Cruel god achievement in Babel Rising

Cruel god

Send 10 maximum difficulty waves to your opponent in a versus multiplayer match.

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How to unlock the Cruel god achievement

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    To obtain this achievement you need to send 10 maximum difficulty waves to your opponent in a versus match. As the only multiplayer available is local splitscreen, you will have to either do it by yourself with two contollers (Which will simply require you to play a few games) or convince your sibling/spouse/neighbour to help you out to do it in one.

    First, I will detail a little bit what "difficulty waves" are. To send waves to your partner, you need to perform combos. The higher the combo, the more difficult the wave you will send. After you have finished your combo, you will see a symbol of a worker move over to your partners side of the screen with a multiplyer number next to it. If it says 'x24' next to it, you have sent a maximum wave. The combo you will need to send changes as the game goes on, so there is no set number I can give you. For the powers, use Earth and avoid Water. You can use your own preference for Wind and Fire as they are similar.

    Now load up the first temple in a competitive match. If you are going up against someone else, you will most likely both naturally get the achievement just by trying to get combos. If you are going up against yourself (Meaning the controller sitting alone next to you), then you will have to do a few games. Don't worry though as it typically only takes 3 matches to complete at a few minutes each.

    NOTE: If you are doing this with an idle controller, make sure you restart at the end of the game. Do not leave the 'game session' by going back to the menus as it will wipe your current tally. Thank sirbradenwalker for figuring this out!

    Achievement unlocks as soon as you send the last wave :)
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    XmaniaXI'm not able to unlock this in multiple matches. Unfortunately I don't have anybody around to play this with me.
    Posted by XmaniaX on 30 Jun 12 at 21:15
    Ras Slim IEither something glitched for me or your guide is incorrect. I've sent dozens of x24 waves in multiple versus games and still no pop. Strictly negative vote.
    Posted by Ras Slim I on 14 Jul 12 at 20:23
    ElyohHmm it appears to be one of 'these' achievements. I have had a few people confirm it works on multiple, and now a few say it doesn't. I am going to change this guide to what it originally was, and just have a note that you "Could be lucky and not have to do this in one game".
    Posted by Elyoh on 14 Jul 12 at 21:31
    sirbradenwalkerYou have to keep hitting the restart button at the game over screen if you want to do it over multiple games. You also want to be using the earth element and anything besides water because of how power combos work. The reload on the the earth's rock is super quick so you'll be less likely to lose your combo. The required multiplier changes each game but it remains in the 8x-12x range. Took me 3 games @ 3 minutes each just letting the other controller idle.
    Posted by sirbradenwalker on 10 Sep 12 at 02:57
    ElyohThanks for the info! I have put it into the guide, and I know quite a few people will appretiate not having to find a second local partner to help out :)
    Posted by Elyoh on 10 Sep 12 at 05:32
    XmaniaXThanx alot for pointing this out sirbradenwalker and Elyoh for even taking the time to message me about it on XBL. Much appreciated. Finally got the achievement now!
    Posted by XmaniaX on 11 Sep 12 at 09:14
    ZetengeThank for the info! Pressing "restart" works perfectly!
    Posted by Zetenge on 15 Sep 12 at 08:51
    ReaboI sending over waves to the other player, but its not unlocking.
    Posted by Reabo on 07 Jun 15 at 18:59
    ElyohAre you certain they're max difficulty waves? Aka x24 waves?
    Posted by Elyoh on 07 Jun 15 at 21:49
    ReaboIt finally unlocked. I had to do it in one game.
    Posted by Reabo on 07 Jun 15 at 22:28
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