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Tower Defiance

Complete story level 14

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How to unlock the Tower Defiance achievement

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    i take no credit for the guide here is where it comes from
    Super Hero at 50,000

    Characters: Batman, Robin, Cyborg, Green Lantern


    Walkthrough -

    Ruined Tower -
    All right, now we've got some more superheroes to throw at the bad guys.
    Cyborg has a laser eye (heat vision), super strength, and the same kind
    of magnet power that Magnet Suit Robin has. Green Lantern can fly and can
    assemble objects made out of green LEGO pieces. It's not quite having
    Superman back, but it'll do fine.

    So, head to the right and use Cyborg's magnet on the hanging blue object
    in the back, then use Cyborg's laser eye on the gold gear on it to open
    it. It will spill out green pieces, so use GL to assemble them. You'll
    be able to cross the pit. Use Cyborg to pull on the orange handle, then
    assemble the green pieces. Assemble the regular pieces in the shaft and take
    the Ice Suit. Freeze the waterfall and climb up.

    Burn down the gold wall to your left, then head into the room. As soon as
    you get far enough, the floor above you will collapse. Now, note those
    circles with snowflakes inside on the back wall. Those are Ice Switches.
    Aim at them with Robin and you'll fire ice shots at them. This will open a
    Pull Handle for your Grapple, then you'll be able to walk up the blue wall
    with Cyborg. At the top, burn the gold boxes and assemble the green pieces
    inside to make a spider, for some reason. Hop down and assemble the pieces
    at the bottom for a Power Suit. Walk up the slope to the left and blast
    open the silver door. Inside the shaft, use Robin to put out the fires and
    hit the Ice Switch. Pull open the handle behind it and you'll ride up a
    fan to the next area.

    Upper Floors -
    That Joker Bot seems intent on getting to the top. There's an Elec Suit in
    the closet on the wall. Shoot an ice shot at the Ice Switch above to open
    it up, then take the suit, cross the floor, and take the charge from the
    generator. Continue up the slopes, and charge the generator to drop some
    green pieces for GL, which will slow down the fan and let you get inside.

    Rooftop -
    All right, time to cause some damage to that robot. Smash the boxes in
    front of you and assemble the green pieces to throw a friggin' truck at the
    Joker Robot. It'll inch along the roof to the left. Use Cyborg's laser on
    the gold wall, then take the charge from the generator and have Robin take
    the Hazard Suit inside. Use it to clean up the gunk near the barrels, and
    also break the barrels. You'll be able to assemble an orange handle on the
    helicopter that's stuck, so pull it out with Cyborg, which will drop the
    rotor onto the gap so you can cross.

    Use Robin's water to put out the fires near the generator, then have Batman
    charge it up. This will move the Joker Robot to the back of the roof. Smash
    the two boxes near the robot to get pieces for a missle launcher. Make sure
    you fire the missiles at the chest of the robot: its core. Do this three
    times to knock a bunch of green out, then assemble that to literally drop a
    train on him.

    The Plummet -
    You'll catch up to the robot as you fall. Avoid knocking against the debris
    and missiles that fly up at you. Once you get close enough to land, the
    Joker will pop out and start throwing things and firing missiles at you.
    When he comes out and says "Come and get me", oblige him by running up and
    punching him in the face, or just Batarang him. Do that three times.
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