Extra! Extra! achievement in LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes

Extra! Extra!

Collect all the red bricks (Single Player Only)

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How to unlock the Extra! Extra! achievement

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    I'm actually stealing this solution from GamesRadar. They have a nifty little map describing where each specific brick location is. This way you can play it smart and get the Studx8/6/2 bricks first to make buying the rest of them a little easier.

    External image

    #. Name. (Cost): Effect.
    01. Beep Beep (50,000): Makes all car horns have a special sound
    02. Fall Rescue (50,000): No falling damage.
    03. Attract Studs (50,000): Will allow studs to be collected without having to walk directly over them
    04. Regenerate Hearts (50,000): Causes hearts to refill quickly.
    05. Disguises (50,000): Adds glasses and moustaches to all characters, and even vehicles.
    06. Studs x8 (400,000): Multiplies studs collected by 8.
    07. Gold Brick Finder (50,000): Shows an arrow pointing in the direction of a nearby gold brick.
    08. Character Studs (50,000): This will cause enemies to drop studs when they are defeated.
    09. Studs x6 (300,000): Multiplies studs collected by 6.
    10. Mini-Kit Finder (50,000) Shows an arrow pointing to the location of nearby mini-kit pieces.
    11. Vine Grapples (50,000) Changes the grapples of characters to vines.
    12. Studs x2 (100,000): Multiplies studs collected by 2.
    13. Super Build (50,000): Allows character to put together Lego pieces incredibly quick.
    14. Extra Toggle (50,000): Adds an extra character switch.
    15. Red Brick Finder (50,000): Shows an arrow pointing to any nearby Red Brick locations.
    16. Extra Hearts (50,000): Adds three extra hearts to your characters health.
    17. Peril Finder (50,000) Shows an arrow pointing to any nearby citizens in peril.
    18. Studs x10 (500,000): Multiplies studs collected by 10
    19. Invincibility (200,000): Makes the character invincible.
    20. Studs x4 (200,000): Multiplies studs collected by 4.

    Happy hunting!

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    InterracialAwesome guide thank you buddy.
    Posted by Interracial on 07 Sep 19 at 12:30
    LIAM SLANEY86Sweet use codes few these , not they on map , col , x6 dyud I need thank you tine , saves me time , got this gwg , time hon, my nephew lives Lego games so trying get my back log done, endless backlog ,
    Posted by LIAM SLANEY86 on 20 May 22 at 14:13
    LIAM SLANEY86Sweet simple map, too simple guide , like from me
    Posted by LIAM SLANEY86 on 20 May 22 at 14:15
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    There are a total of 20 Red Bricks that can all be found throughout Gotham City. Red Bricks are the “cheats” in the game and will need to be opened with The Joker, Riddler, or Lex Luthor. They can be found by opening up your map and scanning the area. Each red circle on the map represents a red brick. Some will be hiding up on rooftops while other will be in corners on the ground and will require one of the listed characters above to be opened.

    Gotham North

    1. Beep Beep
    Effect: When you’re in any vehicle its horn will now sound like a classic car horn.
    Location: Amusement Mile - In a Joker box on a raised area behind the Helter Skelter (giant slide) at the Amusement Mile.
    Cost: 50,000 studs
    Code: ZHAXFH

    2. Fall Rescue
    Effect: When you fall to your death you’ll no longer lose studs.
    Location: Harborside Theater - In a Joker box on the right side of the Harborside Theater entrance.
    Cost: 50,000 studs
    Code: TPGPG2

    3. Attract Studs
    Effect: Pulls all studs around you directly to you like a magnet.
    Location: Inside the Batcave - In a Deconstructor crate in the Batcave. Fly into the foreground and to the right.
    Cost: 50,000 studs
    Code: MNZER6

    4. Regenerate Hearts
    Effect: Causes hearts to refill quickly
    Location: Cave beneath the Botanical Gardens - While driving toward Arkham Asylum, look for a Riddler box in a cave in the cliffs to the east.
    Cost: 50,000 studs
    Code: ZXEX5D

