).

    Achievements are only awarded in local mode. If done on easy you should have no problems with any of the games using any character but for the smoothest run I'd suggest Axel in each game. He's the most all round character and his Grand upper/Bare Knuckle move in 2 and 3 makes him quite formidable. You use this move my tapping forward and the punch button at the same time. As for the first game, keep your special (A button move to call for reinforcements) for the bosses of each stage.

    Another little tip is a reminder that you can save this game at any point, so if you reach a dangerous section of the game, simply save your state and if you feel you could have done it better reload your save.

    ***Update 01/07/2018***

    Per Allgorhythm's comment RE forcing a save can help some players pop the achievement.

    "Press the back button when the credits are rolling to force a system save."

    ***Update 08/05/2016***

    People are reporting success regardless of difficulty/region

    OneSeventyOut says:
    I played Streets of Rage and Streets of Rage 2 on Europe/Easy and Streets of Rage 3 on Japan/Easy and it unlocked for me :)
    Posted by OneSeventyOut on 16 Nov 15 at 11:05

    danlher360 says:
    As of today, 05/05/16, I can confirm that you can complete the US version SoR1 and SoR2 on easy and the JP version of SoR3 on easy and get the achievement, I just got it this way.
    Posted by danlher360 on 06 May at 03:17


    For those who want the easy answer to this achievement and finishing all 3 games, you can just use the level select cheats.

    Level Select - SoR1 (thanks to RuukuSukotto for adding this in comments)

    At the title screen (The screen with 1 player, 2 player etc...), move the cursor to OPTIONS but don't select it. Hold A + B + C + RIGHT on Controller Two and press START on Controller One. Now enter the OPTIONS screen and look for two new options, "Players" and "Level Select".

    Level Select - SoR 2

    To do this you will need to have two controllers. Make sure you're on the screen that says 1 player, 2 players, Duel and Options. On the second controller move the cursor arrow down to Options then hold buttons A and B and press start. On the first player controller, you should be on the Options screen with an extra option. That's the option where you can select your stage.

    Level Select - SoR 3

    At the menu screen highlight Battle with the cursor. Hold Up and B and you will now be on the Options selection, press the Start button while still holding Up and B and you should hear a chime indicating the cheat worked. At the bottom of the options screen you'll see Round Select. Select your round, exit options and select one player and your character and you will begin on the level you selected.

    (These are the Sega MegaDrive/Genesis cheats so by default on Xbox A, B and C will be X, A and B respectively so it depends on your controller configuration.)

    ***Important Region Update***

    There are now people reporting that the region does not in fact impact on this achievement popping. In my personal experience and in the case of friends who have finished it this was not the case. There are two possibilities, either this has changes since I have unlocked these achievements last, or the achievement itself is just buggy and very inconsistent.

    I would personally recommend you clearing them all on the same region setting but if you don't want to then you can try on different settings. Just please read the other region/difficulty information above in terms of the third game missing levels on certain difficulties with certain regions.

    ***Old Region Update***

    You must finish all 3 games with the same region settings. You can't finish 1 on Japanese and the other 2 on US. Probably the reason so many people weren't getting this. :)
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    South Park TFBWStreets of Rage 3 is insanely difficult on Normal difficultly on the US version. Like, basically unplayable imo.
    Posted by South Park TFBW on 15 May 18 at 10:54
    Simone l8lI can not in any way make the cheat work on sort 2 and yet I read about people who succeed
    Posted by Simone l8l on 17 May 18 at 13:54
    AllgorhythmThumbs up. There seems to be some confusion about regions and the like. I played all three games through from start to finish with no cheats and the achievement did not pop. I used the same version - the US version - for all three. I got the good ending in Streets of Rage III. For all three games, I let the credits play out until I got the game's opening animation for a new game.I assumed the game had registered the completions especially since the first two games had me put in my initials.

    I did some searching. The XBA roadmap advises pressing the back button when the credits roll to force a system save. I had save files for all three games close to the end. I replayed the end of Streets of Rage I and pressed the back button when the credits rolled. When I did so an icon in the upper right corner appeared indicating a system save. I did the same thing for Streets of Rage II. As soon as I pressed the back button when the credits were rolling, the achievement popped.

    I believe this is the source of people's frustration. It certainly was in my case. I recommend you add a comment in bold stating, "Press the back button when the credits are rolling to force a system save."
    Posted by Allgorhythm on 31 May 18 at 15:34

    Updated the guide with your suggestion. The bones of this guide were created 6 years ago on this games release so there could be more/less quirks now with the Xbox One BC.
    Posted by AceCardJones on 01 Jul 18 at 17:04
    AllgorhythmThanks and again thanks for the guide. I played this some time ago on a different GamerTag. I didn't have any issues back then and I didn't make any effort to press the back button when the credits played. It seems, though, from the comments that this is a finicky achievement. I think, perhaps, sometimes you get the system save at the end and sometimes you have to force it with the back button.
    Posted by Allgorhythm on 01 Jul 18 at 17:25
    ZX KNIGHTFor what it's worth I just got this doing first and third game in Japan version and second game as europe so I'm not sure the region thing matters.
    Posted by ZX KNIGHT on 21 Oct 18 at 14:04
    FullNietzscheVoted negatively because although it has good info, it also has incorrect info on what buttons to press for level select etc. I still haven't been able to get SoR 2 to work. What was written doesn't even make logical sense.
    Posted by FullNietzsche on 09 Dec 18 at 16:35
    Indica InkFullnietzsche, look under the setting. For me, I had to hold A and X. Genesis controlls had a C button.
    Posted by Indica Ink on 09 Dec 18 at 21:08
    GrezzJust an update to say I unlocked this in space year 2019 after having a bit of trouble, playing through each game fully in different difficulty and region combinations. Finally popped immediately after the last boss on SoR3, Japan region, Normal difficulty. Used the level-select cheat liberally on each game too. Feel free to message me if more info needed.
    Posted by Grezz on 03 Jun 19 at 09:03
    Crims0nScorpionTo everyone still having issues with this, I did all 3 games in one sitting on the easiest difficulty and I did SoR 1 and SoR 2 on the NA version and SoR 3 on the JP version. I made a manual save as soon as the credits started and let them roll to the title screen before moving on to the next game. Maybe give that a try if you're afraid of having the achievement glitch out on you, it popped for me as soon as I beat Robot X on Stage 7 of SoR 3, I also did use the level select as well but I was playing on my Xbox One. Doubt which console you're playing on matters but just notating that.

    Just wanted to get this collection finished for SoR 4 dropping next week XD
    Posted by Crims0nScorpion on 25 Apr at 20:36
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