Harboring a Criminal achievement in LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes

Harboring a Criminal

Complete story level 2

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How to unlock the Harboring a Criminal achievement

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    i take no credit for the guide here is where it comes from http://www.cheatcc.com/pc/sg/lego_batman_2_dc_super_her....txt
    Super Hero at 90,000

    Characters: Batman, Robin


    Walkthrough -

    Outside Theater -
    Well, looks like your chopper's all messed up. You'll just have to fix it.
    First, assemble the pieces right next to the chopper. That's Part #1. The
    other parts somehow landed themselves further up the building. Head to the
    trailer back and to your left and use a Batarang on the red locks to open it.
    Break the equipment inside and assemble the pieces into a Power Suit. This
    suit has rockets that you can fire either by targeting or just by tapping
    Circle. Launch a rocket at the silver spotlight in front of the right side
    of the theater, then assemble the pieces inside to Robin's next suit, the
    Magnet Suit. Head to the shiny blue wall behind the spotlight, and hold down
    Circle. This will move the two blue parts away so you can start scaling the
    wall with the Magnet Suit.

    Clomp up the blue wall, being careful about your direction so you don't fall.
    Once you reach the top, look up for a Grapple Handle and use it. You'll ride
    the banner up. Jump off to the left and climb up the railings. Use your
    magnet again to lower the blue panels, then walk up them to the other side.
    Use your magnet one last time on the scaffolding and you'll drop it so Batman
    can come up and join you. This also releases the second part of your
    helicopter, but don't bother assembling it yet.

    Batman's Power Suit not only has rockets, but extra strength. Once you ride
    up the scaffolding, press Circle in front of the orange handle to yank the
    gate open, then have Robin pull the ladder down. Have Batman climb the
    ladder, then blast the silver object at the back wall, then have Robin
    magnetize twice more to make a Grapple Handle so you can ride up another
    level. Blast the silver spotlight and assemble the zipline to ride over to
    the left. Now, grapple up the tower, head back to the right, then magnet
    one more blue object and grapple up. Pull on the orange handle and you'll
    release the last piece for your helicopter. Assemble all the pieces, then
    hop on.

    Batwing Chase -
    Y'know, if Batman had this the whole time... Anyway, it's time to chase down
    the Joker. This part's quite simple. Shoot the joker until the meter
    empties, then shoot up any goons he summons to harrass you between those
    times, either boats or helicopters.

    Parking Lot -
    Joker seems to have parked his boat in front of the amusement park, and
    you'll need to get close to stop him. Go to the digger on the left and blast
    the silver part holding up the scoop. Assemble the pieces into a cannon,
    then aim it at the Joker, then pull on the orange handle to fire.

    For the next phase, Joker will throw electrified pies with an area effect.
    Head up to the back of the area and put together the parts busted off Joker's
    boat. You'll make silver teeth, so blast them with a rocket, then assemble
    the blue parts into a magnet wall. Walk up it with Robin, then smash the
    part at the top of the swinging sign and use your magnet twice to loosen it
    onto the Joker.

    For the final part, a giant dodgem car will roll out to attack. You'll have
    to alternate between the silver and shiny blue parts with your powers until
    it's scrap, then assemble the pieces for something that'll finish off the
    Joker. Pull on the orange handle.
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