MFWIC achievement in Spec Ops: The Line


Complete game on "FUBAR" difficulty.

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How to unlock the MFWIC achievement

  • Dat Boi TreezyDat Boi Treezy816,974
    03 Jul 2012 07 Jul 2012 30 May 2013
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    The solution for this achievement posted by is seriously impressive and will help gamers out massively when it comes to making their way through the FUBAR playthrough of Spec Ops: The Line. As per usual though, I've got a bunch of videos I'd like to share with you all as I made my way through this sometimes tough playthrough.

    FUBAR difficuty can only be attempted after completing the game on Suicide Mission difficulty.

    Full commentary is included with all of the videos as I try to give helpful tips, tricks and advice and obviously show you some good moves and strategies at the same time as well.

    I hope these videos help you guys out, if anyone has any questions regarding the chapters then shoot me a quick comment and I'll get back to you a.s.a.p.

    Good luck soldier:

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    xMorettiChapter 13 is the hardest One. My tip is to go straight foward to the yacht and just kill the enemies climbing the stairs. And avoiding the grenades.
    Posted by xMoretti on 09 May 19 at 19:42
    DemArmsI can confirm that beavis’ method worked for me as well. Walk normal for a few seconds then sprint. I just made it through that section.
    Posted by DemArms on 31 Aug 19 at 22:54
    This game plays so incredibly attrocious. I can't believe I struggled with this game as much as I did. I've done way harder games, I assume its just that i have zero patience for it a second time round.

    Especially that final bit with all the damn enemies with the AA12 hit scanning you from a mile away with very real and true representation of an AA-12

    Its done now and the disk will be in the incinerator pretty soon.

    4 out of 5 ?

    More like a 2.5 if you take into consideration how bad this game plays
    Posted on 29 Jan 21 at 11:32
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  • NagaichoNagaicho185,264
    30 Jun 2012 29 Jun 2012 30 Jun 2012
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    This isn't a full on guide, just a general hints and tips solution that you should be aware of before attempting this. These are tips that had I known before-hand I wouldn't have died in frustration several times over simply because I didn't adapt to the situations correctly.

    The following three tips are the most important, as being aware of them can really save you during the tougher segments. Note: FUBAR is only unlocked after beating the game on Suicide Mission. I can also confirm that scaling the difficulty down then pushing it back up toward the end of a chapter ruins the difficulty for the playthrough, don't lose your progress trying it. On another note, if you turn on aim assist in the options during FUBAR it does not interfere with the achievement, so flip that on if it helps you.

    1. Grenades are fairly annoying the more you increase difficulty as they're very frequent and tend to force you out of the only cover available in the area. The grenade icon is filled red when you are close enough to die from it, and moving far enough away turns the icon white for no damage taken. Good to know when you can move to other cover or sidle along a barrier just enough to avoid blast damage.

    2. Heavy gunner infantry in this game is very confusing. I assumed that they were loaded with thick body armor and their face visors were their weak spot. It's in fact the exact opposite; the visors take far longer to chip away at and eventually blast the face, meanwhile the center of his chest is far weaker. Later in the game you're forced to fight alone for a brief period, it's during this segment that I had to reload checkpoint dozens of times because I kept going against the heavy by hitting his visor, which gave him plenty of time to advance and kill me. Knowing his weak spot is very much necessary on Suicide Mission, so it's vital on FUBAR.

    3. Toward the end of Chapter 14 you may get stuck on the segment where you must advance up a hill to take two turret bunkers out. This is the part right after you hallucinate the phosporous bombing and burning soldiers running at you. To make this much easier, there are a few things you should note. One is that you should stay down, only focus on enemies close to you until your up against the humvee in the middle of the road. Also hold on to anything explosive, keep the SCAR with the grenade launcher, sticky bombs, whatever you may have. There's a weapon crate on the left in a little alcove, use it to fill up on grenade launcher ammo. Before running into the street, hit the bunker to the right with any sort of explosion to knock up dust and give you cover (you might have to hit the sand with the explosion). Once you're at the humvee, do the same again but this time take a few guys out, if you get enough of them Adams will charge the bunker taking out the 2-3 remaining soldiers while they're blinded. When he's secured it or taken most of the guys out, bomb the left bunker for more sand cover then run into the right bunker where you should checkpoint and be safe.

    The following are four minor tips that are not necessary, but can help as well.

