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    Included in the Dawnguard DLC are two new types of Dragons. Revered Dragons start spawning around levels 65-70 and can knock you about a bit. Legendary Dragons, after extensive research by many gaming communities, are confirmed to start spawning at level 78. The most common location for a Legendary Dragon to be encountered is Lost Tongue Overlook, which south-east of Riften and south-west of Fort Dawnguard. Alterantively, you can try your luck fast-travelling to different Dragon Lairs.

    Now, there is an obvious problem that presents itself; you have to level to 78. You could always use the Oghma Infinium, but where's the fun in that? For those of you who don't want to use the Oghma Infinium glitch, I've spent several hours trolling various forums and guides to bring you a few nifty skill boosting tricks.


    Armour and weapon skills; armour levels based on damage taken and weapons on number of successful hits. If you're levelling armour, find something that will destroy you quickly - Giants, trolls and dragons are always good. The Longhammer is good for Two-Handed as it has a faster swing rate, iron daggers will do for one handed and, if you're an archer, the 'draw bows 30% quicker' perk will be extremely useful.

    Magicka boosting; make sure you're wearing items that give you mana buffs (Archmage's Robes, enchanted jewellery, Mage Stone, etc). This will stop your mana from draining almost indefinitely so you can just tape down the button and go make some coffee. An easy way to achieve this is grind out Enchanting, then make your own apparel. Shout out to BlazenBuckwheat for reminding me to post that last.

    Also, if you've got the quest 'Lost To The Ages', you should complete it. It is obtained by reading the book 'The Aetherium Wars' found most commonly and earliest in Fort Dawnguard. You can also trigger it by discovering the Dwemer ruin Arkngthamz. At the end of the quest, you are able to use the Aetherium Forge to make one item. Make the Aetherium Crown. The Crown will mimic the abilities of the last Stone you had activated. For boosting, activate the Lover Stone (15% faster levelling for all abilities), then fast-travel to the Guardian Stones and activate whichever class you're boosting (25% faster levelling for that class). In total, you're levelling 40% faster than normal. Well worth the effort, in the long run.

    A note on Shadowmere, seeing as how he's involved in a few of these tips; if you kill him, don't worry. Just wait a few weeks on the spot where he died, and he'll respawn. To make waiting easier, press the Guide Button after you press 'A' to start waiting, and the hours tick off a fair bit quicker. Shout out to MysticWeirdo for confirming Shadowmere's respawn.


    - Heavy/Light Armour and Restoration:
    Go to any dungeon that has a fire trap (stand on a plate, fire comes at you for as long as you stand on it). Apply Healing spell while you're in the flames. Depending on level, your Armour skill may take a while to level up.

    - Conjuration:
    Acquire Soul Trap spell. Find a corpse, or make one. Cast Soul Trap on corpse. Repeat. This also works on Shadowmere, shout out to MysticWeirdo on that one.

    - Sneak and Two-Handed/One-Handed/Archery/Destruction:
    Go to High Hrothgar. Set difficulty to Master (I have no idea why, but, it works. I've done it myself). Find a Greybeard. Crouch behind him and make sure you're hidden. Go to town with weapon of choice. Early levels of Sneak (1-50ish) will increase 1 level per hit. Keep in mind that you need to be careful of your Hidden meter. In some cases, attacking has caused the Greybeard to spot you. Just hit once or twice, then stop until your Hidden meter is fully hidden again.

    - Two-Handed/One-Handed/Archery and Illusion:
    Do the Dark Brotherhood quest line. Acquire Shadowmere. Acquire Courage spell. Cast courage repeatedly on Shadowmere. Go to town on him with your weapon of choice while Mana recharges.

    - Smithing, Enchanting and Speech:
    Find Soul Trap spell or enchant a weapon with it. Collect many souls. Stockpile animal skins (except goat hide, that's useless) and iron bars. Smith a bunch of cheap daggers (1 iron ingot, 1 leather strip). Enchant with whatever. Sell daggers. Rinse and repeat.

    - Alchemy and Speech:
    Go to a decent Ingredient vendor. Buy them out. Make tons of potions. Sell them back to the vendor. If they run out of cash or supplies, wait 48 hours. Rinse and repeat.

    - Speech:
    Find Ungrien in the Black-Briar Meadery. Talk to him and choose 'Tell me about Maven Black Briar'. Then choose the persuade option (must have Speech 25 to succeed. If you don't just bribe him the 20-40 gold until it gets there). Spam 'A' until Speech hits 100.

    - Speech and Pickpocket:
    Acquire 'Bribe Guards' perk in Speech skill tree. Acquire first perk in Pickpocket skill tree. Walk around towns pickpocketing useless items you're guaranteed to steal (sweet rolls, arrows, etc). When caught, bribe guards to look the other way. Rinse and repeat. Keep in mind, the more people you have around you, the more likely you are to be caught. Go for smaller towns like Whiterun, Morthal and Dawnstar. Shout out to SashaQ for the Pickpocket part of this trick.

    - Alchemy and Speech:
    This is one of those things that can't be boosted. As such, keep it in the back of your mind as you grind everything else. Gather ingredients from ANYWHERE (buy out the vendors, but also remember that the worldi s full of free ingredients). MAKE ALL THE POTIONS! *allthethings.jpg* Sell the potions back to the ingredient vendors. Wait 48 hours. Repeat process.

    - Destruction:
    Acquire Summon Atronach spell. Acquire opposite damage spell (Frost Atronach/Flames Spell, Flame Atronach/Frost Spell). Dual cast. Summon Atronach, destroy with spell. Repeat forever.

