Chemical Signature achievement in LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes

Chemical Signature

Complete story level 6

Chemical Signature0
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How to unlock the Chemical Signature achievement

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    i take no credit for the guide here is where it comes from
    Super Hero at 95,000

    Characters: Batman, Robin


    Walkthrough -

    Batmobile Chase -
    This part is similar to the Batwing chase of earlier. Blast the Juggernaut,
    then take down any mooks that show up to tangle with you. The only thing
    about this one is that the target on the Juggernaut keeps changing, usually
    a different type of gun pops out and you have to target it, not just the
    vehicle itself.

    Inside the Juggernaut -
    Having worn down the Juggernaut's defenses, the dynamic duo infiltrate it.
    Punch out the scientists and the machines churning out LexBots, then bash
    the glowing boxes in the back right and assemble the Magnet Suit. Use the
    magnet on the tank to the right, and then on the ball that drops beneath it.
    Guide the ball through the trough to the left, and when you pull it up, it
    will unlock a blue wall on the back. Walk up it, then head right and turn the
    valve to drop down a ladder for Batman.

    Head to the right and magnet down some pieces for a Sensor Suit, then use
    it to bypass the camera and go up the ladder. Smash the blue gear to kill
    the camera. Next, head to the right and use the magnet to close the vents.
    Smash the blue brackets to bring up a green wall for the X-Ray vision. Use
    it to move the two right-hand gears in place, and turn the left one to close
    the other vent.

    Two Mini-VTOLs will pop up from behind. Batarang the both of them and
    assemble the pieces into a Bat Suit. Use Robin on the magnet to the right
    to raise the ramp, then leap off and glide to the right. Smash the blue
    spinning gears, then sonic the glass to the right and magnet the dish that
    pops up. Assemble the pieces into an uplink which will call in the Batwing
    for some assistance in tearing the thing up.

    Drop down to the burned out hole and enter. Use the magnet to open the door
    to the left. In this large generator room, head to the left and flip the
    switch on this level. This brings out a green... thing. Smash it and one
    of the power conduits will go away. Next, walk up the blue wall and magnet
    another green thing out of the wall to smash. Lastly, use Batman to grab
    onto the Grapple Handle above and hop off to the right. Sonic the glass away
    and throw the switch to uncover the last green thing to smash.
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    Proper Video Walkthroughs by a gamer who knows what he is doing


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