    1. When you get into an area where the enemy numbers are plenty, my best advice to you is to find the farthest back cover you can get and wait them out. Not only does this make you harder to hit, but your team will stay closer to you instead of moving into the room/area where they're repeatedly killed and need your revive. In areas where knife men charge your cover it gives you plenty of time to take them out as well. If you go a few minutes without seeing a target but you know they're still there, that's your time to advance. Otherwise, making them come to you and staying at a safe distance can make all the difference.

    2. If you find yourself scanning an area and unable to locate targets, hold RB and pass the triangle over the area to light up hostile targets in red. Targeting them not only keeps your allies firing on him, but it tags him in case he moves or is not easily seen in the environment.

    3. In the event that you happen to be pinned down by a turret, or simply can't see the gunner, hold and release RB to use your attack command. Most of the time Adams or Lugo will one shot or grenade those positions easily while you stay safe behind cover. Do note that while this works through the majority of the game, it unfortunately does not apply to the point in the game where you really need it the most; toward the end when you're advancing up a hill with two turret bunkers. I tried several times and I can confirm it does not apply here.

    4. Use the attack command sparingly. Use it on snipers, RPGs, turrets, knife soldiers running at you, but otherwise refrain. Attack commands tend to send the AI slightly crazy, they will run straight into a room full of soldiers to take out the guy you marked and get themselves killed giving you more headaches than help.

    All this helped me at one time or another where I'd die 30 times on a single checkpoint, so try to keep them in mind if you're stuck as well. Feel free to message me if you still have questions, and good luck.
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    neeker75@Agent Cobra 7, I didn't complete the prologue, and got the achievement for FUBAR. So just load up chapter 1, switch it to FUBAR and play it through.
    Posted by neeker75 on 17 May 13 at 07:09
    RoadtoRuin77I'm guessing if you go to chapter select screen to restart the chapter you're on it ruins the achievement?
    Posted by RoadtoRuin77 on 14 Apr 15 at 15:34
    System of a DomYou're not kidding about the grenades. They were a pain on 'suicide' but this is ridiculous. I'm having to move from cover only to be immediately mowed down.

    'Just keep at it, just keep at it, just keep at it'
    Posted by System of a Dom on 12 Jun 16 at 22:10
  • BytyqiBytyqi916,148
    08 Mar 2013 08 Mar 2013 21 Aug 2017
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    UPDATED 2016-09-12: Corrected some grammatical errors and whatnot. laugh

    This is no guide, just some general tips on how to beat the first part in Chapter 13. The part where Adams is down and you're alone with a lot of enemies.

    What you should do is to go ahead and die once, and you should spawn behind some cover (You'll find yourself at the center of all the cover there is in this area). Walk left from that cover and there should be a single-shot rifle for you to pick up. Now walk right and pick up the grenades that should lay there. Now leave that cover and walk to the most eastern cover there is. It should be a narrow one where you can walk from left to right whenever the enemies try to frag you. Now just stay there in cover and SAVE YOUR GRENADES.

    The enemies will fire at you, but since you're behind cover, they will miss. Now wait until you only have a minimum number of enemies shooting and you. Raise your head and try to shoot ONE enemy in the head at a time. Don't try to kill multiple enemies at once as the chances of you getting killed are pretty big. You could most likely do it, but it will take both skill and luck.

    When you've killed enough enemies you'll see two guys with masks coming towards you. With these two guys, there will be a heavy gunner. While they run towards you, exit your cover and rapidly fire multiple shots towards their heads. Try to get both of them, so you can prepare for the heavy gunner.

    Once the heavy gunner comes closer, toss both of your grenades and keep firing your gun at him while remaining in cover as much as possible because this dude will shoot you dead. Once he's dead, you've made it passed one of the toughest - if not the toughest - part in the game.
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    Skin Coatonly your tactic worked thank you
    Posted by Skin Coat on 09 Feb 14 at 15:10
    RhyoliticAnother thing to do is try and kill the five soldiers right after you drop down from the busted plane. You can get your M4A1 and a SCAR-H from them along with ammo. Get those weapons before you go to heal Adams. That way, when you inevitably die facing the horde of enemies, you start right by that cover with the 417. Use the 417 to snipe the enemies and save the SCAR & M4A1 for the Heavy. Stay on that left side of that starting cover and when they toss a grenade head to the right. Then move back to the left.

    By doing that, you'll keep them tossing grenades to that left side and you can easily avoid them by going to the right. Plus, you can snipe some of the enemies without putting your head up. You'll minimize incoming fire that way.
    Posted by Rhyolitic on 21 Feb 15 at 03:28
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