    - Conjuration:
    Acquire Summon Bound Sword spell. Dual cast. Go north of Dawnstar and attract a Slaughterfish to the shore. Keep it trying to attack you. Summon both Bound Swords repeatedly. Shout out to Faedakyn for refining this one to double its efficiency.

    - Alteration:
    Acquire Telekinesis and Detect Life spells. Go to populated area. Find a bucket or some such item. Dual Cast. Tape Telekinesis trigger and repeatedly cast Detect Life.

    - Illusion:
    Acquire Apprentice level Muffle spell. CAST EVERYWHERE.

    - Illusion:
    Acquire Clairvoyance spell. CAST EVERYWHERE. Be warned, though, this spell can be slow to level. Shout out to Steadholder for this tip.

    - Alteration
    Acquire Waterbreathing spell. Stand in water as deep as you can go while still being able to cast spells. Cast Waterbreathing until mana runs out. Repeat forever. Shout out to xXIzaHovaIXx for this tip.

    - Block/Heavy Armour/Light Armour/Restoration
    Acquire and equip a good healing spell. Find a decently levelled dragon. Ground it with the Dragon Rend shout. Let it attack you or block it as necessary. Heal when health is low. Shout out to TTDog666 for this tip.

    If anybody has any quick boosting methods they'd like to add, give me a shout in the comments! smile

    EDIT: Added a few new tricks. Shout out to The Arossalypse for letting me know that Equilibrium no longer levels Alteration.

    EDIT: General Tips and Skill Tricks sections added for posterity, new general tips added, new skill trick added.

    EDIT: Added a couple of Skill Tricks and edited information on some.

    EDIT: Small update to a couple of Skill Tricks.
  • HigheR x ForcEHigheR x ForcE183,162
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    100% GUARANTEED way to find a Legendary Dragon in one shot. I have tested this over 5 different characters all level 81 and gameplay set on Novice. This IS the best method period.

    It was literally as simple as this for me anyhow. Simply go to ARCWIND POINT in the Rift and you will find your legendary dragon. I found one there 3 consecutive times on over five characters.....all lvl 81 game play: novice.

    Hope this helps, and i hope this works for other people as it did me

    rate and comment please =)
  • aTonton933aTonton93390,779
    12 Sep 2013 24 Sep 2013 03 Jan 2016
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    Who wants to be level 78 when you can get to level 200!

    This is a guide that can get you to any level that you want.

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    This method has been confirmed after the 1.9 update, and using it, I went from level 40 to 132 in roughly 30 minutes of casual play.

    This method will require 100 enchanting, the alteration spell: Telekinesis, and a full 4 item set of "fortify alteration."

    Edit: you will need to enchant headgear, an amulet, a ring, and armour for your torso with "25% reduced casting cost" on each item. You may use a fortify enchanting potion to boost to the required percentage.

    The fortify alteration enchantment is a bit tricky to find if you haven't come across it already. I personally found mine in my wife's store, and a commenter has claimed to find it in Belathor's shop in Whiterun. If you remember where you found yours, drop a comment below and i'll add it to the solution as a likely place to find it.


    1) Enchant 4 items with Fortify Alteration (25% reduced casting cost) so that all alteration spells are free.

    2) Find the telekinesis spell book and read it.

    3) Go to Whiterun, and drop an item. Pick it up with telekinesis and while holding the trigger, fast travel to Markarth.

    That should get you 100 alteration, so go into your skill menu and level up. Be sure to make alteration legendary by pressing Y and confirming. Then drop an item in Markarth, use telekinesis and fast travel back to Whiterun.

    Note: You will only need 2 items for this method.

    Doing this will let you get as high as you want, but you will not be able to max your skill points in anything that you do not meet requirements for. If you want to level other skills to 100, there are plenty of guides here, and I'll put my thoughts below in a spoiler.


    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***
  • Seb SmithSeb Smith188,848
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    Not so much a guide as a what I did will remove it when an actual one comes up. Basically I was level 80, the lowest level so far reported on TA is now 75, and on Xbox360a 78. Due to the scaling system in Skyrim the higher your level you increase the frequency of the enemy spawning. Hence why people between 79-81 find legendary dragons with more ease.

    Anyway I travelled between each DragonLairs :


    Killed the dragons there then wait several in game day, then returned to the peaks rinsed and repeated eventually a Legendary Dragon spawned at Shearpoint. It was time consuming and annoying but this is how I went about getting the achievement.

    Basically rinse and repeat dragon lairs, wait a few in game days then retry. Sorry there is no genuine strategy.

    NOTES -

    Credit to BLAZE VII and Bananaster - They have stated that a legendary can be found Lost tongue Overlook, DragonLair if your level is high enough on their way to initiate the danwguard mission.

    So far most people commenting have been level 80+

    If people are still struggling to level up and don't mind using a trick follow this guide still works. Credit to AWE5OMEPO55UM. Note I would save before doing this, get the achievement then reload my save, as this glitch ruins the balance in leveling as levels skills you don't use.

    For people wanting to find this daederic artifact follow this:


    For people who have already used the ogham infinium, combat skills, magic attacks can be upgraded by putting the difficulty up insane and then attacking Shadowmere when her health gets low wait one hour and repeat. Shadowmere is obtained through the dark brotherhood quest line.
  • shinyshirtheroshinyshirthero287,593
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    First of all let me clarify that this is a guide to help people stop wasting their rime trying to find legendary dragons as lots of us searched for hours when we were levels 70,71,72,73,74,75,76 & 77 and couldnt find one anywhere. So after some pretty extensive research we can pretty much confirm that legendary dragons will only show up for most people from level 78 upwards. Once you hit level 78 travel around to a few of the dragon markers on your map and one of them should be a legendary dragon.