    5. Disguises
    Effect: This puts funny masks on your character.
    Location: Arkham Asylum - In a Joker box atop Arkham Asylum’s main entrance (fly up to reach).
    Cost: 50,000 studs
    Code: BWQ2MS

    6. Studs x8
    Effect: Gives you a x8 stud multiplier.
    Location: South of Metro Station North - From the north island Metro, face east and move down the road, taking the second right you come to. At the end of the road, on the right, is a Deconstructor crate.
    Cost: 400,000 studs
    Code: None

    Gotham Central

    7. Gold Brick Finder
    Effect: Points you to all gold bricks in your general area.
    Location: North of Gotham Beach - In a Riddler box at the north end of the walkway that runs along Gotham Beach.
    Cost: 50,000 studs
    Code: MBXW7V

    8. Character Studs
    Effect: Enemies will give you studs when you defeat them.
    Location: Metro Station Central - In a Riddler box downstairs at the central island’s Metro Station.
    Cost: 50,000 studs
    Code: TPJ37T

    9. Studs x6
    Effect: Gives you a x6 stud multiplier.
    Location: Northwest of Gotham Power Plant - In a Deconstructor crate northwest of the Power Station, within the building complex (jump or fly over the fence).
    Cost: 300,000 studs
    Code: None

    10. Mini-Kit Finder
    Effect: Points you to all the minikits in your general area.
    Location: Gotham Park - At Gotham Park, use the control panels on the pier to control an RC submarine and destroy all waves of the enemy ships.
    Cost: 50,000 studs
    Code: LRJAG8

    11. Vine Grapples
    Effect: Grapple guns fire vines instead of wires.
    Location: Ace Chemicals - In a Joker box behind the Ace Chemical building. Go to the parking lot on the east side and follow the building around the corner to find the crate there.
    Cost: 50,000 studs
    Code: JXN7FJ

    12. Studs x2
    Effect: Gives you a x2 stud multiplier.
    Location: Power Station - Use the control panels to complete the RC car battle in the Power Station’s parking lot.
    Cost: 100,000 studs
    Code: 74EZUT

    13. Super Build
    Effect: This allows you to build Lego objects super fast.
    Location: Southeast of Gotham Park - In a Riddler box in the small park with the two spires and the Acrobat Suit signal, two blocks southeast of Gotham Park.
    Cost: 50,000 studs
    Code: JN2J6V

    14. Extra Toggle
    Effect: You get an extra character to switch to in Free Play Mode.
    Location: Gotham Zoo - In a Riddler box at the back of Gotham Zoo, on the east side of the building behind the large globe statue.
    Cost: 50,000 studs
    Code: 7TXH5K

    Gotham South

    15. Red Brick Finder
    Effect: Points you to all red bricks in your general area.
    Location: West of City Hall at the docks - Play and win the RC ships game on the island’s west pier.
    Cost: 50,000 studs
    Code: 5KKQ6G

    16. Extra Hearts
    Effect: Adds three extra hearts to your characters health.
    Location: City Hall - In a Riddler box at the entrance to City Hall.
    Cost: 50,000 studs
    Code: 4LGJ7T

    17. Peril Finder
    Effect: Shows an arrow pointing to any nearby citizens in peril
    Location: Gotham Cathedral - In a Riddler box on the east side of Gotham Cathedral’s grounds.
    Cost: 50,000 studs
    Code: RYD3SJ

    18. Studs x10
    Effect: Gives you a x10 stud multiplier.
    Location: Behind Gotham City Bank - In a Deconstructor crate at the island’s southeast dead end.
    Cost: 500,000 studs
    Code: None

    19. Invincibility
    Effect: When you turn it on your characters can no longer be hurt by anyone or anything.
    Location: Wayne Tower - In a Riddler box at the top of Wayne Tower.
    Cost: 200,000 studs
    Code: None

