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You can obtain this achievement by defeating all of the bosses that are scattered throughout FF1's optional, new dungeons. It'll pop as soon as you defeat the last boss.

There's four new dungeons and a total of sixteen new bosses you must defeat. Each dungeon is blocked by a statue of a fiend and you have to defeat the fiend to enter the
respective dungeon.
My recommendation is to wait until you've defeated Tiamat and when you're ready to enter the Chaos Shrine. If you've defeated pretty much every monster so far, then you should be around level 40: more than enough to start conquering these dungeons, though it may get a bit tricky.

My party is as follows: Knight, Knight, White Wizard, Black Wizard, so my advice will be geared towards that a little bit.

To prepare, try and get the following items:
- level 8 spells, especially FullLife, Holy and Flare
- White Robe. This is found in the Flying Fortress, on 2F. Don't equip it! Try to get four, but they can be bought in Whisperwind Cove
- Giant's Gloves. This item is found in the Sunken Shrine, on the second floor. As with the White Robe: don't equip it.
- Temper (lvl2 Black mage spell, bought in Pravoka)
- Haste (lvl4 Black mage spell, bought in Elfeim)
- Healaga (lvl7 White mage spell, bought in Onrac)
- Invisira (lvl6 White mage spell, bought in Crescent Lake)
- Rune Staff (Found in Whisperwind Cove). Try to get two for the best results.
- Protect Ring
- Ribbon (the fourth is in Hellfire Chasm, so don't fret if you only have three)
- the best equipment you can buy: Diamond equipment, Cat's Claws, Thor's Hammer.

For later dungeons, try and get some Hermes Shoes, especially if you don't have Haste.

The order you should attempt the dungeons is as follows:
- Earthgift Shrine (x4)
- Hellfire Chasm (x2)
- Whisperwind Cove (x2)
- Lifespring Grotto (x2)

This guide has two parts: the first part describes the bosses and dungeons in general. The second part goes into detail on how to get the most out of your runs through these dungeons.

Here's a short breakdown of where to find the dungeon and the bosses in the dungeon.

Basic strategy
There's a very basic strategy to beating most of the bosses: use White Robes / Invisira to increase your evasion. Using an item only 'spends' it for that round, but you can use them again every round. Most bosses have a rather high defense, so use Temper / Giant's Gloves on your main attacker and cast Haste. You'll quickly rack up the damage with this tactic, making the boss battles a lot easier.
Try to apply this strategy on every boss battle. The more items you have to do this, the less MP it'll cost you. By the time I was fighting Omega and Shinryu, I was buffing and healing my party for almost 0 MP (and the occasional Healaga). This negated pretty much all damage.

Earthgift Shrine
This dungeon is unlocked after you defeat Lich and is located a little south of the Temple of Fiends, in a cave. You might've accidentally encountered it while travelling from Corneria to the Temple at the start of the game. This dungeon has five floors and the four fiends of FFIII await you at B5. You can only beat one of them per run through the dungeon, so you'll have to do this dungeon four times.
This dungeon is relatively easy, but Echidna and Ahriman can be annoying because of Kill and Earthquake. You can render those spells pretty much ineffective with the Protect Ring and Ribbon.

The most annoying map is the desert map. Just follow the arrows created by the trees and you'll find the exit soon enough.

Somewhat annoying boss, but if you can render her instant-death moves ineffective, then you only need to worry about her physical attack and Flare. The physical attack isn't too strong, but Flare can kill you if you're not prepared for it. Luckily, she doesn't use it too much. Apply the basic strategy and go to town on her. She has 4800 HP, so it shouldn't take too long.

I only recall him doing a physical attack and Thunderbolt, so use NulShock to lessen the damage and kill him. This is a very easy boss, but watch out for Thunderbolt: multiple hits could easily decimate you if you're not careful.

Two-Headed Dragon
Try to use Slow on him. If you have a White Robe and Invisira, then now is the time to use it. Both raise your evasion, which will make less hits connect. Less hits = less damage from his only attack: a physical attack.

A mix of Echnidna and Cerberus. He has 5000 HP and as long as you have some evasion up, you'll be okay from his physical attacks. Equip the Ribbon and Protect Ring to protect from his instant-death moves!

Hellfire Chasm
You can find the entrance to this dungeon on the Dragon Islands (the same islands where you change your class). It's in one of the sink holes. This dungeon has 10 floors. B5 and B10 contain the elemental fiends from FFIV: B5 has Scarmiglione and Cagnazzo and B10 has Barbariccia and Rubicante.

The world map map (eh...) can be a tricky one. There's three variations on the same theme, but they're all the same: there's a pirate named Thule, an oasis, a boat and an airship, but you don't always need the airship to reach the exit. The airship only unlocks when you talk to Thule and then use the Levistone in the desert. I'm unsure if you can summon the airship if you don't have the Levistone of the main game.
Two of the maps don't require the airship, the third does.