    There are reports of legendary dragons showing up at lower levels than this but doesnt happen for everyone.. From 78 upwards you will be able to get legendary dragons with a degree of regularity by visiting dragon lairs. For a list of these please go here:


    Travel to these locations when you are level 78 and one of the locations (if not more) should have a legendary dragon. Anything from 77 downwards and you will be extremely lucky to find one either at a lair or just flying around.

    This thread has lots of examples of people who travelled to every dragon location and towns like riverwood, dawnstar and winterhold at levels below 78 but could not find one but the moment they hit 78 they found on straight away:


    If you need to get to level 78 quickly the best way to do this to get the oghma infinitim if you are lucky enough to still have it. Link here for an explanation on how to do the glitch and also how to find the book in the first place.


    If not its pretty easy to boost up your skills quickly. Have a search On YouTube as its littered with tips and videos.

    I really hope this helps some people out and stops people wasting time searching at levels below level 78. Good hunting and good luck!
  • SiguardiusSiguardius817,796
    07 Apr 2013 03 Apr 2013 16 Aug 2013
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    As of 08/04/2013, the Patch 1.9 is live and well.

    But what this patch gives, you ask. And I will quote UESP wiki.
    "Patch 1.9 allows skills to be reset to their minimum of level 15, and retrained. This allows the player to effectively "break" the level cap of 81, and eventually gain enough skill perks to have all the perks for each skill. Each skill can be reset multiple times, and they will be marked with the symbol of the Imperial Dragon and a number indicating how many times it has been reset if done so multiple times."

    But we are not interested in reaching or exceeding previous level cap.

    Level in Skyrim is counted this way:
    For your next level you need: (Current level + 3) * 25 XP
    Training skill from level 20 to 21 gives you 21 XP, from 99 to 100 gives you 100 XP.
    You can do the math and estimate what to train to make this most efficient (and who said algebra won’t be helpful in your life?).

    The trick is: you can use your favorite set of items and level up desired skills again. At some point it will allow you to gain one skill level per hit or spell cast. It will speed up the process for sure.

    With all this information, I will give you some advice.

    1.) Enchanting
    Every 10 or 30 days visit and clear Dwarven ruins, Nordic ruins and visit Soul Cairn. Monsters and constructs out there drops a lot of soul gems, including Black ones. Enchant every piece of hardware and level up fast as soon as possible. At some point you should have find items enchanted with Fortify [Magic School] or Fortify [Magic School] and Magicka Regeneration. With all perks in Enchanting tree you should gain at least -27% in spell cost from Fortify [Magic School] and -17% from Fortify [Magic School] and Magicka Regeneration. Enchant as many items (heavy or light armor seems to be the best option) as needed to exceed -100% in spell cost. This will allow you to cast all spells for free.
    ATTENTION: Following methods will not work until you meet the recquirement of exceeded -100% spell cost as your spells will still consume magicka. I listed only one method of doing so, I'm almost sure you can find at least one more. The only training you can do without first enchanting your apparel is Restoration Magic training as Equlibrium and Healing works as opposites continuously trading health and magicka back and forth.

    2.) Illusion
    Get "Invisibility", gear up in enchanted items and stand near city guard. Start casting the spell and in about 20 minutes you should have Illusion on 100. Make this skill Legendary and repeat everything again.
    HINT: "Muffle" and "Invisibility" are only spells that do not require valid target. Therefore you can cast them wherever you want and without any risk. But be aware that you need to cast "Invisibility" near a creature (ally doesn't count) to make it count. This is why I mentioned guards. They are most static creatures in the Skyrim.

    3.) Alteration
    Get "Detect Life", gear up and go to Solitude. Stand near the Legion's blacksmith and... Grab your controller and put it this way:
    External image

    Now what you need to do is to grab your controller every 15 or so minutes and make a move. This will reset inactivity counter. Let your character reach level 100 twice.
    HINT: XP to Alteration gained by "Detect Life" rises with creatures affected. That's why you need crowded place. If you finished Dark Brotherhood storyline there should be some additional emperor guards who rises count to about 20 detected bodies every second near Solitude's castle. Making it to 100 should take about 10-15 minutes.

    4.) Restoration
    Get "Healing" (Restoration) and "Equilibrium" (Alteration). Equip first in one hand and another in second one. Cast them simultaneously. Equilibrium will hurt you and add Magicka and Healing will... Well... Heal you. This is slow way, but you can set your controller as in Alteration training and only one creature that you need is yourself. Move your character every 15 minutes and you do what you need to do. Clean up a room... house...? Well, you may even have time for the city you live in.

    5.) Conjuration
    Get "Soul Trap", gear up and kill somebody. As you will cast Soul Trap on dead body it will rise your Conjuration level. This is probably fastest way to do this. You need nothing, but the body. It may as well be already dead for some time, but it can't be Dragon. You can't soul trap them. Make your skill "Legendary" and do it all over again.

    6.) Speech
    Level increases with amount of money traded and every persuasion/bribe/intimidation you make. If you have a lot of money, grab your most expensive item and sell it and buy it back over and over again. It should take about 1,5kk to get level 100. Although you should have some if it done already. Just check your "Gold Found" in General Stats for approximation of gold traded.

    7.) Smiting
    You need to smith items to gain XP. Visit blacksmith and buy every material it has to offer. Use them, sell items and visit another blacksmith. XP rises with value of items created.

