Ultimate Power achievement in SVC: Streets of Rage

Ultimate Power

Max level a blitz attack in Streets of Rage 3.

Ultimate Power0
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How to unlock the Ultimate Power achievement

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    The easiest, and most fool-proof method of earning this achievement is incredibly simple. Its cheap, but simple.

    There is no risk of failure due to death etc.

    This works on any version with any character. (Comments say it does not work with Roo (The kangaroo).

    Load level 6, either via level select or fight there legit. (level select is up+a then start on the start menu, go to battle, hold up+a and press start.)

    Proceed left from the start into the elevator, and go down one floor. Kill the two guys with guns. Now wait for the timer to expire so that gas spits out of the vents. This will open the doors on a continuous loop.

    Enter the third door (right side of the screen). Inside there will be crates. Smash them open and pick up all food and cash. This will net you about 5000 points.

    Once the last item is picked, it auto exits the room. Now reenter, and collect all items. Repeat until you get three stars at 120k and achievement will pop.

    Note- I was playing on very hard and mine unlocked at 134500k.

    it only takes a few minutes to reach the room, then there are no enemies to kill. Just collect your loot.

    From start to finish this took me about five minutes.

    Any questions, just ask.

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    dodgerofjam+1 for Mightygil
    On the main menu of the 3rd game (when it shows you the Streets of Rage 3 title after the Sega animation and says 'Press Start Button'), you need to HOLD cn_up+cn_A whilst you tap cn_start.
    It will enter the menu so then go cn_up to highlight 'Battle' and again HOLD cn_up+cn_A whilst tapping cn_start. Check the bottom of the menu for Level Select and when you've chosen, press cn_A to load.

    You get 3,250 points each time you clear the room so it takes around 10-12 mins but not too long.

    One other thing I found useful - I did it with Zan and found that he had a longer reach and so could break 2 crates at a time! smile
    Posted by dodgerofjam on 08 May 18 at 19:45
    aww0I agree with the above comment, use Zan as he can break multiple crates at once. Should be added to the solution.
    Posted by aww0 on 09 May 18 at 18:56
    ErgOcBJust go to the menu (1p, 2p, options, battle)

    Put the cursor on Battle then press A (hold) press UP (hold) and press START.

    You'll be in the option menu with stage selector.
    Posted by ErgOcB on 30 Jul 19 at 15:31
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  • VenomSlash8771VenomSlash8771225,726
    21 Nov 2012 21 Nov 2012
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    To get this achievement I suggest that you go into game settings and switch to the Japanese version, its much easier. You need to reach 120,000 points for three stars, but the stars reset if you die. So...

    Start a game on easy difficulty (JAP. version) and beat the hell out of everyone. Make sure to save your progress (in case you die by pressing select and then save) after each level or difficult passage. This way you can just reload your save if you die or take too much damage and there aren't any turkeys around.


    just play on easy Japanese version. This will pop when you hit 120,000 points without losing a life, usually level 3 or 4.
  • Removed Gamer
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    To get 3 stars for your blitz attack you have to score 120,000 points without dying. The counter will carry over through stages, so you can start on stage 1 and get it at stage 3 or 4. The big thing is to not die. If you die, you'll have to keep track of the points yourself from whatever your score was the moment you respawned.

    Special note: Go to your "Controls" options. In there, you'll see your control layout with regards to the Sega Genesis 6 button controller layout. If you assign a button to the Sega Genesis "X" button command, you'll be able to do upgraded Blitz attacks without needing the stars.

    First, in order to perform the respective Blitz attack, you'll need to press and HOLD whatever button you assigned to the Genesis X button (let's just call it the X button) so press and hold the X button, then perform an appropriate motion (it's different for each character).

    Second, why use these attacks? Because they're devastating and make the game much easier, allowing you to build your points safely while worrying less about dying.

    Now then: I'll be listing everyone's special blitz's here using the X button.

    For Axel:

    Hold X, Press Forward, Forward, release X. (this does a bare knuckle, but one that covers a greater distance)

    Hold X, Press Down, then Forward, release X (pretend you're doing a Street Fighter Hadouken). This move covers both his arms in flames as he does a 360 spin forward.

    Hold X, press Back, Down, then Forward, release X (pretend you're doing a Street Fighter Yoga Flame). This move starts with the previous move and then adds more distance and ends with a rising uppercut.

    For Blaze:

    Hold X, press Forward, then Forward, release X. (it's the same as the basic forward forward x, but covers more distance)

    Hold X, press Forward, then Up, release X. She does an upward flip kick with energy surrounding her legs, this can hit for multiple hits.

    Hold X, press Down, Forward, then Up, release X. (basically half circle forward from down to up) Takes the previous move and adds to it by coming down to a forward slide after the upwards flip.


    Hold X, press Forward, then Forward, release X. Same as the standard blitz but covers more distance.

    Hold X, press Forward, then Down, release X. He rolls forward, damaging for multiple hits.

    Hold X, press Up, Forward, then Back, release X. Same as above, but adding a flash split kick at the end of it.


    Hold X, press Forward, then Forward, release X. Same as the standard blitz, but covering more distance.

    Hold X, press Back, then Up, release X. Zan does a double dash version of the standard blitz attack, moving in a downard Z shape motion.

    Hold X press Up, Back, then Forward, release X. Zan does a triple dash version of the standard blitz attack, zigzagging in the Z motion from above, but adding a 3rd zigzag to it.

    Some tips for the game: On the "press start" screen, Hold UP, and A, then press start until the next screen loads. This allows you to choose Roo without needing to unlock him.

    Also, highlight "Battle" and hold UP and A again, then press start on options (since pressing and holding up moves your cursor from Battle to Options). This cheat allows you to enter a stage select screen (so you could start on stage 4 if you wanted or whatever stage you want).

    If you can fire up a second controller and "join" the game by pressing start anywhere in the menu or title screen, when you go into the options (either by the above cheat or not), point the cursor with player 1 onto the "Lives" option, and then with the 2nd controller hold UP, X, A, B and then (continue holding those buttons) with the first controller increase your lives count, up to a maximum of 9.

    Some tips for getting points... If you're playing level 5, find the secret rooms (you can see them as cracks in the wall or the floor) as they lead you to "gold bar" filled treasure rooms that you must fight your way through.

    Also, what https://www.trueachievements.com/FreakerDelle.htm said in his solution about Super Skate/Sammy is valid, so it's a good solution if you'd like to use it. The trick to getting his super punch is to begin the game and get killed without getting any points. Then when you respawn, you'll have a rapid fire punch. If you go to "help & options" and then change your "controls", have the Y button (or any button you want) perform an "Attack" but make sure to click on the "rapid" option and set your rapid fire all the way to the max. With your control's rapid fire on top of Super Skate/Sammy's rapid fire, you'll be pretty beast from that point on.

    Feel free to submit info/comment and if you add any tips, I'll incorporate them to this solution and shout you out for it.

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    You're welcome, thanks for the praise!
    Posted on 24 Jun 12 at 01:43
    FailedSeppukuSuper Sammy is a legend, makes the game ridiculously easy apart from the bosses (because of his short range), being able to save anywhere helps with that though. +1
    Posted by FailedSeppuku on 28 Aug 12 at 15:03
    TheAnonymitywhy would you hold X? X is the standard attack
    Posted by TheAnonymity on 03 May 18 at 09:09
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