Just like the first encounter in FFIV, this is two battles. The first form is really easy to beat. It's the second form that's tricky and which requires buffs. His Poison Gas is really dangerous, so try to have your Ribbons equipped. He only does a physical attack and Poison Gas, so if you can survive the latter, then you're golden.

Watch out for Tsunami, which can do roughly 300 HP damage. He can cast Haste on himself, and you can't revert it by casting Slow(ra). Keep your health up (Healara or Healaga) after the Tsunami and pray he doesn't spam the move. His physical attack might become lethal when he has cast Haste om himself.

This is where the bosses start to get more than 10000 HP.
Cyclone is similar to Cagnazzo's Tsunami, but unlike Cagnazzo, this boss does have a weakness to slow. Try to get it to connect, because it will really make her physical attack hurt less. Oh, and she can petrify you. Like with Scarmiglione's Poison Gas: if you can survive and heal from Cyclone, you'll be fine. She just takes longer to kill than Cagnazzo.

Rubicante's fire based, so cast NulBlaze to cut the damage. Ice doesn't work as well as it does in FFIV, so stick to physical attacks. He has around 15000 HP, so killing him might take a while, but he'll rarely throw anything that Healara or Healaga can't heal. Use the basic strategy to increase your damage output and to reduce the blows from his physica attacks.
Once defeated, you'll get a Kikuichimonji, a powerful sword, which can be equipped by Knights (and probably some other classes). The chest next to Rubicante contains your fourth Ribbon.

Whisperwind Cove
Unlocked after defeating Tiamat, this will be the third dungeon you'll tackle. You can find it north east of Mt. Gulg, in a cave adjacent to the network of rivers. It may

be longer than Lifespring Grotto, but there's a few good reasons to do this one before Lifespring Grotto:
- more floors = higher chance for stat increasing items like Mind Plus
- You can find some excellent equipment that you can't miss (Genji or Crystal equipment aside), such as Ultima Weapon and the Rune Staff
- It doesn't contain Omega or Shinryu (even though the final boss of this dungeon has just as much HP!).
- level 30+ contains some powerful monsters that yield nice XP.

My advice is to tackle this dungeon twice. Doing so will yield two Rune Staffs, Two Megalixirs and two Lightbringers (swords that cast Holy when used). Also, the wizard town map contains a mage selling White Robes. All of this really helps in preparing for fighting Omega and Shinryu.

There's no map that is especially tricky, but keep an eye for a map that looks like a flooded castle, with soldiers walking around. This map will always contains ten chests and is the only map that will allow you to get the rarest of treasures. On my first run, I got a second Kikuichimonji which suited my second Knight just fine. This map can be generated on any floor, except B18 and B33.

AKA Chupon. No matter how many times you cast Invisira / White Robe, Snort will most likely kill you, even with a Ribbon and Protect ring. It can reduce the chance of killing your characters outright, however. He has 10000HP, so apply the basic strategy of Temper / Giant's Glove + Haste to reduce his HP fast. Once defeated, he'll yield the Genji Helm. I never equipped it, because I really liked the effect of the Ribbons too much. Plus, a Knight with a Ribbon is cute. n_n

Ah, everyone's favourite octopus. Being an octopus, he can hit you up to eight times, which will most likely outright kill a character (or leave it really bad shape). Ink is harmless, so don't worry about it. First, focus on increasing your evasion. If you haven't encountered the wizard village yet, then cast Invisira AND use a White Robe if you can afford to take damage. After a few casts you'll render his attack a lot less harmless, which is your queue to kill him.
Once defeated, you'll get the Rune Staff. This item casts Healara when used and turned my Black Mage in a White Mage that was more effective than the actual White Mage since his Intelligence stat was higher.
When you get two of these and you let your Black / White mages use them, you can heal up to 450 HP per turn without using a single MP. Invaluable for the more powerful bosses!

Phantom Train
Has 9999 HP and a high attack. His physical attack hits for 500+ and Acid Rain is very damaging (300+ per character). Don't let him hit you with this twice. In fact, to be on the safe side, you should have at least one dedicated healer, maybe even two to completely compensate for Acid Rain. Invisira / White Robes are useful to limit the usefulness of his physical attack.
He has less HP than the other bosses, so should go down quicker. You'll get a Megalixir for your troubles.

Death Gaze
30000 HP and a rather high defense can make this a long, drawn out battle. Despite his high accuracy and defense, you should stick to the usual Invisira and Temper / Giant's Glove + Haste tactic. My fighter was doing close to 1500 damage per round at this point, with the Kikuichimonji. I've only seen him do physical attacks, so if you can survive those, then it should be a simple matter of using your Rune Staff and pounding him with your Hasted attacker.
The treasure you'll get for defeating Death Gaze is Lightbringer: a sword that can cast Holy when used! Useful if you want your black mage to deal some holy damage to undeads.

