Sick all Line Goals achievement in Tony Hawk's Proving Ground

Sick all Line Goals

Complete all Line goals at SICK

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How to unlock the Sick all Line Goals achievement

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    13 Nov 2011 13 Nov 2011
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    Here’s some advice I’ve gathered after getting this achievement myself:

    There are two important parts you need to think about when aiming for the big combos, your multiplier and your base score. They both need to be high to get the score.

    You can stall on a rail by jumping and hitting Y and R2 as you land. Then you can swap up the move while stalled by tapping the X, Y and B buttons. This will increase your multiplier. Once your multiplier hits 40 it will only go up by .2 so concentrate on your base score at this point.

    For the base score its best to pull off special moves.(you may need to purchase them from the trick’s menu) The 900 [right, down B] nets you 9000 points each time you pull it off and special grinds can net you tens of thousands of points compared to a measly couple thousand from a regular grind. I try to pull off 900s on quarter pipes and nail the trick on ramps.

    Once you hit an object in the combo you’ll have 9 seconds to hit the next one. Make the most of this time. I would advise that you divert and hit a quarter pipe or do a special grind on a nearby rail to rack up points so long as you get back in time to hit the next object.

    The score in the top right of the screen updates in real time so as soon as that hits the sick target you just need to finish the line.

    Each line took me anywhere from 10min to 2 hours each to pull off.

    Good luck.

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    DadliestGamerI also feel it's important to note that using RT/Y to stall then spamming Y/B/X to rack up the multiplier will usually stop raising it around 30-35 since your only using 3 moves and the game will stop counting them. Or at least it does it much slower. This is about the time I start moving towards the finish hitting grind variations (Y/B/X to rack my multiplier up more) and special moves.
    Posted by DadliestGamer on 28 Jul 16 at 19:30
    ShrunkDrake827In order to reach the insane scores in line challanges you can use these tips:
    1. You can get offboard and press back button to place rigger items.
    Using the rigger items you can place boost QP.
    Between 2 rails you have 9 seconds. You can place 2x2 Boost QP so that you boost yourself into air-> spine transfer
    then another boost into air another spine transfer and you continue the normal path.
    You should be in focus when you get off board and place items then get back on board and do the jumps.
    You can do 3 jumps before focus expires.
    The best scoring combo is Double Backflip the 900 that scores in 1 jump 24.000 points 2 jumps 48.000 points 3 jumps 66.000
    4 jumps 84.000 points...

    2. When the line starts with a QP you can set up rigger boost QP before the line so you can start the line with a huge jump that
    allows you to do the Double Backflip the 900.

    Using TIP 1 and TIP 2 you can get 4x 84.000 points
    Unfortunatelly you must place rigger items at every try so to optimize time you can place then at the end of the line. You
    can also practice by placing these items in free skate mode

    3. Once you reach score multiplier to 40 each trick adds just 0.2. if you do a NAIL THE GRAB with 5X8000 points at the regular
    score of 40 x 80.000, after the executin of the NTG your score will be 45x88.000 points
    Knowing this you can do a NTG after you hit the last object in line if you don't have enough points.

    4. If a single NTG isn't enough you can land in a manual and quickly jump and do another NTG. there is a technique to quickly add multiplier
    using NTG by quickly changing hands of the grab

    5. there is another tip but I don;t find it usefull to start the line when you are already in a combo with a high multiplier
    but there will be very hard to finish the line

    6 You can do darkslide grind to make the base score higher and also deviate a little to the normal course to increase the score

    7. In the metro and FDR park there is a glitch : if you are in focus mode and boost yourselft off a boost QP sometimes you remain
    suspended in the air and you can do a QUAD BACKFLIP the 900 (1x 72000 points) or even more.In Metro this glitch happens at the end of the line
    where the secret tape is in classic mode.
    There you can stay suspended as long as the focus last for a 1x400.000 points combo
    Posted by ShrunkDrake827 on 10 Oct 19 at 19:54
    Marx0rAlso of note, if you turn on the no bail cheat and remap The 900 to Up-Down-B, you can just jump on flatland, keep flicking the stick up and down, and keep the combo going into a manual. Easy way to add a good chunk of points to your base.
    Posted by Marx0r on 03 Oct 21 at 18:08
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    01 Nov 2011 01 Nov 2011
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    There are a total of 13 Line Challenges in the game. To complete all of these challenges to a SICK rating, you need to hit the appropriate combo on each Line. There are no short-cuts in trying to earn these combos. You MUST earn all your points on the entire line. The game will not count your points if you start a combo and then start the line. Cheats don't void the achievements in this game, so use those to your advantage. The following cheats are the most useful:

    STILLAINTFALLIN --- (Unlocks Perfect Manual)
    AINTFALLIN --- (Unlocks Perfect Grind)
    MYOPTIC ---(Unlocked Unlimited Focus)

    Each Line Challenge will start when you trick on the first piece. Each Line's combo has a different combo score for a SICK rating, so keep practicing and you'll get them. Here are the scores you must earn on all 13:

    Love Park- Score 4,000,000 points on all 17 objects
    Libery Bell- Score 1,500,000 points on all 9 objects
    Inner-City Philly- Score 1,000,000 points on all 12 objects
    Bay-Bridge Tunnel- Score 2,000,000 points on all 11 objects
    FDR Skate Park- Score 2,000,000 points on all 16 objects
    Downtown Baltimore- Score 2,000,000 points on all 19 objects
    Baltimore Inner Harbor- Score 3,000,000 points on all 16 objects
    Lansdowne- Score 2,000,000 points on all 12 objects
    Harbor Bridge- Score 2,000,000 points on all 13 objects
    Freedom Plaza- Score 4,000,000 points on all 16 objects
    D.C. National Mall- Score 3,500,000 points on all 15 objects
    Air and Space Museum- Score 2,000,000 points on all 16 objects
    Metro- Score 3,000,000 points on all 15 objects
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