    8.) Pickpocket
    Train, steal your gold back. Train again, steal your gold back again. Simple as that. Just save often in case you get caught. Good person to do this is Pickpocket trainer in Windhelm. A lady beggar in the main square between city gate and palace.
    HINT: It doesn't matter if you are detected or hidden during pickpocketing.

    9.) Block
    Bo to the bandit camp and kill everyone but one melee enemy. Grab your best shield and adjust difficulty level. Your enemy must damage you slightly with every hit. This way you makes sure you absorb every damage point possible. Invest your perks and increase shield defense
    HINT: This way you also train armor type
    HINT 2: Bashing an enemy gives more XP but is also more stamina consuming and... What is its greatest flaw, it kills.

    10.) Alchemy
    Every couple of days visit your local herbalist and purchase all of his/her ingredients. Go the the nearby alchemy table and craft potions. And now... The leavel increases with value of potions created. Try to find out which of your is most expensive and create it first and then the rest. If you trade back some of potions you've created you should get all your gold back. Repeat it every time you visit major city. Unfortunately there is no way of speeding it up, whit exception of proper stone and the Crown.

    For the rest of them I don't have any tips. Just use those skills.
    And what's really important, use trainers. You can steal gold from them if you are running short on gold or just trade with them if your trainer is also a follower.

    For even better performance you can use Aethrial Crown with captured Lover Stone and proper Guardian Stone affecting yourself.

    UESP skills page: http://www.uesp.net/wiki/Skyrim:Skills
    UESP leveling page: http://www.uesp.net/wiki/Skyrim:Leveling
    UESP Aethrial Crown: http://www.uesp.net/wiki/Skyrim:Aetherial_Crown

    Before you vote negative, please let me know what you consider wrong and/or inaccurate. If you have any suggestions, please send me a message or write a comment.
  • DrMondo7DrMondo7464,242
    24 Aug 2013 23 Aug 2013 24 Aug 2013
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    This solution is primarily for Questers and those who found all of the Black Books in the Dragonborn DLC. Since 1.9 fixed all of the original leveling glitches people used to use, I used this solution:

    What you need to aquire: Black Book: Filament and Filigree
    Skill from Black Book: Secret of Arcana

    Magic Spell: Detect Life (this is what I personally used)
    Location to use: Stand near the blacksmith in Solitude (lots of people around to detect)

    I found the easiest way after I got done all of the Solstheim quests is to get the Secret of Arcana skill from Black Book called Filament and Filigree. You get this book from completing the quest line for "Unearthed" at Kolbjorn Barrow. Its a multi-staged quest where you have to wait 3 days for each update. Just foward your in-game clock 72 hours each time and a courier will come find you and tell you to return to the NPC at the location.

    The Secret of Arcana skill is tagged as "Spells cost no Magicka for 30 seconds." However if you use a spell that you can constantly cast such as Detect Life, you can stream this spell forever just as long as you don't break the single cast. If you do break the spell, just fast forward your clock 24 hours in-game, use Secret of Arcana again, and then cast a streaming spell of your choice. My spell of choice was Detect Life and used it while standing near the blacksmith in Solitude. If you did the assassination of the Emperor Quests with the Dark Brotherhood there will also still be extra guards around Solitude which will help with this.

    Now just sit back, fire up Secret of Arcana, and then stream Detect Life until you max your skill to 100 (Alteration in this case). Reset your skill with the Legendary reset and then repeat until you reach level 78.

    Once you hit level 78, go find and defeat a legendary dragon! I followed the suggestion from another solution and went to Arcwind Point and the Legendary Dragon instantly spawned.

    ***It is recommended to tape the button or place your controller on-end so the trigger is always active. Otherwise you'll be sitting there just manually holding the trigger for a long time and that tends to become annoying.
  • SvectraSvectra836,237
    10 Apr 2013 10 Apr 2013 16 Apr 2013
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    This solution is for people getting this achievement after title update 1.9

    Unfortunately for some, the Oghma infinium glitch has been patched, as has the trick to get 100 speech in Riften by spamming 'A'. Obviously people can decline the update and do this offline, but if you want a timestamp here's what I did.

    If you have 100 enchanting then you can enchant a necklace, ring, shirt and helmet with a grand/black soul gem with fortify conjuration. This gives you 4 items with 25% fortified conjuration, adding to 100% so you'll never run out of magicka.
    (If you don't have 100 enchanting there are guides on Youtube)

    When you have the armour, equip them and kill any enemy (I chose a bear) and use soul trap on it over and over again. (You can buy soul trap from the wizard in Dragonsreach)

    Everytime you hit 100 conjuration you can go to the skills page and hit 'Y' on the skill to revert it back to level 15, but you keep your overall player level. Rinse and repeat

    This is the fastest way I could find as you level up in conjuration every second from about 15-60 and even from 99-100 takes about 10 seconds smile

    As commented by SMULF, using the illusion spell; muffle, also works in the same way, although you will just need to enchant your armour with fortify illusion instead of conjuration.

    Once you hit 78+ you should head to Arcwind Point (directly west of Autumnwatch Tower, south of Ivarstead) and if your lucky (like me) you'll find a legendary dragon on top of the ruins. if not travel to each of the dragon lairs and you should find one. Happy hunting!
  • General JouryGeneral Joury298,685
    17 Sep 2013 18 Sep 2013 18 Sep 2013
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    This is NOT a Solution on how to find a Legendary Dragon, but how to level up quickly. I was about lvl 60 when I wanted to get this Chievo, so unfortunatly I wasn't high enough to encounter one. So I decided to "boost" some Skills like Alteration, Illusion, Sneak and stuff. But it all took way too long and wasn't rewarding enough. Untill I started boosting Block, which was very effective.