Don't forget the Ultima Weapon! The more HP you have, the more damage it deals. Despite that, it's attack power is influenced by the effects of using Giant's Glove, so after three to four applications + Haste you can easily do 2k damage, sometimes even more!

Lifespring Grotto
Unlocked after defeating Kraken, you can find its entrance to the east of Melmond, in a whirlpool. This dungeon has bosses from FFV, including the dreaded Omega and Shinryu... who really aren't all THAT hard if you've been following this guide. Try to have at least 550 HP on all your characters. By the time I was fighting Omega, I was level 47, with 900 HP per Knight, 700 for my White Mage and 550 for my Black Mage.
Similar to Whisperwind Cove, this dungeon has a single, ten chest map. This is the only map where you can get all of the treasures of that floor. You'll know it when you see it: it's like a floating castle with floors appearing and disappearing.

If you've been following along, then Gilgamesh is very easy. Just apply the usual tactic a bit and defeat him. 8888 HP quickly disappears when you deal 2500/hit... You'll get the Genji Gloves for beating him.

He has an instant kill move (Wormhole) which can be avoided when your evasion is high enough, so start casting Invisira as soon as you can. Comet hits one character, Firaga hits multiple characters. He doesn't hit too hard, but let your most intelligent characters use the Rune staff to compensate for damage. The Judgment staff is yours when you beat him. This excellent item casts Flare when used!

First: make SURE you have Ribbon and Protect rings equipped on everyone to negate his Earthquak move. If you have high HP on your main attacker, you should equip Ultima Weapon.

Omega's physical attack is very powerful, so use EVERY trick you know to increase your evasion as fast as you can. My first round looked like this: Giant's Glove on the main fighter, two White Robes and one Healaga to be on the safe side. Then, I used another Giant's Glove, then a White Robe, and a double Rune Staff to heal damage for two more rounds. When my Knight was all pimped up, I cast Haste on him and let the other Knight use Hermes Shoes (so that the black mage could use Rune Staff).
After that, my two knights were attacking, while my White Mage and Black Mage were using Rune Staffs every round, regardless of what Omega did. I was level 47 and no one died during the battle and I was dealing at least 2000 HP damage every turn. If the damage does get too severe, exchange the Rune Staff for a Healaga.

If you can compensate for his physical attack, then Wave Cannon should pose no threat to you. You can try to use Thundaga to deal 400-500 damage, but your turns are better spend healing.

First: make SURE you have Ribbon and Protect rings equipped on everyone to negate his Earthquak move. If you have high HP on your main attacker, you should equip Ultima Weapon.

I found Shinryu more dangerous than Omega, but that mostly because he has more than one hit-all move: Tsunami, Icestorm, Thunderbolt and Flare. He likes to use all of them.
Flare was most devastating to my party: 500+ to the Knights and 300-350 on the mages. Still, the tactic is very similar to Omega, with one slight change: use more Healaga
spells, especially after Flare. When I was done using Giant's Glove + Haste, I was dealing 2500 HP damage every turn.
His physical attack isn't too bad, but spend a few turns on raising your evasion just to be on the safe side: if his attack misses or deals very little damage, then you'll have an excellent turn to heal your characters with your double Rune Staff. If you keep using your double Rune Staff, then you should have enough HP to survive his Flare, heal up and survive the next attack.
Don't be afraid to use Healaga to compensate for any extra damage.

Making the most out of the Souls of Chaos dungeons
These dungeons have a lot of goodies hidden in them: some of the best equipment can be found in these dungeons, provided that you know how to get it. Most of the

information in this part of the guide comes from Terence Fergusson's excellent Soul of Chaos guide, which you can view here: This guide does an excellent job of telling you where what is.
Since you have to run through these dungeons several times, you might as well make the most of it. This part of the guide, along with the guide I linked to, will help you do just that. I use the naming scheme from that guide to explain a few things.

First, the mechanics of these dungeons. Every time you enter them, they're somewhat randomized. The dungeon always uses the same map pool, but in a different order and it's this order that determines what items you may end up getting. Once you've seen a map, it won't appear anymore.

The number of chests you can get per floor depends on the dungeon. Here's the breakdown:
- Earthgift Shrine: the maximum number of chests and treasures you can get per floor is 4.
- Hellfire Chasm: the maximum number of chests and treasures you can get per floor is 5.
- Lifespring Grotto: the maximum number of chests and treasures you can get per floor is 10.
- Whisperwind Cove: the maximum number of chests and treasures you can get per floor is 10.

