Destination Metropolis achievement in LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes

Destination Metropolis

Complete story level 8

Destination Metropolis+0.8
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How to unlock the Destination Metropolis achievement

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    Super Hero at 120,000

    Characters: Batman, Superman


    Walkthrough -

    Carrier Approach -
    As Batman and Superman fly to the rear of the carrier, you'll be attacked
    by several VTOL craft. Drop them out of the sky, then you'll approach the
    port end of the craft. Blast all the targets given to you and burn all the
    gold panels. You'll cruise around the carrier, blasting more guns, more
    VTOLs, and more vital parts of the craft. It's all rather obvious and your
    targets are pointed out, so let's move on.

    Inside the Carrier -
    The two of you will land on the gangway of the carrier. Have Batman pull
    down the Pull Handles to your left and right and have Superman burn the gold
    not only behind those handles, but up above as well. Once all four are down,
    the force field will drop, allowing you to enter the hangar.

    As you enter, a large VTOL craft will attack. Pull off the front of it
    with the Grapple, then Batarang the pilot to crash the vehicle. Look behind
    the green wall he just uncovered and move all the parts to reveal the Elec
    Suit. Use it on the generator further back, then deposit that charge on the
    right to work the platform in the middle of the room. Ride up and grab both
    handles flanking the door to open it. Burn down the gold wall and proceed.

    That's your friendly neighborhood Kryptonite glowing in that next room, so
    send Batman in and have him break all four locks, then assemble the pieces
    to cover the green glow. You'll still have to mind the small Kryptonite
    deposits lying around, though. Have Superman pull open the orange handle
    at the back.

    In this next room, quickly Batarang the two guys on the Micro-VTOLs and hop
    on either one of them. You'll need to blast all the silver objects in the
    room with the rockets in these platforms, so tap Circle a billion times to
    blow everything up. You can assemble the pieces in the back to stop the
    flow of thugs coming in, but what you really need to put together are the
    pieces in the center of the room. You'll make two cranes with orange
    handles. Pull both of these handles and the cranes will grab a missile
    from beneath the carrier. Light its butt on fire to smash the door in back.

    Head up the stairs and into the room outside the cockpit. Have Superman
    fly up to the outside area and pull on the orange handle. This will allow
    the construction of a Bat Suit pad. Take it and sonic either side of the
    room, then enter the vents they cover to float Batman up to the outside
    area. Sonic the glass above the cockpit, then drop down.
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