    Basically what you want to do is to have a pretty good Character that has an Ebony or Daedric Shield (Possibly even upgraded to Legendary, if possible). Then just go to a place where Giants are, and kill the mammoth's and 1 Giant (Only if there are 2 Giants, you only need 1). Then just hold you LT to block the attack, and keep doing so. The Giant will keep on attacking you, and you'll block each hit. You don't even need any Perks invested in the Skill Tree in order for this to work. My Block Skill went from 15 to 100 in about 10 minutes. And you'll certainly level up at least once while doing this. Then, you can make it Legendary, meaning that the Skill will be reset back to 15.. And just rinse and repeat.

    I was able to level to 79 in about 1-2 hours. (From level 66)

    Just a couple of notes/tips:

    - Gameplay difficulty: Novice.
    - My Character had 400+ Health, and 350 Stamina.
    - I had a full set of Daedric Legendary Armor.
    - My Stamina recharged fast enough so that I could block every attack, even when the bar was just depleted. Stamina Potions were not necessary.
    - I also rubberbanded the LT, so that I could watch something on my laptop in the meantime. Just make sure the Giant isn't strong enough to actually kill you.

    If you have any questions, feel free to ask.
  • CrazyNative36CrazyNative3668,047
    18 Apr 2013 18 Apr 2013
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    After patch 1.9 the oghma infinium glitch no longer works. Legendary dragons only spawn when you are level 78 or higher. angry
    if you are already level 78 and looking on how to find a Legendary Dragon, skip to that sectionwink

    Getting to Level 78
    The easiest (least involvement) way that I found to get level 78 was to get the spell muffle, put on a bunch of gear that had magika regen and spam that spell. When you get to level 100 in Illusion, make it legendary and restart. Keep doing this until you get level 78.

    Other Notes for Leveling to 78
    *Go to mage stone!! Levels it up 20% faster which will add up in the long run.
    *If you have the Aetherial Crown, equip it and go to the Lover Stone and the Mage stone and use both of them. (If you dont have it you can get it from the Lost to the Ages quest)
    * I put 2 points into Illusion, Novice Illusion and Apprentice Illusion. (muffle is an apprentice level spell so it cost half as much magika to cast)
    *I put 3 points into Restoration (needs to be level 60), 1 in novice and 2 in Recovery (makes magika regen 50% faster)
    *If you are level 100 Conjuration, you can get a a piece of gear for every slot and double enchant it for magika regen. (Use Enchantment Fortify Magika, and Fortify Illusion & Magika Regen) with a filled grand soul gem it gives me 78% faster magika regen and illusion spells are 17% less to cast.

    Finding Legendary Dragon
    Arcwind Point has been confirmed that a legendary dragon is there. It is pretty much directly south of Throat of the World on that mountain range along the bottom that runs east to west. (if you have alchemist shack or rift imperial camp right along the edge of the mountains you can fast travel to one of those and Arcwind point will show up on the compass S SW.) The Icon is the upside down fork looking thing.

    Defeating Legendary Dragon
    Pretty simple really. I'm sure you could switch it to novice and go to town on it and that would work just fine. I ran all the was up the stairs to the little building and sat inside there. Spammed Dragonrend everytime it came up and had my companion unload on the dragon (was playing on whatever difficulty it started me out at) I also kept spamming conjure Drema Lord everytime one would die.
  • TheKillerThemeTheKillerTheme569,192
    27 Aug 2012 28 Aug 2012 28 Aug 2012
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    Confirmed at level 78 for me as soon as I levelled up I visited lost tongue overlook and it was there.
    I had revered dragons from level 58 until 78 and was living in denial that due to getting the revered dragons so early I would also get the legendary dragons early too.

    As well as using the tips above I also bought training off people to help level up quicker. It's best used on the more laborious ones like restoration and alchemy. I wish I knew about the oghma infinitum glitch before I used it.
    03 Apr 2013 25 Mar 2013 03 Apr 2013
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    Hi guys

    I killed a Revered Dragon at Level 59 and was hoping that I'd meet a Legendary Dragon earlier than suggested too. After killing loads of Revered Dragons and amassing over 60 Dragon Bones in a chest I realised it wasn't going to happen. Eventually I reached Level 78 and visited Lost Tongue Overlook and there he was, my Legendary Dragon waiting for his ass whooping!!! Legendary Dragons are grey in colour. I was so sick of Revered Dragons that I was sneaking up and seeing they were Red and fast travelling before they kicked off. People who meet a Legendary Dragon before Level 78 are very lucky as mine appeared exactly as people had said. I didn't use any glitches, just leveled up my skills. Below are some quests that will reward you very well and take away some of the boredom on your way to Level 78.

    I found some quests that offer multiple skill levelling as a reward so I thought I'd share the information with you all.

    'Retrieve Finn's Lute' quest for Inge Six Fingers who can be found in the Bard's College in Solitude. The mission is super quick and easy requiring you to visit Stony Creek Cave at the very east of the map and collect it from inside a chest. The cave is really small and you will find a skill book in there on a table along with a Stone of Barenziah if you're collecting those too. Return to Inge six fingers and she will reward you with a full skill point increase for each of the following skills: Light Armour, Alchemy, Sneak, Lockpicking, Pickpocket and Speech.