Every chest on every map has a set number. Taking the Dark Forest as an example, the chest in the North West always is number one (1).

Every FLOOR (B1, B2, etc.) has a treasure list. For Earthgift Shrine, the treasures are as follows:
1. Hi-Potion
2. Spider's Silk
3. White Curtain
4. Remedy

1. Vampire Fang
2. Blue Curtain
3. White Fang
4. Kenpogi

1. Potion
2. Speed Drink
3. Protect Drink
4. Black Cowl

1. Red Fang
2. Ether
3. Silver Apple
4. Elven Cloak

What ends up in chest 1 of the Dark Forest depends on what floor that particular map is generated. If it's generated on B1, you'll get a Hi-Potion. If it's generated on B2, you'll get a Vampire Fang from that same chest. This one-to-one correspondence occurs throughout the Soul of Chaos dungeons.

Every map has a number that represents the number of the highest chest it can generate. Let's call that the Highest Chest Number. For Earthgift Shrine, the numbers are as

- Ur Cave 1: 2
- Ur Cave 2: 3
- Dark Forest: 4
- Endless Desert: 4

So, when your map is Ur Cave 1 on B4, then you'll never be able to get the Silver Apple or Elven Cloak. In fact, the only way you'll get that Silver Apple, is if the Dark Forest, Endless Desert or Ur Cave 2 ends up on B4, because those are the only maps that have a third chest available to them. Similarly, the only way you'll get the Elven Cloak is when the Dark Forest or the Endless Desert ends up on B4.

Then there's one last number, and that number introduces a small catch for floors where the Highest Chest Number is 3 or higher. This number is a restriction on the total

amount of chests that can be generated on that particular map, and this number is determined by the floor you're on. Let's call that the Chest Restriction. Here are the

restrictions of the Dark Forest:
B1: 2 chests
B2: 2 chests
B3: 3 chests
B4: 4 chests

So, when the Dark Forest is on B1, then there won't be four chests, but only two. Which two chests are generated, is random. It could be chest 1 and 4, or 2 and 3, or 1 and

3 or any other combination you can think of. The other two chests can not be gotten this run. So, in order to get the Kenpogi, you'll need either the Endless Desert OR the Dark Forest at B2 AND get lucky enough for that chest to generate.

Let's put everything together:
1. If there is no restriction to the number of chests that can be generated (Chest Restriction = 0), then all of the chests that that map can generate, are generated. Examples: Any Earthgift Shrine on B4, Ur Cave 1 on any floor, the ten-chest maps in Whisperwind Cove and Lifespring Grotto.
2. If there IS a restriction to the number of chests that can be generated (Chest Restriction > 0), then only a subset of the chests is generated. Example: Dark Forest on B1, B2 and B3 will result in less than four chests generated (2, 2 and 3 respectively).

For both these rules, only valid chests are generated.

Example: Whisperwind Cove can have up to ten chests per floor. The treasures of B1 are as follows:
1. 2500 gil
2. Blue Fang
3. Spider's Silk
4. Tiger Mask
5. Stamina Plus
6. Golden Apple
7. Protect Drink
8. Hermes' Shoes
9. Turbo Ether
10. Genji Helm

However, most maps in Whisperwind Coves are capped at six (some even lower!). Assume that the map that appears on B1 can hold no more than six chests. If there is no

restriction on that map, then you will get the first six treasures (2500 gil, Blue Fang, Spider's Silk, Tiger Mask, Stamina Plus and Golden Apple).
If there is a Chest Restriction on that map (e.g.: 4), then you can only get four of the first six chests, and which you'll get are random. If you're lucky, the set will contain the Stamina Plus and the Golden Apple. If you're out of luck, then you won't get them.

You can use this information along with the information in the guide to determine on what floor the ten-chest map appears in Whisperwind Cove and Lifespring Grotto and to determine if you want what's in there, or if it's better to reset and hope for a better configuration. This method will also give you a general idea if it's worth to go treasure hunting per floor to see if that special item has been generated or not, or to just go straight to the exit.

- Use the following guide to get the best treasures:
- If there is no restriction to the number of chests that can be generated (Chest Restriction = 0), then all of the chests that that map can generate, are generated. Examples: Any Earthgift Shrine on B4, Ur Cave 1 on any floor, the ten-chest maps in Whisperwind Cove and Lifespring Grotto.
- If there IS a restriction to the number of chests that can be generated (Chest Restriction > 0), then only a subset of the chests is generated. Example: Dark Forest on
B1, B2 and B3 will result in less than four chests generated (2, 2 and 3 respectively).
- For your enjoyment, I have downloaded the maps from and renamed the files according to the names used in the above guide. You can find it here:

Have fun treasure hunting!

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