Research and Development achievement in LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes

Research and Development

Complete story level 9

Research and Development+0.9
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How to unlock the Research and Development achievement

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    i take no credit for the guide here is where it comes from
    Super Hero at 100,000

    Characters: Batman, Superman


    Walkthrough -

    Lexcorp Lobby -
    Ack! Evil Robot Receptionist! The bot will hop up to that big L sign
    above the floor. Fly up as burn all the gold around it to knock her down,
    then assemble the pieces into a Power Suit. Avoid the bot's fire until it
    spins down. Its hearts will turn red and that's your cue to fire a rocket
    at it. The bot will hop up to the balcony and send out some basic LexBots,
    so smash them, then do the same thing over again with waiting for it to
    stop spinning, then fighting more bots, then hitting one last time.

    The exploding bot will break down the green wall so you can use it. Align
    all the red parts with the pipes and the escalators will start running on
    the sides, allowing you to climb up to the mezzanine. In the back, blast
    all the silver objects flanking the door, then assemble the pieces of the
    terminal on the left. Pull the switch to open the elevator, then hop in.

    Lexcorp Second Floor -
    Blast the silver and burn the gold. Assemble the pieces into an Elec Suit
    and cross to the right with Batman. Those green bubbles are effect produced
    by Kryptonite. Take the charge from the generator in the middle to shut it
    all down, then head right and burn the gold on the back wall so Batman can
    put his charge in the generator beneath it. This starts up conveyor belts
    on the wall. Head back and grab the Power Suit, then blast the silver
    covering, then toss another rocket onto the belt itself. It should blow
    once it reaches the silver crossbar at the top, allowing you to head further
    right to the elevator. Burn down the gold wall, then pull on the Grapple
    Handle to bring the elevator down. Hop inside.

    Lexcorp Third Floor -
    As soon as you enter, a wimpy scientist will throw a switch turning on a
    camera. Burn the gold on the left and assemble the Sensor Suit, then turn
    invisible and turn the valve beneath the camera. You'll roll in a black
    bike. Step on the button to deconstruct it. Continue this for two more
    items and you'll eventually tear open the back wall. Head into the fan and
    ride up.

    Lexcorp Fourth Floor -
    Now this flowing green gas will hurt both guys equally. Fly up above as
    Superman and burn all the five gold brackets on the first vent, then pull
    the orange handle on the second vent and smash the stuff behind it.
    Assemble the switch below and flip it to produce a Grapple Handle up above.
    Grapple up and run across to the other side of the third vent, then smash
    the glowing boxes and assemble the Bat Suit Panel. Grapple back up to the
    top of the vent and sonic the glass. Now, Superman can go to the right.
    Burn up that Luthor "L" and have Superman stand on the button underneath
    so Batman can glide through the green bubble to the right. Head to the
    back left and sonic away the door, then throw the switch back here to
    get rid of the last bubble. Have Superman fly to the right and laser the
    gold wall, then head on through.

    Lexcorp Robot Arena -
    Go to the green wall in the back and use X-Ray to open the door. Smash
    the objects in the center of the room, then assemble them into chairs.
    Hop in using Triangle and you'll take control of a huge robot. ROBOT FIGHT!
    Move out of the way when it charges, then punch it once it's stunned. Do this
    until it breaks.

    Now, you can head to the switch in the back and stop the flow of LexBots if
    you want, but the way forward is to the right. Use sonic on the glass
    flanking the door, then smash the blue objects beneath and burn through the
    gold plate that falls. Hop on the elevator to finish this mission.
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