Jungle Jammed achievement in Spelunky

Jungle Jammed

Reach the Ice Caves.

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How to unlock the Jungle Jammed achievement

  • whalepoweredwhalepowered234,166
    06 Jul 2012 06 Jul 2012 24 Jul 2012
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    Reached the Ice Caves.

    This achievement will unlock once you have completed the 4 stages of the 'Jungle' level. You can use the shortcut to start at the Jungle and the achievement will still unlock.

    If you are having trouble clearing the Jungle, read these tips:

    You can climb the sides of trees as if you had climbing gloves.
    To drop down through tree branches, hold DOWN and press A.
    If a bomb explodes at the base of a tree, the whole tree will be destroyed.
    There are bigger drops here than in the Mines, so remember to throw ropes down often.
    Use the sticky red balls on the walls for negating fall damage or reaching further distances.

    Tiki Men: Standing directly across from them is dangerous. Try finding a way to drop on their heads or whip them from behind to stun them.
    Frogs: These are essentially stronger spiders. Wait for them to finish a jump, then jump on their head or use your whip.
    Fire Frogs: They will stand still, then explode after being touched.
    Giant Frogs: They will puke regular frogs at you and aren't harmed by you jumping on their head. Take them out with a bomb or wait for them to stop throwing up frogs at you (should be after about 3 - 5 frogs), then whip them to death.
    Mantrap: These will kill you instantly if you get too close. Either attempt to go over them, bomb them, or run in for a quick whip to stun them.
    Piranhas: You can drain all the water from a pond, effectively killing all piranhas in it by destroying the terrain near the bottom of it.
    Killer Bees: Found in honeycomb areas, just wait for them to get close and kill them as if they were bats.
    Queen Bees: These can't fit through one block holes, so if you can find one, stay in there and hit them as they attempt to get to you. You most likely won't find a spot like this, so use a weapon of you can, bombs, or try your luck with your whip. If you kill one, she will drop Royal Jelly, which gives you four hearts.
    Snails: Wait for them to finish puking acid into the air, then jump on their head or whip them.
    Monkeys: They will steal loot from you or stun you, so try whipping them before they get to you.

    Tiki Traps: Tease them by jumping in front of their top set of spikes so you can jump at them and climb up while the spikes go back inside, causing no harm to you.

    To unlock the shortcut to the Ice Caves you will have to complete the Jungle level 3 times. You can use the Jungle shortcut to make this easier on you. See Mines Shafted for information on the Jungle shortcut. The first time you get there you will have to donate 2 bombs. When you get there a second time you will have to donate 2 ropes. Finally, on your third arrival you will have to donate a shotgun, which sometimes won't even be available in your randomly generated Jungle. You can find shotguns in weapon shops, the black market, or if you spawn in a stage where the dead have arisen one can be found if you destroy a grave marked 'Ash'. Make sure you have these in your inventory upon your arrivals if you want quick access to the Ice Caves.

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    Ar0nP1aYz05Too Frustrating
    Posted by Ar0nP1aYz05 on 09 Oct 20 at 07:36
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  • ZyGouNeTteZyGouNeTte296,969
    23 Aug 2012 30 Aug 2012
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    You need to complete the jungle to reach the ice caves.
    There is four stages like the mines.

    To unlock the jungle you need to give at the Tunnel man 2 bombs, 2 ropes then a shotgun.
    You can buy the shotgun or you can find easily in stages wehere deads are raise. Find a grave marked 'Ash' and put a bomb to destroy it.
    29 Jun 2012 30 Jun 2012 01 Jul 2012
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    The Ice Caves is the third world, meaning it starts from level 9 and lasts until level 13, and comes directly after the Jungle.

    The level layout here is different from the other worlds, so be prepared for the fact that it doesn't have a bottom floor and you will have to be very careful how you move around. It's best to bring a Cape or preferrably a Jetpack if you're planning to go this far, and the Jetpack make these levels a breeze, especially if you also have a Compass. In my opinion, the Yeti is the most dangerous enemy here, so try to avoid him.

    In order to unlock the shortcut, you will need to beat the Jungle three times and the Tunnel Man will require double what he did for the Jungle shortcut (2 of everything, a shotgun instead of money).
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    RGB ColoursI saw a shotgun to buy in the shop a few times in the mines
    Posted by RGB Colours on 04 Jul 12 at 21:28
    k0rruptiDthis achievement is simply for reaching the ice caves, meaning it requires beating the jungle, kind of pointless offering tips for the ice area in this specific achievement guide, you should replace the tips for the ice world with some tips for the jungle.
    Posted by k0rruptiD on 05 Jul 12 at 05:01
    DROGTURISTFair point, but the Jungle is really played the same as the Mines (just with more traps and enemies) so I didn't feel like there are any specific tips for it.
    Posted by DROGTURIST on 05 Jul 12 at 08:23
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