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Chemical Crisis

Complete story level 5

Chemical Crisis+0.6
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How to unlock the Chemical Crisis achievement

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    i take no credit for the guide here is where it comes from
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    Characters: Batman, Robin, later Superman


    Walkthrough -

    Chemical Vats -
    All right, the reason you're here now is to find out what Joker stole from
    Ace Chemicals. Just to the right of the Hazard Suit is a few boxes that,
    when broken, form a switch that will let Robin take the suit. Head to the
    right and up the stairs in the back, then drop down into the water and
    flip the switch to raise the green tank. Press Circle in front of the tank
    to take a sample and stop the flow. You'll need four more samples of
    chemicals. The doors to the right will fly open and you'll be attacked.

    Head further east until you reach a valve in front of a hatch in the floor.
    Bust the four red things holding the hatch shut, then turn the valve. This
    will raise a suit pad covered in gunk. Wash it off with the Hazard Suit,
    then grab the Elec Suit. Climb up the ladder in the back, then take the
    charge from the generator and head left. Grab the purple chemical.

    Now, head to the right. Drop down into the water tank as Robin, head to the
    right, and throw the switch to drain the water so Batman can follow, then
    hop out to the right. Head down the stairs to the foreground, wash the gunk
    off the suit pad to the left, and put together the Magnet Suit pad. Climb
    up the back blue wall, then use the magnet on the blue cone to open a
    generator that Batman can charge. You'll pull up the red chemical. Once
    you use it, a bridge will extend to the back.

    Hop up and use the magnet at the end, then climb up to the purple vat.
    Once the bridge blows up, reassemble it and cross. Head to the right.
    Note the moving barrels with the yellow caps. You need to cross those, so
    time your jumps carefully to land on them. Once you pass them, you may
    notice some blue barrels off to the back. Pull them up with Robin and
    you'll be able to bounce up to the orange chemical.

    A new set of moving barrels has appeared off to the right. Hop across and
    you'll reach three chemical vats sitting tantalizing near three similar-
    colored holes on the back wall. Take the power from the generator and grab
    the new Hazard Suit. Here comes the other big function of the Hazard Suit.
    Hop in any of these vats and your tank will fill up with that colored
    chemical. Spray the goop into the same-colored hole. Do so for all three.
    This will neutralize the big vat to your right (SCIENCE!), so switch to
    Batman and cross to the shocked floor. Take the power from the generator to
    turn the shock off, then hop out as Robin and spray water on the gunk to
    get rid of it so you can pull the switch.

    Watch out. Forklift. First, toss a Batarang at the glowing white thing on
    the upper left corner. This will drop a ladder that you can climb and throw
    a switch, opening the vent to your right. Next, climb up the pipes in the
    back right as Batman and cross the railings to the back. Flip the switch
    there as well and the water will be cool enough for Robin to drop into.
    Swim up to the top of the tank and flip the switch, then grab the blue

    Upper Catwalks -
    Now it's time to make our way out of this place. In order for Batman to get
    through this mess, you'll probably need a pool of water. Go to the back left
    of the messy area and assemble the water tank, which will fill the pool.
    Spray off the majority of the gunk, and the fires in the back. Put the pieces
    there together for an Acrobat Suit. Use it to cross the poles to the right,
    then use the ball socket to extend the bridge. Batman should still have a
    charge, but if he doesn't, take it from the left generator. Put the charge
    in the middle generator to get parts for a Power Suit pad. Take the
    suit and head to the right. Wrench open the gate with the orange handle.
    Now, head to the back and blow the silver casing on the pole. Have Robin
    climb the pole and assemble the Grapple Handle so Batman can get up. Pull
    the orange handle to the right. Now, have Robin jump back and forth between
    the walls to the top. Bash the white ladder holder to drop the ladder for
    Batman. Blast the silver cap at the top here to really cause a mess.

    Walk across the fallen tower and head to the right. Blast the silver part of
    the tower out of your way and head down to the computer. Break all the
    objects around the screen and assemble the ball socket. You're basically
    going to use this one as a trackball to move the cursor on the screen around.
    Press Square on the two valve icons in the corners to shut off the steam
    above. Head up to that catwalk and to the right. Rip off the orange handle
    and climb up the walls to reach another ball socket. This one moves that
    little platform out there. Put it low and in the middle so Batman can jump
    across to the Elec Suit. Once you get the suit, use the Grapple Handle and
    take the power from the generator to open the gate. Switch back to Robin
    and have him swing across on his pole, then head to the right for some more
    pole swinging across the vats. Pull the switch to close the vats so Batman
    can charge up the generator to the right. Hop onto the crate.

    Chemical Fires -
    Well, look who's turned up to help. Superman has a lot of awesome powers
    you're going to enjoy, so let's get right to it. Fly up to the back and
    pull open the orange handle to release water, then freeze it with your Freeze
    Breath (hold Circle). Clear the fires from your path and smash the lockers
    to find parts for a Power Suit. Now, your next effort, off to the right, is
    to get those orange goopy fountains to not be orange.

    Use the Power Suit to blast open the Hazard Suit and switch to it. Now,
    use Superman's X-Ray vision on the green wall to open the valves below.
    Like earlier, you need to fill with three different colors, but only one is
    nearby. Fill up the orange one first, then go up the stairs and head right.
    You'll find the green chemical a short ways down the catwalk, and the purple
    one a little further beyond that. With all three full, the orange fountains
    will be neutralized and Superman can freeze them. Switch Batman back to
    Elec Suit and hop up the ice, then use the generator behind the electric
    field so everyone else can pass.

    Next, take Superman up to the tower on the right and use his heat vision
    on the gold part of the wall (hold down Square). You'll be required to trace
    along the outline to cut the wall down, so do so. This dumps water on the
    fire below. Continue to the right to find another tower. Cut open the
    gold wall on that, then freeze the resulting waterfall so the others can
    climb. Finally, use Batman's charge on the generator at the end, then you
    can hop into the elevator.

    Roof -
    Almost done. Promise. First, the ACE sign will collapse. Fly across as
    Superman and melt the two gold objects beneath the generator and assemble
    the pieces into a ladder. Have Batman cross the beam and climb up to the
    generator to shut it down. Now, cross back as Batman, get the Power Suit,
    cross BACK one more time and blast the silver supports holding up the giant
    water tower. Crisis averted.
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    I found this video walkthrough to be, by far, the best for solving some of the more difficult puzzles. It is fast and informative.

    They are made by HappyThumgsGaming

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