    'Find Pantea's Flute' quest. Pantea Ateia is also in the Bard's College in Solitude. This quest takes you to Hob's Fall Cave which takes a little while to fight through in order to collect the Flute. The rewards for completing her quest are skill increases in the following: Alteration, Illusion, Enchanting, Conjuration, Destruction and Restoration.

    'Retrieve Amulet' for Shahvee quest. You can find Shahvee at the Argonian Assemblage outside Windhelm. Pick up the quest, visit the place marked on your map (Random Location), collect the amulet and return it to be rewarded with the following skill upgrades: Light Armour and Lockpicking.

    Angi's Camp: Archery Game. If your archery skill needs increasing then head over to Angi's Camp which is located south of Falkreath at the bottom of the map. Speak to her and she will allow you to attempt her archery challenge. You will need to speak to her after each round to begin the next or retry. Each completed round rewards the challenger with levels towards the archery skill and you will gain her special bow at the end. This challenge is worth 6 full skill levels to the archery skill if completed.

    A really nice boost I think you'll agree.

    There are loads of quests that offer a single skill upgrade as a reward too although the ones I've mentioned give the most upgrades. There are some other double rewards for different weapon types but they all easily reach Level 100 with normal adventuring. Don't forget that everytime you level up you can buy 5 levels of training for skills which really helps. There are 90 skill books to be found in Skyrim which also give you a big boost.

    I hope these tips help those people like me who didn't use a glitch and enjoy the game.
  • ZY1119ZY1119299,961
    17 Aug 2012 17 Aug 2012
    5 1 0
    I was boosting levels to get to 78. I decided to visit every Dragon Lair to get treasure. After I discovered the final lair I had not visited and defeated that dragon, I was randomly walking on a field and was attacked by a Legendary Dragon. My character is only level 70. You can see the achievement on my list. I suggest someone else try this to see if they can unlock this level of dragon before the character levels of the other solutions.
  • Spaceman JdogSpaceman Jdog175,242
    17 Nov 2012 17 Nov 2012 30 Nov 2012
    6 3 1
    The other video shows the old way to do the Oghma Infinium glitch. This is the way you have to do it now and it works great! Thanks to TheiNFactor for uploading this video to youtube and doing a great job of explaining how to do it.
  • Z Logo RUSZ Logo RUS82,684
    18 Mar 2013 18 Mar 2013 19 Mar 2013
    3 0 1
    Last glitch stopped working, my solution works, the result after two hours of tests will appreciate the video. Not much swearing, the first time there was something I write, I want to share the fact that he came up with.

    For this you need a partner.
    1. Begin to trade with him and give him Oghma Infinium book by pressing A.
    2. Choose what you want in a book by pressing A.
    3. Pass the book companion pressing X, this is important because if you do not, then the book will be lost.
    4. Come out of the exchange and again we go, pick up a book by pressing A.
    5. Put the book on the bookshelf pressing X.
    6. Picking up a book from the bookshelf, but do not read it.
  • Marc PilkingtonMarc Pilkington293,121
    20 Apr 2013 19 Apr 2013
    2 0 0
    There are already many great solutions here for different methods of leveling to that magic 78 but I'd like to share the way I'm doing it currently. Although it can obviously be tedious, it is one of the most effortless and probably quickest ways of leveling up thanks to the latest 1.9 patch which adds legendary skills.

    Grab as many things that will give you faster magicka regen as possible. As my character is a mage I have a slight advantage because my magicka is quite high as well. Having the lover stone effect active will of course also help ease the process. Now all you need to worry about is the illusion skill. Forget your other skills for now. Equip the 'Muffle' spell in whichever hand, charge it, and then release. That's it.

    Keep a few things in mind, though. Once you are level 25 and up in illusion you can get the apprentice level perk which halves the required magicka needed to cast the spell. Very helpful perk indeed. Then whenever you reach level 100 in the skill, simply go into your skills tree and press 'Y' to make it legendary. You'll get your perk points back and illusion will be back at level 15. Now just get back to raising it up again! (Don't forget to reapply the apprentice level perk and of course reset the skill again when needed). Also, if you don't want to die of boredom when doing this, have a wander in Skyrim while you're casting so that you can enjoy the scenery and lessen the monotony of the leveling wink.

    Oh, and don't forget your combat skills for the dragon fight itself! It's all well and good being level 78 so you can spawn it, but that number will be useless if you're no good at combat! You could change the difficulty to novice, but where's the challenge in that? Hope this helps for whoever wants to go down this route anyway!
  • stevezep19stevezep19259,449
    07 May 2013 07 May 2013
    3 1 0
    I wanted to say Siguardius above mentioned that you could update your skills more than once, but I'm not sure if you all know you can do this more than twice! Once your skill is Legendary (at 100) change it to Legendary yet again. Doing so makes you level up a bit faster and depending on what you're leveling up (e.g. Blocking) you may zoom to the next level. You will still have the Skyrim dragon symbol except this time there will be a #2 or #3 depending on how many times you have leveled that particular skill.

