Unwelcome Guests achievement in LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes

Unwelcome Guests

Complete story level 7

Unwelcome Guests+0.7
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How to unlock the Unwelcome Guests achievement

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    i take no credit for the guide here is where it comes from http://www.cheatcc.com/pc/sg/lego_batman_2_dc_super_her....txt
    Super Hero at 85,000

    Characters: Batman, Robin, later Superman


    Walkthrough -

    Batcave -
    Oh, what a brilliant plan they had. Lex and the Joker are in the Batcave,
    and boy are they making a mess. You'll need to repel them. First, hop on
    the Batbike straight ahead of you and fire off some shots at them. Once
    you tag them, the Batbike will be broken, but you'll be able to assemble an
    Elec Suit out of the pieces. Head back down and to the left across the
    shocking floor, then pull the charge from the generator to let Robin cross.

    Head further left and Joker will bust the bridge to the Batwing, so drop
    the charge you have in a nearby generator, which will reveal a Bat Suit. Use
    its sonic on the nearby glass to uncover an Acrobat Suit, which you can use
    to head to the Batwing by building the socket, then tossing your staff into
    it. Hop into the Batwing and fire on the bad guys.

    Reassemble the Batwing pieces into a Power Suit, then build the railing to
    this platform so Batman can reach it. Now, head back to the computer, and to
    the right this time, blasting anything silver that gets in your way. Near
    the end of the platform, hop on both buttons to raise the Batboat, then climb
    in and fire.

    Upper Cave -
    All right, this is a new part of the cave AND we've got Superman on our
    team again. Burn down the gold wall at the back. This will allow Batman
    and Robin to grapple onto the handle and ride up, then climb up the wall to
    the left. At the top, have Superman blow out the fires on both boxes, smash
    them, then assemble the railings so the boys can climb up, and then grapple
    up. At the next level, have Robin use the wall sockets to flip up. At the
    last one, he'll pull down a rock, letting water flow. Have Superman freeze
    it, then climb up to the top of this shaft.

    Head to the door in the back and blow it open with a rocket, then have
    Superman use X-ray Vision on the green wall. You're now in a large open area
    that will soon become rather hazardous, and your objective is to get that
    T-Rex in the back moving. As soon as you enter, much of the floor will
    collapse except from some blue beams. Have Robin cross to the left and
    take the Magnet Suit. Have Superman put out the fires above so Robin can
    grapple up and cross the blue wall to the back. Hop down to the lower
    area and head all the way to the right until you see a Pull Handle in front
    of a yellow glass-encased room. Pull it down, and have Superman burn the
    gold thing in the middle of that room. This will cause some pieces for a
    zipline to appear off to the right of the middle of the room. This is how
    Batman gets across to the back, so switch back to Batman and move him across
    the beams all the way to the right (oh yeah, it appears you can walk to the
    back, but you can't; the beams fall). At the right, grapple up, assemble
    the zipline and ride on down. Use rockets on the silver objects surrounding
    the T-Rex, then assemble the ball socket. Yep, you'll need to go back to
    get the Acrobat Suit.

    Walk Robin up the magnet wall and back across, then grab the suit. Now, he
    has to use Batman's means of getting over. Cross the beams to the right,
    grapple up, zip down, then hop into the ball socket. Turn the T-Rex and
    you'll set its tail near the ground so you can grapple up it. Head to the
    back, and fire a rocket at the silver part of the ceiling. Hop into the fan
    to ride out.
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