Wielder of the Axe achievement in SEGA Vintage Collection: Golden Axe

Wielder of the Axe

Clear every game.

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How to unlock the Wielder of the Axe achievement

    10 Aug 2012 10 Aug 2012
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    If you have completed all the games & vs modes & have already got the true ending for Golden Axe 3 & your missing this achievement then use this level select for Golden Axe 2 & make sure you run it this time on normal or hard & you will pop it after the boss of course. First hit select and go to "Control Setup". Now make sure the game is in ABC mode to correspond with XAB on your pad. At the title screen highlight "Options". Now press & hold X+A+B. In the options screen continue holding X, release only A & B. Configure the game however you like. Now only press the A button to confirm all choices until you have selected your character. (don't forget to continue holding X the entire time) Once you have selected your character a number should appear on screen allowing you to select your level which you use A or B to raise the level or lower it.
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  • KretheanKrethean117,664
    03 Jun 2012 15 Aug 2012 16 Dec 2017
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    This is a fairly tricky achievement to get but very doable.

    Golden Axe 1 - Difficulty doesn't appear to matter, but either Easy or Normal should be a simple task. Simply go to the Options (through the emulator) and select Custom, and adjust your Lives and Power Meter to 5. The game shouldn't be too challenging now and you will be able to finish the game. Gilius (The dwarf with the axe) is a nice choice for breezing through.

    Golden Axe 2 -Again, Gilius is a good choice due to his weapon's reach. If you are inclined for an in-game cheat, there are cheats that can severely reduce the difficulty of this game:

    1) At the opening cinematic, hold down the X, A and B buttons (default controls), then press Start, select Options and press Start again. Remove ONLY the X button, make your adjustments, then press Start on the Back option, then press Start again when you highlight the option to start the game. At the Character Select screen, you can release the A and B buttons. At the bottom right, you will see that you have 8 Credits.

    2) This is a little tricky to pull off depending on how skillful you are, or how well you can gauge an boss' life, but if you want to try this out, hold the Magic button down as you finish a boss off, and keep it held, even through the stage's end. With the thief minigame that comes up, just hold the magic button down and do not move. At all. Once it ends, let go of the button and when the stage begins you will immediately cast a spell. This spell gives you the added benefit of having 255 "books" to cast with at will. Bear in mind that if you cast more than your character's maximum magic capacity allows, you will crash the game. Don't use this particular glitch if you want to have some kind of challenge as the game becomes laughably easy.

    Golden Axe 3 - The tips in Golden Axe Forever will be very useful, and you may as well get it anyway.

    SEGA Vintage Collection: Golden AxeGolden Axe ForeverThe Golden Axe Forever achievement in SEGA Vintage Collection: Golden Axe worth 91 pointsGet the true ending in Golden Axe III.

    The Panther tactic will be the easiest method of clearing the game fast, and with a respectable enough score to enable you to get the true ending.

    If you cleared all three of these games you should get this achievement.

    (Thanks to those who commented that difficulty does not matter.)
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    CL1NT EASTWOODI ran through on easy to try get it done in little time & when I finished everything it never popped, so I looked at level select cheats to see if that helps so I didn't have to go through it again & just worked back & it popped straight away on Golden Axe 2, tbh it's so easy that running it on normal the 1st time would be just as easy. But if not level selects do work, even level select for 3 works but you got to be fast as hell putting it in & it won't let you select the true last boss fight so its worthless.
    Posted by CL1NT EASTWOOD on 17 Aug 12 at 09:23
    Mr RodsterI cannot decipher CL1NT EASTWOOD's gibberish, but you can set it to easy on GA1 and still pop the achievement. It is best to push the Back button after you finish; it seems to have a problem registering the completion unless you do that and get the little save symbol.

    Bottom line: the claim that you cannot get this by setting GA1 to easy is incorrect and should be removed from the solution.
    Posted by Mr Rodster on 15 Nov 15 at 20:05
    Darkness727420The magic cheat doesn't work for me. You have to hold X then release it to even use the magic. So I pressed X right after using magic but nothing. I didn't move either so I don't know.
    Posted by Darkness727420 on 18 Apr 20 at 16:33
  • KingSulaimanIIKingSulaimanII38,147
    31 Dec 2020 01 Jan 2021 01 Jan 2021
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    This achievment may be bugged at first. I completed Golden Axe, Golden axe II (campaign and Duel Mode) and golden axe III (campaign and VS Mode) and didn't pop.
    For me it unlocked when I went back and loaded my save state facing the last boss for golden axe I. Once I defeated it unlocked. I suppose doing this with any of the last bosses of the games (or at least with the first and second Golden axe) will do the trick.

    And for clearing every game I tried to save as much as possible, also I recommend saving your continues until you face the last boss, even if you have to load every time you die the first time. This will come helpful as you will not have to worry in the last battle that can be pretty challenging. Also it will help you with getting the good ending (and achievment) in golden axe III, aside for saving enough people (for me it was around 7).

    For each game I use the same strategy (trial and error), if you are low in health I recommend saving each time you hit your opponent and load every time you get hit until you get through. Also spare your magic until the boss fight in each stage, as in full charge it will deal a big amount of damage.

    For tips in golden axe I if you want, you can use the infinite magic trick that you can search in YouTube. And in golden axe III I used the panther, assigning the hit and jump button to my Y button, because the attack that you perform is very useful, specially in early stages.

    Good luck and have fun :).
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