    For example, I was in need of leveling up to attain this achievement tonight. I followed all the guides and I was only at 74 and of course needed to be 78 or higher. I went to Helgen which is south of Whiterun (and further south of Riverwood) and found 1-3 bandits. I used the best shield I had and blocked for about 1 hour. With that I went from level 74-81 by getting my Blocking skill to 100, resetting it, getting it 100, and so on and so forth (I think I got my blocking to around 300). While these bandits are pummeling you your blocking skill will increase in a matter of minutes. I didn't do much more since I was 81 and off to find my Legendary dragon. Also when you spot your legendary dragon use Dragonrend to knock him down, use a potion to slow his stamina/health/slow, and you should be good to knock him out.
  • DMGunner83DMGunner83202,832
    24 Sep 2012 15 Sep 2012
    4 3 1
    Some pointers I am finding useful to help me level up to 78 as I have had to grind from 55(nearly there) Lots of guides indicate using Shadowmere to use to level up weapons and destruction magic- I lost Shadowmere and cannot locate him

    (Slight Spoiler)
    Once Dark Brotherhood Questline is completed

    Go to the Sanctuary in Dawnstar and there is a torture chamber off the main chamber which has 4 people chained up- they have quite a few hit points- use your weopon/spell you wish to level up- just be mindful that they can die- I also used healing hands to heal them up(thus increasing restoration which seemed to take ages in game) ready for the next round of attacks.

    As mentioned in previous solutions I found that everytime I wished to level up a scholl of magic- enchant 4 items(armour,helmet,ring and necklace) with the fortify enchantment for that school of magic and use a soul gem filled with a grand soul- All spells for that school therefore cost no Magika.

    Its a long slog but hopefully this will help a few people- especially the ones who have "misplaced" Shadowmere
    05 Aug 2012 05 Aug 2012
    5 4 7
    All you have to do is: once you reach appropriate level (consensus seems to be 78, that's where I was) set your difficulty to master and go to a dragon roost. Almost guaranteed a legendary dragon on this difficulty. And once you see and confirm it's a legendary dragon, you can easily go in and drop your difficulty back down for the fight.
  • GriffinMunkiGriffinMunki112,329
    31 Jan 2014 31 Jan 2014
    1 0 0
    you probably know that to face a legendary dragon you must reach level 78 and if you have a while to go to get there like I did then you are gonna want to know how to level up fast. I tried many different ways of doing this, smithing is good for this but not good enough even with stahlrim smithing it still takes to long to level up. in short you really want to upgrade your blocking, it really does level up fast, I started by blocking against a bandit which started off well but once you get past blocking 60 it slows down significantly. the way I did It in the end was by finding a giant, get one on his own, kill other giants and mammoths til u get the one giant alone. use your blocking and make sure you use your perks. when your health starts to deteriorate use fast healing and this will level up your regeneration. but do this in front of the giant and let him attack you as your health fills let him take health from you a few times and keep filling your health, I had light armor on and as he hit me my light armor was leveling up quite fast. rinse and repeat, blocking and healing. this will help you level up fast because you are leveling up 3 skills, blocking, light armor and regeneration. I got from level 63 to level 78 in just a matter of hours. now once you get to level 78, finding the dragon is the hard part because not many spawn until level 79 and 80. if you want to wait you can or you can keep going to dragon spawn locations and try your luck, after about 35 minutes of trying and no luck I saw someone say online that if you change difficulty to Master there is more chance of a Legendary Dragon spawning and once the dragon appears you can just change your difficulty back, 3 dragon spawn locations later and I found my Legendary Dragon, At Skyborn Alter. not to difficult to kill either. good luck, I Hope this guide will be helpful for somebody!
  • JadedGruntJadedGrunt65,354
    13 Jun 2014 13 Jun 2014
    1 0 1
    Here I sit grinding out the last 20 levels to finish this achievement. After finishing every other achievement in this game I was level 58. Achievements or not I had nothing left to do that was "interesting" since I had already finished pretty much every quest that wasn't repeatable or inconsequential. Here's what I did to make sure that the last few levels that I needed weren't too much of a pain.

    Level your trade skills. If you do this early it will make a lot of things much easier. Fast travel to every town early so that they're on your map. Go to an alchemist vendor, buy out his ingredients and then make potions. Sell them back and you should be able to make a tidy profit. Higher value potions give more exp so figure out what's the most efficient by checking online or learn the attributes of every ingredient. Go to the next town, find the alchemist and do it again. Check the orc forts, too. Once you get your rotation down you won't need to wait for vendors to refresh.

    After you buy out the town's alchemist go to the blacksmith and the provisioner and buy out the leather and iron ingots (this includes ore and hides). When you are at the provisioner you should also buy all of the soul gems that you can afford. Also check for an item that has muffle or banish. Once you have one of those enchantments you'll be able to craft an item for a few gold and sell it back to the blacksmith for enough to clean them out and buy all of their special ingots. Once you get to that point maxing out your trade skills will be really easy. Clear out the alchemist vendors ingredients and make potions. Sell them back till you get your money back. Go to the blacksmith and buy all of the iron and leather. Make iron daggers till you're out of materials. Run to the jarl's mage and buy all of his soul gems. Enchant as many daggers as possible with banish or as many leather boots as possible with muffle. Sell them back to the provisioner and blacksmith to get your money back. Go to the next town and repeat it all till your enchanting is 100. Meanwhile keep buying all of the ingredients from alchemists and making the most expensive potions possible and buy all of the ingots from blacksmiths and make as many daggers as possible.

    100 blacksmithing makes the game easy. 100 enchanting makes leveling easy. 100 alchemy makes making money easy. You really don't have to do anything else while you're leveling your trade skills if you follow those guidelines. I durdled around a bit and did some quests as I went but I didn't really start to knock out the achievements until I was done with my trade skills.

    When you have 100 alchemy you can make potions that heal for 200 hp a pop. You can also make potions that are worth 4-5k a pop. If you followed this guide then you'll be close to 100 speech without the bug. The rest of the achievements can easily be completed by playing as normal. If your trade skills are maxed then it should be no problem to just coast through the game at the highest difficulty. Now that the game is easy and you have nothing to worry about it's time to start thinking about how you're going to hit 80 so that you can knock out this last stupid achievement.

