Underground Retreat achievement in LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes

Underground Retreat

Complete story level 11

Underground Retreat+0.9
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How to unlock the Underground Retreat achievement

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    i take no credit for the guide here is where it comes from http://www.cheatcc.com/pc/sg/lego_batman_2_dc_super_her....txt
    Super Hero at 110,000

    Characters: Batman, Superman (low power)


    Walkthrough -

    Metro Station -
    The robot smashed you into the subway, so you'll need to find a way out.
    Head to the right onto the tracks. Use the orange handle off to the right
    to pull the electrified crane away from the tracks so you can assemble the
    Elec Suit pad. Use it to grab the nearby charge, then have Superman pull
    on the orange handle in the back to clear the way.

    Clear the fires on the back rubble, then smash your way through. In the
    next room, assemble the Power Suit pad on the right and use it to blast the
    silver thing on the left blocking the generator. Grab the Elec Suit again
    and use its charge on the generator. This will get the robot leg out of
    the way, allowing you to clear the silver trash in the back and head along
    the wrecked subway car. Burn the gold away at the end and pass through.

    Train Tracks -
    Use rockets on the silver crates to the left and assemble the switch on the
    generator. Flip it to get the pieces for a Bat Suit pad. Take it and
    smash all the glass, particularly the tubes on the back wall. This will
    get some water flowing, so have Superman freeze it, then climb up and glide
    to the right so you land on top of the ledge. Throw the switch to stop
    the trains on the tracks. Burn the gold you just uncovered, assemble it,
    and pull the orange handle on the train car. You'll clear the way and can
    head further back.

    There's a big mess in this switching area. You'll need to head left, up, and
    to the right to exit. First, clear away the fires, then climb up the wall
    and glide across to the right using Batman. Glide across both gaps to reach
    the glass. Sonic it away so Superman can climb up and use X-Ray on the green
    wall. Once you clear away the electricity, hop down and pull on the orange
    handle. Head through and yikes!

    Central Station -
    Tap Circle furiously to get out of the robot's fist, then head to the right.
    Note the gold on the back of the robot's hand. Burn away all three parts on
    the hand, then enter the subway car in the back.

    Runaway Train -
    Head to the right and use the Pull Handle with your Grapple. Climb up the
    ladder in the first car, then start hopping across the cars to the right.
    Once the Deconstructor drops you into another car, have Superman blow out
    the fires and proceed. The glowing boxes contain pieces for an Elec Suit.
    Use it to take power from the generator, then head right and pull on the
    orange handle to open the engine. Transfer your charge to the generator
    inside. This will stop the train and you'll make your escape.
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