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Gaelic hero

Defeat the game on Brave difficulty, without changing it.

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    I think it's important to complement the other solution. I'd like to focus on the order of purchasing of the upgrades.

    In order to be able to play this difficulty without too much trouble at the beginning of the game when you are still unlocking all abilities, I recommend the ones below as necessary for survival:

    Starting with the basic ones
    - Dodge: you'll need this on your way to get the Wind charm, to evade some boars that will charge against you.
    - Slam attack: you need this to jump and slam when surrounded by wolves.

    Buy these as soon as possible
    - Charged shot earth: make the minions fight for you. This should be the first power you focus on since you'll be using it 90% of the time, even against enemies that supposedely have a different (fire, ice or wind) weakness. It's an easy and safe way to do massive damage from afar. Get the upgrade that increases the number of minions eventualy.
    - Charged shot that decreases time to charge: as you want to be able to perform them quickly and quicker.

    Helpful ones
    - Health potions: it's very useful to have more health refilled when getting the flasks dropped by dead enemies. Upgrade this all the way before getting to the final bosses.
    - Collection range: being able to collect more money from far away makes sure you get those extra credits that will allow you to buy more upgrades.

    I don't recommend spending coins on the coop wisp upgrades, even though they are cheap, since the wisps aren't by your side most of the time, specially on higher difficulties.
    I also don't recommend buying the area increase of the slam attack until later. The same goes for the Power attack, since it's something that goes too fast and you can't rely on most of the time.

    If you do that, be smart and conservative about how you spend the coin, you will have much less trouble getting to the end of the game.

    Other overall considerations:
    - You can attack some enemies while yourself is out of their range of attack. Take advantage of that whenever possible.
    - Go after the swords, bows and tapestries, since they add damage and health to your heroes.
    - Stop focusing on coins after the (only) bear fight on the last level. You can backtrack from that point to the merchant (last cleansed area) but once you past that point, you're heading towards the bosses, so there won't be another opportunity in game to buy any more upgrades.
    - The hardest boss to defeat amongst the last four, even on normal difficulty, is the big fire boar, the second one. He's vicious and will try to surrond you so you take big damage from his path of fire. This is the exception to the earth charged shot technique explained above. You can choose to shoot ice arrows at him or the earth ones, it's going to be hard either way. The easiest way I've found to defeat him at Brave difficulty is to keep walking backwards around the circle and do backflips to keep distance, while firing whenever possible. The earth power is best in my opinion since the minions will also chase the other monsters, which will help you clear the area and maybe obtain health potions every once in a while. It takes a couple of tries to do this right, but it's gonna take even more if you decide to just try to take him out without a plan.

    If this solution helped you in any way, give it a thumbs up and leave a comment.
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