    This is the biggest grind yet. Grab a rubber band and get ready to wrap it around your controller.... Enchant a ring with alteration and whatever else you want. Do the same with a necklace. Then do a chest piece with alteration and alteration & magicka regen. If you don't already have 40 alteration then you'll need to get it. You'll need the "extra effect" perk from the enchanting line, also. When you have 40 alteration you can buy the spell "detect life" from Trolfgur" from the mages college. Go to a crowded market in one of the big cities, set that spell to one of your triggers and rubber band it down. When alteration gets to 50 get the "adept spells cost half" perk in the alteration line. When it gets to 100 Legendary it. It will get to 100 every 10 minutes or so. You will gain a level at some point when it's getting to 100. Wash, rinse, repeat until you get high enough to pop legendary dragons.
  • BiscuitCookieBiscuitCookie389,542
    06 Aug 2016 06 Aug 2016
    1 0 0
    This is guide a accumulation of a lot of separate guides.

    First of all you will need to be lvl 78 for Legendary Dragons to start spawning. By far the fattest way of getting to this level is via the High Hrothgar method.

    For this get an Iron Dagger and travel to High Hrothgar, once there change your difficulty to Legendary and find one of the monk guys. Crouch behind them and you can just spam the attack button getting a level per hit for most levels.

    Note: Make sure you use an Iron Dagger and put at least one skill point in the first Sneak skill. This makes sure you can just spam the attach instead as they won't notice you.

    Once you are level 78 you can get a guaranteed Legendary Dragon to spawn by travelling to Archwind Point. The dragon is sitting on an arch above a Dragon Priest.
  • dariusdanbrdariusdanbr52,970
    14 May 2013 13 May 2013 13 May 2013
    1 0 0
    Probably not the fastest way to do it, but this is how I am leveling up (on v1.9).

    I'm a warrior, sword and shield, so my method doesn't use magic skills. I had a random encounter with a reverend dragon, so I fought him until he couldn't fly anymore, then stayed in front of him blocking his melee attacks. I also adjusted the difficulty to master, so it deals more damage and level up faster. Every time the block skil gets to 100, I reset it to 15 and keep blocking. Each attack adds 3 skill points, and when the skill is higher it takes maybe 8 bites.

    It can work with any good damage dealer enemy, but I think the dragons are better because they don't move so much. You basically just need to hold the LT all the time.

    I also recommend spellbreaker shield cause it repels the firebreath.
    12 Aug 2014 06 Nov 2016
    0 0 0
    I Managed to get the achievement at level 76. I may have been lucky, but all you have to do is travel to all the dragon sites and hope you find a Legendary Dragon. The battle was hard- I recommend saving the game at certain points throughout the fight, and bring a follower to distract the Dragon. Make sure you use all the tools you have; Shouts, Staffs, Good arrows and what not.
  • KanchanaburiKanchanaburi1,017,772
    15 Sep 2014 11 Sep 2014
    0 0 0
    I am adding my Increase Level solution here because, making it to level 78 will be a chore.

    Using SNEAK skill to level up as much as you want through idling boosting.

    This can be done in two ways.

    At the start of the game, when you are escaping through the caves BEFORE you exit. After you fight a few spiders, you will come across a sleeping bear which you will have to sneak around.

    A Second possibility, although it is random to find.

    If you come across a sleeping enemy that doesn't wake (I found one in a cave, but he wasn't there before, so this will only work (after you have exited the cave in the intro) when you come across one randomly.

    When you have found your sleeping enemy or bear...

    1. Make your character SNEAK and then rubberband your LS so that you are always walking into a wall with the sleeping bear or enemy in view. You can check by pulling out your weapon and making sure it is moving a bit.

    2. make sure your controller is wired.

    3. then leave it for 4-6 hours (depending on your perks, if you are just starting it should take closer to 6 hours to get to level 100)

    4. When you come back, you should be at level 100 for the SNEAK skill. Make Sneak skill legendary (which will reset it back to level 15) and then repeat.


    You should be able to get to level 17 the first trip to 100. You can save your perks and assign all of the HP, Stamina and Magica when you come back. At level 40, you only get about 3 levels per 100 skill points in Sneak. Less when you go up.

    Essentially you could rank up to whatever level you want before you really even start the game. Keep in mind you need to be at level 78 in order to have a 100% completion to this game.
  • ChooseMyFateChooseMyFate311,636
    12 May 2013 12 May 2013
    3 4 1
    "It was literally as simple as this for me anyhow. Simply go to ARCWIND POINT in the Rift and you will find your legendary dragon. I found one there 3 consecutive times on over five characters.....all lvl 81 game play: novice. "

    I confirmed this one. And if you stay far enough away you can get sneak attacks :D
  • Mr DurzeyMr Durzey90,077
    13 Sep 2014
    0 2 0

    This works on the latest title update

    travel to High Hrothgar and find a Greybeard that is sleeping. pull out your dagger(s) (I personally recommend two for the sake of levelling up quicker) attack him while he is sleeping and you are hidden. he shouldn't attack you, he didn't for me.

    This also works for Greybeards who are praying but be warned, the move every so often. I just find it easier to do this while they are sleeping.

    I managed to legendary sneak fully twice in about an hour and a half so this a very effective method, I levelled up 8 times too ( 45 - 53, got the master achievement doing this)

    you can do this for as long as you want.

    Another good reminder is that when a greybeard happened to attack me, they would use frost breath and hit me once, then go back to whatever I was doing like I wasn't even there.

    Any questions just message me, I will get back to you as soon as possible
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