    20. Studs x4
    Effect: Gives you a x4 stud multiplier.
    Location: Gotham Police Station - Play and win the RC car game in the Police Station’s parking lot.
    Cost: 200,000 studs
    Code: None
  • MEGAMAN962MEGAMAN962435,294
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    The first thing you need to know is that most of these bricks require certain characters to collect. The black boxes that have that slight blue-electric look can only be opened by Lex. The boxes with the ?'s on them are Riddler boxes. Finally, Joker's face is on the Joker boxes . Sadly, other than the Riddler, you have to beat the game to gain access to the Flash, who is neccessary to rebuild Lex's and Joker's terminals. Also, unless I am mistaken (and if I am someone tell me in comments and I will correct this), you cannot play in free roam until you beat the game, meaning even if you got Flash and then unlocked Joker and Lex, you still couldn’t switch characters and use them to unlock boxes. Hell, you couldn’t even switch characters to the Flash to unlock Lex and Joker unless you were in free roam.

    Despite this there are some that do not require you to have these characters to get, which means you can get them prior to beating the game, and I highly recommend this. Prior to starting to search, I must also recommend activating as many of the Batman terminals around the city as you can (the columns of light shooting into the sky marks these, blue you have activated and red you have not) This reveals the map when you pause the game, allowing you to hit the Y button and find the red bricks faster (red bricks show up as red dots). The first 4 of these are available to you the MOMENT you get control of Batman OUTSIDE of a mission, meaning the first time you can wander the streets, you can get these. The first brick of note, is at the Power Station, which is Brick # 12 if you want to use the map in ROBomination’s guide as reference. This brick will cost you 100,000 and is the x2 Multiplier brick, which will help you earn studs at a faster rate. The next target is the 50,000 Mini-Kit Finder brick, which is in Gotham Park (# 10 on ROBomination’s map).

    The next bricks will require you to wait until you get Superman in your group. The second this happens you can use his heat vision to break the locks on the bridges heading to the last big island in the south. This is where the last of the bricks that do not require Free Play or the beating of the game to acquire are hidden. First, I would recommend going for the Red Brick Finder brick, which is on the docks on the west side of the city (#15 on ROBomination’s map). This brick costs 50,000, and is very useful in finding just where the remaining bricks are when combined with your map. On your map hit the Y button, set a marker on the red dot, head over to your marker, and follow the red arrow to your target. Easy as pie. The last of the non-Free Roam bricks is located at the Gotham Police Station (#20 on ROBomination’s map). This is your x4 Multiplier brick and will run you 200,000. A little tip, turn on the x2 and x4 multiplier at the same time and the studs you pick up from now until you beat the game will be worth 8 times as much. That will make affording the others much easier when you get to the end of your story.

    Now onto the characters you need to acquire the other bricks. When you get Superman, you can then fly to the top of Wayne tower. This is where you find the terminal for Riddler. Look at the terminal and this will cause Riddler to pop out right behind you. Kick his butt and he’s yours for 125,000. After beating the game, I suggest going straight to the Yacht Club on the northern island and getting Lex Luthor first. Lex is needed for all the good, stud getting red bricks. Just head out on the dock at the Yacht Club, switch to Flash, build the terminal, then beat Lex who appears on top of the Yacht Club building…boat…thing. He costs 250,000. Finally, you’ll need the Joker too, so head over to the Ace Chemicals plant, use Flash to rebuild that terminal, and beat the Joker (he appears on top of one of the buildings, a bit hard to describe, watch the little cut scene when he spawns and use the environment around him to help you hone in). This baddie will run you 250,000 as well.

    This is where I stop holding your hands. You can use your map, hit Y to scan, and seek out all the red dots using the red brick detector, or you can switch over to ROBomination’s map and target the red bricks you want first (like the x10, x8, x6, and Attract Studs bricks). The choice is yours. You have the tools, now grab the bricks.

    Lastly, I want to say thanks to ROMomination. The map you found on GamesRadar is great. I referenced it a lot as it is the most accurate way I can think of to direct people to specific blocks. Nice find man!

    (A quick side note, with the red brick finder turned on, all of the bricks are easy to find, except one. This is the Attract Studs brick. I ran around Bruce Wayne’s yard for about a half hour before I went online to find out where this @%#! brick was. It was under me, inside the Bat Cave. Pause the game, select the “Return to Batcave” option, then use a flying character and go right. Pretty easy to get to if you know where to look.)
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