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Awakening achievement in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim


Complete "Awakening"

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How to unlock the Awakening achievement

  • therealdnaztherealdnaz236,720
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    *Please note this is a story related acievement and therefore unmissable if you follow the Dawnguard story*

    *Possible Spoilers Below*
    Starting Off

    To gain access to the Dawnguard questline you'll need to be level 10 and head to a hold and speak to some of the guards about recruiting vampire hunters (there are other ways, like asking the inn keeper about rumours, this is the easiest).

    Fort Dawnguard

    Once you've started the quest 'Dawnguard' , you'll recieve a quest marker southeast of riften. Head over there and enter the cave (for me, the quest marker on the map and the actual location I had to go to were different..)

    Follow the path up to the Fort and inside you'll see the Fort Master arguing with a vigilante, approach them. You now have the option of joining Dawnguard! Accept it and you'll be given a quest to investigate Dimhollow Crypt.


    Fast travel to the nearest location to the crypt (southwest of Dawnstar). Once inside, make your way through the cave fighting Draugrs and Vampires until you come to a button. (yes, just a button).. Heres where it gets interesting.. Click the button.. After the quick scene the place will light up.. Look around and you will see 6 or so stands with dust in them. Move them around until the dust in each one is on fire. The button will rise and you will have to active the stone obelisk. After an interesting scene you'll have what you came for! (and a pretty hot new friend ;) )

    Beep Boop, Achievement Unlocked!

    NOTE: A second save from before pressing the button might be a good idea as the quest might glitch and not grant you an achievement! (Credit to;Golgo28)

    Re-download your profile (guide button>recover profile>enter account info(must be signed out)) . Once your profile is redownloaded you will have to RE-EARN the achievement, better hope you had an earlier save (; (Credit to; TIBERIUS Oni)

    If you have any feedback/ways to improve this solution, give me a shout in the comments.

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    Gewehr MagsThanks it worked, now my Awakening achievement is unglitched and counts the gamerscore.
    Posted by Gewehr Mags on 09 Jul 12 at 19:12
    HighT3chR3dn3ckYou're going to want to add that you can't have a bounty on your head in Riften.
    Posted by HighT3chR3dn3ck on 23 Jul 12 at 03:47
    HighT3chR3dn3ckCause I did and the dawn guard attacked me on sight
    Posted by HighT3chR3dn3ck on 24 Jul 12 at 01:20
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  • Darkon XDarkon X155,429
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    This achievement is part of the Dawnguard story so it's near impossible to miss.

    Short Walkthrough:
    *Minor SPOILERS ahead*

    Just finish the first mission given by Isran in Fort Dawnguard, you get the achievement right after you meet Serana.

    Long Walkthrough:

    If you're not sure how to start the Dawnguard DLC first you need to be at least a level 10, after that simply ask around ANY town for rumors (the guards are best for this) at which point someone will mention how vampires are starting to become a problem or how the Dawnguard is being rebuilt and they're recruiting people. The game will hint you Riften, so go there and ask around again.

    After that you will get a message saying "Started: Dawnguard" and a marker will appear just north of Riften. Follow the quest marker and along the way you will have to fight random vampires/vampire creatures until you get to a cave. Keep following the quest marker until you arrive at Fort Dawnguard and talk to Isran and he will let you join the Dawnguard (don't worry, you can still become and join the vampires) and give you a quest to find out what some vampires are up to.

    The mission will take you to Dimhollow Cavern (which is just south-southwest of Dawnstar and just a few feet north of the Lord Stone). In this cavern you will encounter vampires and vampire hounds so be prepared! The very first section has a locked gate, just look across the gate and there's a sort of balcony, go to that balcony and there's a lever you can pull to open up the gate. After that section there's another section which has these sort of 'jailed hallways' if you look around you will notice that there are weapons and potions behind these fences but you cannot reach them. Use your newly acquired crossbow (or any bow for that matter) and shoot the weapons and/or potions to get them closer to you if you're so inclined to have them. I skipped them because they're kind of weak, but might be more useful for lower ranked players.

    Anyhow, continue following the cave until you come across a circular platform which has a little stand in the very middle, get closet o it and push the button after which these purple flames will show up and then it becomes a puzzle where you have to push these braziers. The point here is to follow the flame and push the braziers so that they meet with the purple flame so that the braziers light up (it's not that complicated, trust me). After you've done that, this crypt will rise out of the middle so get close to it and activate it. It will open up and a character Serana will come out and you talk to her. Talk to her and the achievement should pop up.
  • XxTurtleSpinxXXxTurtleSpinxX189,654
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    If you got this achievement before the list was updated on, it may not show up on your playercard or count towards your total G-score. To fix this, delete your gamer profile, and re-download it. Then go back and clear the dungeon again.

    **This is a fix**
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